DJ SMAK – House Blends (Music of the gods)

It goes without saying I am deeply into South African house, its been a wanting feeling for about 4 years now since I discovered DJ Cleo, DJ Mujava and then eventually stumbled on Black Coffee and the likes. While I was in Kenya i discovered the fever is big in Kenya and I met some interesting DJs back there who pretty much just play house all day and night in various night clubs and bars in the City.

One of the few cats is DJ SMAK – Mix attached.

I told some DJ a few years ago, over time it wont matter how good a DJ you are, it will matter whether you understand music and where its headed. Currently there are all these hardcore bedroom DJS and studio DJs who are bad azz on the turntables but they dont know music. I mean DEADMAU5 is a good example… do you think the jama can scractch and spin? Probably not but he knows his music – and is a good brand and gimic. Anyway there is a void in this SA house and I feel like DJs like SMAK will fill in this void quick once they make this their forte – they will be kings in their own right.

Junguz like this music, events in San Francisco are normally jam packed with folks wanting this African blend of House thats different than anything they’ve heard… Anyway before I digress – DOWNLOAD this mix PAP!.

Download and listen to the mix here:

House Blends (Music of the gods) by Dj Smak


House Blends (Music of the gods) 01/16/12
1. Banane Mavoko & Imoto Blend – Dj Smak
2. Banane Mavoko – Black Motion feat. Jah Rich & Dj Oskido
3. Fairytale (DJ Jazzy D Remix) – Liquideep
4. Fairytale & Tambuleno Blend – Dj Smak
5. Tambuleno – Djeff & Silyvi
6. Tambuleno & One Love Blend – Dj Smak
7. One Love – Djeff feat. Sara Tavares
8. One Love & Casanova Blend – Dj Smak
9. Casanova – DJ Choice
10. Casanova & Imoto Blend – Dj Smak
11. Imoto feat. Character – Professor
12. Imoto & Facebook Blend – Dj Smak
13. Facebook – DJ Cleo
14. Facebook & Jezebel Blend – Dj Smak
15. Jezebel feat. Oskido – Professor
16. Jezebel & Malembe Malembe Blend – Dj Smak
17. Malembe Malembe – Djeff & Silyvi
18. Malembe Malembe & I’m So Special Blend – Dj Smak
19. I’m So Special (Alvita Remix) – Mavado
20. Noba (Djeff Afrozila Kazukuta Remix) – Djeff & Silyvi feat. Virgul
21. Noba & Zulu Love Letter Blend – Dj Smak
22. Zulu Love Letter – Skomplaz
23. Do You Know feat. Dj Tea-Kay & Mashavula – Bojo Mujo
24. We are Ghubuluzing – Dj Sbu feat. Oskido
25. We are Ghubuluzing & Personal Angel Blend – Dj Smak
26. Personal Angel – Rowick Deep feat. Maxine Bennett
27. Personal Angel & My Children Blend – Dj Smak
28. My Children – Professor & Oskido
29. My Children & Noba Blend – Dj Smak
30. Noba – Djeff & Dj Silyvi feat. Virgul
31. Noba & Lento Blend – Dj Smak
32. Lento – Professor & Oskido feat. Speedy
33. Aaaiiiyyy (Remix) – DJ Cleo
34. BBM – Liquideep


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