Sauti Sol – Still the One (**GetMziki Exclusive)

The last time we featured Sauti Sol on the site was with their track “Range Rover”. While other media sites while going ham on the record and playing the “we love it” bandwagon theme, we chose to call it as we saw it.

It’s one thing you know you will get with our song reviews. “Range Rover” as reviewed by Leo was a horrible record and we were honest and open about .Here is an excerpt on the song review by Leo.

“Seriously guys – RANGE ROVER!!! Really?
Truly I am embarassed and disappointed to say I was a SAUTI SOL fan. I felt like I could relate to the group, I felt like they represented a movement, a sound, a story. I felt the partnership they had with Wawesh at the time was probably the best thing since M-PESA. But you can’t tell me these are the same guys who made Lazizi and Blue Uniform? I actually refuse to accept that they have evolved and grown into this…

Fast forward to last week when they released this new record and they are definitely going back to the esence of the Lazizi and Blue Uniform days. We definitely got a banger here 🙂

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Listen to the track below:

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7 Responses to “Sauti Sol – Still the One (**GetMziki Exclusive)”

  1. joshua murunga says:


  2. Zack maina says:

    Man kenyan muzic sauti soul u are ontop of the food chain wah mad mad still the one u mush me up rank 10 out of 10

  3. m tita G says:

    some guys in that group think they own the music scene esp. the mabala on the extreme right $ the second left dude. Shame on u fools. Grow up,will u??? that will b the greatest favour 2 ur fans. Damn, u make me sick….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hahahah m tita G’s comment has made my day. Anyway, it’s all about the music for me and this song is great. I was equally disappointed with Range Rover, what the heck was that! But with Still The One, they are on the way to redeeming themselves in my book. It’s really catch and I like the voice of the guy who does the second verse, it’s like great coffee, you know, super smooth.

  5. Idil says:

    Shut The Fuck Up.. And Stop Hating.!!!

  6. phrex says:

    these guys r amaizn 2turn kenya musik dts wnderful…kp t up

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