Pizo Dizo & Mejja – Quality Ka Hizo


We recently featured Grand PA’s family Pizo Dizo as one of the artists who we considered for the 2013 top freshmen but did not make the list. I’ve said it before that I admire what Grand PA records is doing with the signing of various artists and slowly bubbling in the music scene with their various hit records. Their movement reminds me of the TDE and their whole Black Hippy movement of running a successful record label progressively.

Quality Ka Hizo is a collabo by Pizo Dizo and Mejja that shows her ability to go toe to toe lyrically with Mejja aka Okonkwo on this geared club record.

I’m trying to get a decent quality version of the song for download. The one we have on our severs is not to par with the GetMziki standards.

Watch the video below:

4 Responses to “Pizo Dizo & Mejja – Quality Ka Hizo”

  1. Alvin Abdul says:

    Song of the year..I said it!

  2. jiizi wwi says:

    byaaaaddest track

  3. Rashid says:

    I really like the song, keep it up,,,

  4. edrin says:

    l like meja so much becouse you have taken to be your self and you trust your music

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