Steph Kapela Ft. Timmy Blanco – The Man (**ARTIST ON THE GRIND)

We present this week’s artist on the grind. We first featured Steph kapella with the record ‘Got the juice” in the March 2017 promo only series

I have all of his songs saved up in my hard drive and they are always on constant rotation..

If you like good music, you will get to like Steph Kapela’s music.

Steph can sing and rap and he’s not shy to let people hear his voice and takes great risks while keeping his music solid and consistent.

I like how he switches back between singing and rapping, thus giving listeners something to think about and digest.

His motto is Ngoma zangu zinakujanga na jiko 💣…na vitisho!

He’s definitely the future of Kenyan music….


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