BC [Bobby Mapesa | Calvo Mistari] x H_art The Band – Murderer

A masterpiece, by BC & H_art The Band, describing how toxic these love situations can get sometimes.

Artist: Bobby Mapesa & Calvo Mistari Featuring H_art The Band
Producer/Composer/Arranger: Fredrick ‘Dillie’ Wangombe Wanjira
Composer Guitars: Kenneth Muya
Composer Horns: Ritchie Alai & Samson Maiko
Writer: Moses Oduma, Calvin Kirimba, Felix Kirimba, Mordecai Kimeu, Kenneth Muya & Wachira Gatama
Mix Engineer: Eric Musyoka

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Watch the video below:

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  1. This is a nice jam.But I feel like the hook carries the weight of the song.Shout out to the Artists in the song and most especially the audio producer.

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