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Steve RnB – Twende Wote

Steve RNB has released new song called “Twende Wote” song produced by SEI records. For me Steve R N B Music click here Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Steve RnB Ft Mr Blue – Huyu Demu (***GetMziki Exclusive)

This is a record that we just received this week and since we are on the whole BongoFlava Vybe, one small addition to the collection will not do any harm. I known when I first posted about Steve R n B a while back, a few people failed to take note of his amazing songwriting […]

Steve RnB – Jambo Jambo / Radio (**GetMziki Exclusive)

Steve RnB is a Tanzania artist and from the singles I’ve heard, he’s slowly making his mark in the ever growing Bongo music scene. On his latest effort “Radio’ he recruits another Bongo star Ommy Dimpoz for a great record. I wanted to originally only showcase Radio but since we are on Steve’s music, I […]

Q Chillah – Kovu La Roho (Steve Kanumba Tribute Track)

Every city or country has one of Steve and its always unfortunate when the “Steve” departs the world a little bit too early for the communities liking. Truthfully Steve was not only a Tanzanian rising STAR, but I would personally like to say Steve had conquered the entire East African swahili movie market. Essentially a […]

Brand New: Mr Blue feat Steve – Tabasamu

image courtesy of Museke Mr Blue has been one of those artists in TZ that climbs and drops the charts based on how chics feel about him at the current time. Truthfully when he first came out with that Mapozi track years ago under G Records (am not sure how old he was, he musta […]

L-jay Maasai – Sigogo

L-jay Maasai is a gospel artiste from Kenya, who calls himself the The singing Moran and the real The real Ndawuo. His latest offering is Sigogo that was produced by itsmajic while the video was directed by Steve Hunter.. Check out the dancing in the video…… Great job on the record and the video Watch […]

Amini Ft Linah – Wangu (GetMziki Excluisve)

One of the best things about social media sites like Facebook or order cialis Twitter is making and maintaining connections with various music enthusiasts who share the same music passion and are always out there literally searching for new great exclusive records. One of the recent connections I’ve made is with Stee Stevens, who is […]

AY feat Mwana FA – Usije Mjini (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

Man, I have been low key for a few weeks – sometimes life happens and you have to attend to life first and then get back to your thing. I am glad that Alvin and Dona were able to hold down the fort coz some of the other contributors including myself have just been too […]

DJ Wesley – Mobile Blast Vol 3 (GetMziki Exclusive ****)

image courtesy of Jamhuri City Many people who don’t know me and read my blogs or any of my interesting takes on life or criticism on different things will probably tell you that I am a hater. I am a firm believer of kill the hype and lets call a spade a spade and not […]

Happy Birthday – GetMziki (You are officially 1yr old)

A Few weeks ago I posted an article on my personal blog that was geared more towards how GetMziki works and what it takes to make it work. If you are interested you can read it here: Getting Mziki to work in Kenya. My next post hopefully next year will be Getting Mziki to work […]