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Serge Beynaud Ft. Diamond Platnumz – Zimbolo

Serge Beynaud from Ivory Coast , has released his Official song featuring Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz

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Amos And Josh Ft The Kansoul- 695

Former Tusker Project Fame contestants Amos and Josh have teamed up with The Kansoul for a new jam dubbed ‘695’.

A date doesn’t have to be expensive at all. K. Shs 695 is all you need for a very good time


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Weusi – Madaraka ya Kulevya (VERRY HOTTTT)

As a Dj, if You don’t have any of Weusi’s music on your Serato, you are missing out…

Weusi is a super group that is composed of Joh Makini, G Nako and Nikki wa Pili. Those three right there solo are dope and when they come together it’s more dopeness

This is their recent song called ” Madaraka Ya Kulevya”

For more of the artists music on the site click here

Listen to the lyrics


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Brian Nadra – Leo

I enjoy an epic relationship with Musyoka which annually see’s us argue about who he is or what happened to his sound or body of work. Arguably if you live outside Kenya its hard to track the progress of any one individual (which is why eventually we developed a group of editors who are based in Kenya). But once in a while when he sends me stuff that seems to resonate with what I miss the most about him, I have to gladly oblige.

So Brian has been cooking up since last March but if this debut is anything to go by then I’d say the pair have found each other. Either Brian has found Musyoka or Musyoka has found Brian because the synergies of this collaboration are pretty good for a debut song. I like the whole urban kapuka feel that I miss so much in all the new music coming out of Kenya lately. I really feel worried when I hear us losing a little bit of that sounds that made Kenyan/Genge Unique. So anytime I am able to celebrate the little we have left in our music – I do and I do it well.

Bless this Brian Nadra song with all your heart, I feel like this is the start of something unique.

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Download track here:

Leo by Nadra.mp3

Muthoni the Drummer Queen – Mine

MINE is our public service announcement. The process of writting and recording our new album is done. Expect the new project in APRIL 2017. And now, may the games begin.

MDQ is a collaborative project by Kenya’s Muthoni the Drummer Queen and Swiss producers Greg “GR!” Escoffey + Jean “HOOK” Geissbuhler.

MDQ will be dropping their second studio album in APRIL 2017.

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Watch the video below:

The Band Beca- Brathe


On this new record, Beca teams up with Kenyan super producer, Cedo for the big tune, ‘Brathe’.

Cedo is going crazy on the production tip. Amazing stuff. This comes when we just named him one of the producers in 2016 in Kenya in our 2016 wrap up.

‘Brathe’ is a slang name for brother

This street anthem is a declaration of freedom for all the ambitious and hard working ladies who want to have fun in the club and a dedication to all the ‘brothers’ out there who won’t allow the ladies to party in peace.

Cedo’s touch drives this Afro Pop hit straight to the club and all your end of year parties. The crisp visuals of ‘Brathe’ were shot by Kenya’s extraordinaire video director Sammy Dee of True D pictures.

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Watch the video below:

Zoro Ft. Awilo Longomba – Good Year


Zoro From Nigeria gets on this very motivational banger ‘GOOD YEAR’ which features the legendary ace musician Awilo Longomba,Bbump to this one, Good stuff…

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Akothee – Benefactor


New audio and video from Akothee

When you are successful, everyone has a story about how you got there, they even have names for it as well; don’t mind them, be an independent thinker and grab any opportunity that comes your way to make your life better. Sponsors do sponsor projects and not human beings. No one cares how you go about your bills; there is nothing like sponsors in life, it’s just but another name for hustling wisely. Be your own BENEFACTOR.


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Diamond Platnumz Ft Neyo – Marry You (VERRY HOTT)


The long waited collabo between Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz and American super star Neyo is out. The song is titled “Marry you” and its a banger

Listen to it below:


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Jose Chameleone – Sweet Banana

– Jose Chameleone_HD

This is new 2016 music to close out the year from Uganda’s Jose Chameleone



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Fena Gitu – Sema Ng’we


Fena Gitu, dropped her new single Sema Ng’we

Produced by Jack on the beat……

The record deserves spins…

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H_Art The Band ft. Bensoul – Masheesha


This is brand new from Kenyan music band called H_Art featuring Bensoul with Masheesha

With Social Life moving to Social media ,Most youths are looking for/finding Love through Social Media sites.Its not really a bad thing but, problem comes in when most people on social media tend to live a fake life .

‘MASHEESHA’ is based on this; Boy meets Girl on social media & invites her out for a date.Problem is that, the lady doesn’t come by herself but with all her friends & the guy had only budgeted for two people LOL!!! To make matters worse, the guy’s Instagram profile reads that he is a high profile lawyer when he is just an ordinary hawker *inserts scream emoji*

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Watch the video below:

Vivian ft Jose Chameleone – Charm


New audio from the amazing Vivian that features Ugandan music legend Jose Chameleon.

Vivian, you got a banger here…

I can see the growth and this record definitely takes you an upper echelon in your career..

Audio: Cedo
Support: Producer Kayz & Vickie Pondiz
Song Writer: Boss MOG
Executive Producer: Sam West

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Watch the video below:

Avril – Yule Dame


This is new from Kaka Empire’s singer Avril.

The song is a celebration of all the women working hard to achieve their dreams. “Yule Dame is a song that was written by Amileena and performed by myself. Immediately she sent me the song to sing I was blown away by the message because I could relate so fast and was sure that so many women could relate as well. I was extremely humbled to have all these super women from all spheres of life agree to be part of this project through the video because the song resonated with them. I hope that this song once heard, gives a woman out there the reason to dust herself off and move on regardless, ” says Avril.
Dj Space who produced the record had this to say
Yule Dame is a fairly new sound introduced to the Kenyan Music scene by Avril. The track is partly electronic and partly acoustic with a live feel. She has evolved musically and specifically vocally, hence giving her Female fans something to enjoy and celebrate femininity and women successes during this festive season. Avril is definitely the Kenyan and East African Diva to watch out for this coming year,”.


Stella Mwangi- Big Girl


Multi-talented Kenyan-Norwegian artiste Stella Mwangi releases new single BIG GIRL– off her anticipated upcoming self-titled EP, set to drop Today.

Speaking about her new release, Stella Mwangi says, “BIG GIRL was the first song we made for the EP,” adding, “I am just in a playful mood dancing around the fact that I’m a grown girl and I can now do what I want when I want. I’m just being a bit cocky and funny at the same time.”
BIG GIRL is a mix of Stella Mwangi’s distinct and authentic hip hop flow with bonafide electronic dance music. The song is a certified club hit, set to spark dance floors and the streets globally. BIG GIRL is the precursor to Stella’s upcoming EP and produced by Stella’s Norwegian producers: BIG CITY in collaboration with & positi The song is written and performed by Stella Mwangi.
Stella Mwangi’s upcoming music project is set to add a different sound into the African music sphere. It will yet again unite her fans across the globe and remain authentic to her style and origin. Stella confirms that the project is titled STELLA MWANGI and will be out 21st October 2016 in a worldwide release.

Iddi Singer – Samia (VERRY HOTT)


This is brand new by Iddis Singer produced by T2k..

Record goes Hard..



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Willy Paul – Fanya (VERY HOTTTTT)

This is new audio from Willy Paul titled ‘Fanya’.


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Watch thye video below:

The Kansoul – Utamu Wa Life (4 PIECE DOWNLOAD)

Kansoul_2016After 7 months of silence, the dynamic trio that we all love, is at it again.

This song showcases their individual personality, speaks of the challenges they have been through and how they have been able to rise above it and seek happiness through strife






Watch the video below:

Ammi The Veggie Man Feat Dana- Rising Up (**Record Of the Week)


When you leave far away from the ins and outs of the music industry in Africa, it sometimes becomes extra hard to get that fresh new sounds., artists and everything else inbetween. Over the years we have relied on various connects from across the EA region to send us that exclusives music and artists bubbling with that good music. I was put on to Ammi The Veggie Man by our EA connect Dan Mix and after a few mins of listening to Ammi The Veggie Man records, I knew he had to be featured. At first it was hard to get his bio but with a few clicks I came across his bio as he has it on his website.

Ammi, also known as the Veggie Man is a unique and super energetic cross genre performer who always wows his audience. his delivery and positive lyrics fills the soul and leaves you buzzing for more.
Places performed: Antigua, Israel, US, UK, Ghana, Kenya

Born in the Caribbean Now resides in Africa.

The heart of reggae is back with its organic roots deep in the soulful and energetic sounds of AMMI. Antiguan Born, Ammi has been performing from his youth beginning with his own beat box vocals since the age of 13. From there he developed as a musical artist from the culture of the islands and Hebraic traditions from the African Hebrew Israelites Community located in Dimona, Israel. In this his 3rd CD, Ammi has taken is inspiration from the continent. He has teamed up with Kenyan Megastar Juliane; Master producer and sound engineer, MG and collaborations with Dana Aoko, CeceSigani and Michelle Muriuki to produce a dynamic sound

Albums Released
The Spirit Of My People – 1997
Kingdom Come – 2007
Africa Is My Home – 2014

His latest offering is rising up that features Dana. This song is motivating, inspirational and has tremendous positive powerful messages.

Listen to the audio below:

Dela – Third Party Lover


After doing the Swahili cover for Adele’s global hit ‘Hello’, which was a massive hit, Dela is back again with something new.
Third Party Lover is a song addressing the ever increasing deceptive nature of today’s relationships and objecting to clandestine arrangements. The catchy chorus and upbeat tempo, accompanied by Dela’s eloquent vocals, will surely get you up & dancing.
The song is produced by the award winning producer, Cedo

I was dancing to this record…



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DJ RIGZ presents – Kenyan 2015 Yearmix ***


I love DJ sets that summarize a year for me and introduce me to music or videos that I hadn’t seen or didn’t care much about. The beauty about DJs is that if you are skillful you can blend and introduce really boring songs into a playlist that would most likely have been rubbished if poorly delivered. This year in review carefully put together by Rigz is the Business – I love every aspect of it because it just sums up Kenyan tunes in a little short of an hour.

BIG UPs RIGZ… Enjoy.

Kwame – Aki Wewe


Kwame’s latest single is dubbed “Aki Wewe (Mwah).” Undoubtedly intimate and sweet like nectar, Aki Wewe was birthed not in the throes of passion, but as a celebration of matrimony. A sure anthem to team ma-feelings, Kwame croons an enfeebling serenade to his wife, giving breath to words rarely heard from the lips of lesser mortals afraid to voice their emotions. The chorus denotes a sigh that escapes his heart, whenever he recalls the apple of his eye.

Aki Wewe was produced by Waithaka of Waithaka Ent, and MG. The backing vocals were provided by Barbara Guya, a stellar vocalist who has sung with the likes of Kidum and Suzanna Owiyo among a galaxy of dazzling stars. Kwame’s honey-laced vocals and Benjamin Kabaseke’s deft guitar strumming give the song its soothing signature. The entire jam is a breezy blend that will go into the annals of history as one of Kenya’s amazing love songs.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the track here:

Adele – Hello (Swahili Cover by Dela)**


By now if you are living and breathing then you definitely have heard or watched Adele make her crazy come back to music and slay her new single Hello. Besides the radio and press accolades this track has recieved, theres been an amazing organic growth of memes, remixes, reviews among other fun things. By far we are inspired by the musical journeys that have been inspired by this track. Starting with our very own Dela below and a few others we picked that were seemingly interesting… enjoy.

Listen to Dela’s rendition of Hello

Listen to Taps rendition of Hello

Listen to Joe’s rendition of Hello

Jezzem – Journey into African based EDM


I am a low key EDM fan, but I am mostly into the new African based EDM sounds (which may have started in South Africa and are slowly making their way into East Africa). I think what African producers are doing to EDM is completely unfathomed and could potentially change the western music scene as well in a few years. I’ve been following and talking to a cat called Jezzem for a while now and although I prefer most of his old work when he does a remake or two/ he seems to be right on the money with where he wants to take his sound and production style.

Ideally a lot of these electronic/dance tracks are inspired by an already existing track so it only makes sense that I be drawn to the stuff that sounds familiar/ However with Jezzem there is nothing familiar with the original track.. boy is bad news!! listen to his work here.

Sample Jezzems version of Elani’s Nikupende track:

here is the original Elani track

Some other refixes on his soundclound can be sampled here as well…

And this nice Sage feat Octopizzo track