GetMziki – Promo Only March 2017 Edition


It’s that time of the month again. It’s the promo only March 2017 edition.

I know we promised our readers, that in 2017, we would be having the promo only one every month. So far so good 🙂

Big shout out to all the djs that have been hitting us to keep on continuing with the promo only editions.

With so many artists and tons of records being released on a weekly basis, it’s sometimes so hard to fully enjoy and digest records. Added with the hundred of records we receive from artists, we started having a monthly showcase of songs that we sifted through to find the cream of the crop that we believe deserve a few spins. The result is a 18-track compilation with a few bonus tracks. We showcase tons of records on a weekly basis and with everyone being busy with their daily lives, we decided to start showcasing records that are exclusive releases, chart setters, songs that will be future hits, present hits and everything else in between. Consider this as a music playlist to keep you abreast on what’s popping in the East African music scene.”

You can access the previous promo only editions here.
Here is the March 2017 Edition Playlist

Download the zip file HERE

Calvo Mistari feat Amos & Josh – Urembo

Rapper Calvo Mistari collaborates with sensational duo Amos & Josh in this inspirational single “UREMBO” off his second Album TBC for release in 2017. UREMBO was inspired by the need to talk to women directly about what men view beauty as.The song celebrates a woman’s character as the attractive factor a man looks for. The song also seeks to clear the misconception that being a socialite is the best thing that today’s young ladies can achieve as a form of success.

The song has been produced by Dillie under his production label, House of Dillie. It was written by Calvin Kirimba, Amos Muema, Simani Joshua & Hubert Amenya. The Bass Guitar was played by Tom Olang’ Other instruments played and arranged by Fredrick Wang’ombe.
The video has been directed by Odibz for TeamMistari Production.

Speaking about the song, Calvo said, “This song will hopefully inspire Madem wengi kujiamini in their character more than their looks. whether you are tall, dark, big or small, Urembo ni wewe!”

Josh had this to say too, “sidhani kuna anywhere in the world kuna warembo kama my country Kenya. This goes out to every lady hustling crazy and making something out of life… Especially single moms, Urembo ni wewe!”

Amos added, ‘Inner beauty never fades, it’s priceless. Uki build ya ndani, nje haiwezi fichika. – Urembo ni wewe.”
For more on Calvo’s music on the site click here

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Get Mziki Happy Holidays


It’s that time in December folks. A festive season to celebrate a number of different holidays and enjoy time with family and some downtime. The GetMziki team is taking some time off to enjoy the festive season. We would like to take a minute this holiday season to remember everyone who have helped the site grow and make our passion a pleasure all year long.

Happy Holidays from GetMziki!

A few records that should keep you in the holiday spirit

AY- Holiday Season

Abbas Kubaff- Ghetto Christmas

Dymetime Radio – East African Vibes 5.1


Its that time for the hottest hits to take over your radio/computers/mobile phones – Dyme dropped some new hits today and I feel compelled to share immediately. For folks like me this is the only way we can experience new local music, so I definitely look forward to East African compilations. It’s typically a time for me to gauge whats being considered hot given that Dyme really puts together the hits.

For more on Dyme’s work and to download this set please go to DJ DYME


1. Amani – Heart Braker (Kenya)
2. Vivian – Woman In Love (Kenya)
3. Calvo Mistari F. Hussein Machozi – Datisha (Tanzania)
4. Mo Music – Basi Nenda (Tanzania)
5. Barakah Da Prince – Siachani Nawe (Tanzania)
6. Rabbit F. Sudi Boy – Twende (Serebuke) (Kenya / Tanazania)
7. Khaligraph Jones – Songea (Kenya)
8. Nameless – Butterfly (Kenya / Uganda)
9. Nameless – African Beauty (Kenya)
10. Avril F. Ommy Dimpoz – Hello Baby (Kenya / Tanzania)
11. Eddy Kenzo – Zigido (Uganda)
12. Jaguar – Huu Mwaka (Kenya)
13. Bahati F. Wyre & King Kaka – Kuchu Kuchu (Kenya)
14. Sauti Sol – Shake Yo Bam Bam (Kenya)
15. Lectronica F. Wyre – Light It Up (Kenya)
16. Frasha F. Gaza Timmy – Shigidi (Kenya)
17. Bahati – Lover (Kenya)
18. Shetta F. Diamond – Kerewa (Tanzania)
19. Diamond F. Iyanya – Nakupenda (Tanzania)
20. Ali Kiba – Chekecha Chekecha (Tanzania)
21. Sazlah F. Susumila – Kidekide (Uganda)
22. P Unit – Diffrent (Kenya)
23. Yunasi F. Frasha & Mejja – Ndi Ndi Ndi (Kenya)
24. Kush Tracey – Kamote (Kenya)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Shida Mbili- Asubuhi (****GetMziki 3 Piece Exclusive Download Friday)


Enough people have been asking about showcasing various three piece audios of songs. We will start posting various records and give everyone out there complete access to the song, instrumental and vocals.

Shida Mbili comprises of Grandda records Kenrazy and Visita. They released tow songs ‘Sexual fever” and “Asubuhi” on the same day. I really like the confidence in releasing music consistently records and their way of promoting records.

Here is what Grandpa records said about the record

Ladies n Gentlemen GrandPa Records honcho”Refigah heviweit”a.k.a showbiz think tank proudly presents to you the hottest duo in east africa”shida mbili”made up of kenrazy and visita, unleashing 2 big songs”sexual fever n asubuhi”live on radio maisha frm 2pm-3pm and one drive on one fm frm 4-5pm…..#GrandPa Government addressing the nation#wenye nchi.

Asubuhi is a great record that will get enough spins everywhere.

Listen to the song below:

[Download the track here:]



The Kansoul feat. Nameless – Moto wa Kuotea Mbali


If you’re the type of individual who loves out of the box records and great collabos, then you’re probably going to press play on this new Kansoul record that features Nameless.

Moto wa Kuotea Mbali is a record that I can see catching on so quickly. It’s one of those catchy feel good songs. The Kansoul have found the formula to make dope records and they are showing it so well.

There is no word yet on if this new Kansoul’s records are attached to any new album, but we will definitely update everyone on any new projects coming from the group.


Enjoy the song below:

[Download the track here:]

Update: Watch the video below:

Nonini feat Didge – Tudunde


Nonini is currently collaborating a lot with Beat ya Keggah a renowned producer based in Boston, US. The string of hits includes the track we are posting here today. It’s nice to hear Didge back in the studio doing his thing, as we’ve always felt he is one of the more talented male vocalist in Kenya.

listen to the track here:

[Download the track here:]

GBO – Sicker than your Average


GBO to me is probably my first best example of what can happen if you remain consistent but also understand your flow, your style and what you need to do to become successful in the music industry. Noah would be the first to tell you am his biggest critic, I complain a lot, I am harsh and probably don’t give fair judgement to people and music that much deserves credit. However I am proud of the fact that I have a good sense for a good beat, good flow and most of the time I am right on the money on a hit track.

So when a DJ actually sent me this track and not GBO himself, I had to run back to GBO and acknowledge the growth and the flow. I wont really share what I bitched about before but if you listen to this track and compare it to these two tracks we posted a few years/months ago, you can see what I am saying. Enjoy this two minutes of GBO goodness.

listen and download Sicker than your average here:

watch the GBO Sicker than your average video here:

GINX – Niko Kwa Base


Ginx is a movement/ Youth from Korogocho that are currently working with an organization called Uwezo Awareness that Wawesh founded in 2007. Uwezo works with youth in the slums enabling them via arts and Information technology. Some of the by products of this initiative include this track that I stumbled upon and just had to share. I will share a little more info on Uwezo in future for anyone who wants to get involved or to learn more about the initiative, for now please enjoy this killer joint.

listen and download the track here:

Dj Shinski – East African Overdose Mix Vol 2 (**GetMziki Mixtape Fridays)


Dj Shinski from Dallas just released this mix ast African Overdose Mix Vol 2 this week. This one is all about EAst African music which was a breath of fresh air. Some of the records are not necessarily new but he sprinkles new records like from Timmy, The Kansol, Ali Kiba and a few more which makes this mixtape a must have for your cd collection.

This will definitely start any party…

K NEL feat Jae Rich – Vera Shindika

KNEL is on it again with some new track killing it on this wordplay using Vera sindika. I was so tempted to put up a picture or Vera Sindika but I am going to struggle and be PG 13 as GetMziki is a family website lol. Anyway there is some good content here and good message for some folks to take into account. I really like the wordplay on VERA SHINDIKA LMFAO – ha ha ha Uso nyeupe, shingo nyekundu. Bottom line is stay true to who you are!

Kanja feat Silvastone – Lose Control

Kanja - Lose Control artwork

Kanja has some new music moving around on Social media so we decided to drop that here as well… There has been a metamophorsis of Kanja if anyone has been following him, a lot of growth is emulative of his new style, flow and approach to his music. To me he seems more reserved, settled and mature. He also ditched the throwback hat/bucket hat and is embracing this classic African feel of who he really is. I couple possibly be feeling this track – it has a good ring to it, the intro was kinda weired but once the song picks up his delivery resolves the hard beats and harps.

Give it a listen here…

listen and download track here:

watch the video here:

DJ Wesley – E.Sir Tribute

I woke up feeling like E-sir today and thats just what i did, I went fishing into my archives and found some of Wesley’s classics. Enjoy – There should be 3 solid sets here for your musical enjoyment.

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Boneless – Kusunga


I admit I am a little fascinated with Boneless right now, and maybe I am late to the party but living outside Kenya you will always be late to the party somehow. I think if guys are sleeping on this cat then really the state of music is far from where I think it needs to be. There is something fresh and eclectic about what Boneless is doing with this South African sound – he is taking ownership of this shit and it works.

I understand Kusunga came out before Supasta which we posted recently. Enjoy this great creativity coming out of Kenya right now.

ps. Though I think its time to hang the gloves on the dancing Boneless ha ha ha its been years you cant still be dancing, let these youngstaz take over ha ha

Listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:

Boneless feat Inami – Supasta (GetMziki Exclusive **)


Boneless Thyaka is onto something with these phenomenal tracks coming from his camp lately. I slept on the first single which was appropriately titled Kusunga as a one off. But after this track dropped a while back and I watched the video, I realized Boneless might actually be the first and the only Kenyan artists to do this whole South African Dance thing right.

You see often when Kenyan or East African artist rip other genres, there is a tendency to not do it right. After a few tries you notice the artists trying hard to find collaborations with local folks from those genres to authenticate their sound. But to me when I listen to these tracks from Boneless with that authentic Kamba sound and dialect, its almost unforgiving and telling that he not only will rip this sound, but he will and can do it better.

Inevitably, I dont understand Kamba but I am so feeling these tracks man. So lets do justice by dropping the first one here – Supasta in true Kao style.

listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:

Nonini feat Chidibenz – Zipizoo (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


My man Nonini is back and I am loving it, killa collabo with one of Tanzanias super heavy weights. I love this track, in as much as Nonini claims he was experimenting with something new, I feel like my old artist is back (or whatever that means).

I think if the duo ever decided to do an album ala Jay Z and R.Kelly type of thing, it would be epic. Chidi is one of my favorite Tanzanian artists and I’ve said it over and over again he runs this game. The video should be following up soon, for now enjoy this kwanja!!

Listen and download the track here:

Calvo Mistari & Patricia Kihoro – Loving Wrong


Calvo Mistari has released a new hit track titled “Loving Wrong” featuring Patricia Kihoro. The track is produced by Dillie and will be one of the songs featured in his upcoming album “Madaraka Madness”. Thats the news update, however the main story here is PATRICIA can saaang!! I am not sure why I slept on her over the years and maybe because she really hasnt had commercial hits as many other songstresses but on this track truth be told I feel like she bury’s my boy Calvo

I love rare finds in new songs and this track really brings out PK as a rare find… granted that the production/beat was tight as well, really I feel the track was carried very well by Patricia. Do your thing mama…

listen and download the track here:

Longombas feat Lulu Kibaa – Body 2 Body (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Somewhere in America while Miley Cyrus was twerking – Longombas was making new music and more importantly Lovy was getting signed into a major label. Pulse Writer/Producer I cant really get into the details of how big a deal being part of Pulse recordings is, nor can I get into the full disclosure of what tracks he’s laid for some major heavy weights.

what I can say however is Lovy is truly blessed and soon enough when he decides to share his story with the world, I think it will be a testament for you anyone that you too can make it in the US/Entertainment industry, if you put your mind to it and your heart to it. Personally I am still glad to call him my friend and more importantly just to know that we can bonga sheng still without the impact of change and shock of success.

Moving on swiftly – here is some brand new Logombas feat Lulu – enjoy

listen and download the track here:

Camp Mulla feat Kanja & M.Anifest – Look at Me Now (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I’ve been meaning to drop this crazy collabo over the last few days but I keep getting distracted with the Ladybug Project videos lol. Real talk I have to give it up to Ms Karun for going solo and building such a crazy inspiring docuseries to share the album project with the world. As most creatives know to get to the hatched egg (chic factor), most people forget that there was a lot of chemistry going on inside the egg (fertilization, embroy bla bla). To me Karun and her team making that decision to share the inner workings of her album was innovative to say the least. I am encouraged and inspired by that new generation.

I thought I’d share Karuns journey on this post since when this track was produced she was still when she was very much a part of CampMulla. To date I’ve never shared what I think about their split up, and not that I will today but I think overall it’s important for artists to find themselves and try different things with their individual careers. Heck if Destiny Child Broke up to find their own individual talents, who is CampMulla to withstand the storm of egos.

Look at Me now is a heavy song and it features one of my great Ghanaian rappers – MANIFEST. In 2010 we posted HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS when no one was up on game on M.Anifest – he is nice man. Real talk he is one of my great African rappers – keep killing em Chale.

Lastly you got KANJA who is currently posted up in the Motherland making music and infusing himself into these great collabos. KANJA is working on something Epic so I am staying tuned for his upcoming work, on this collabo you can feel him go in and deliver his new versatility. I mean the track is heavy, everyone on this track brought their A GAME. Enjoy this banger here..

ps. If you’ve been watching that LadyBug Project like I have, there is a tune they tease out on Episode 2 at the 4:54 mark salaaaalaaaa – those Boss and Chief cats might as well be Chief and Boss (Kagwe & Jazz) – that TRACK is going to be heavy man I hope Karun did nuff justice to that beat. If not I got boys ready in Oakland who can show you what time it is…. waaaaa… respect on that production..

listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:

Rabbit – Ligi Sooo (Remix)


Every once in a while a track comes across my digital space that surprises me and restores my faith in the state of hiphop in Kenya. Truthfully over the last few months or a year or so, Kenyan music scene in my opinion has been relatively flat. If you listen to what International (or US Kenyan DJs) play in clubs its a sad thing – DJs here play more Nigerian music than anything you can imagine. It’s as if they are not Kenyan anymore. Basically DJs have given up on breaking Kenyan artists so folks are left to try and find their own new tracks or new sound from Kenya.

But I think the reality is that there just isn’t any good hard banging or dance thumping original Kenyan music anymore.

That being said today I am excited about this track (the remix version of it). Not because I think its a club banger, but because I think its the first collaboration track that I actually think made sense. To my understanding locals in Kenya didnt like the fact that Madtraxx and Mejja jumped on this track (I may share these sentiments as well) but overall I think this track showcased some new talent that I didnt even know existed before. I only wish that they had put the names of the artists before they started rapping, because that Yellow Yellow that started rapping at 6:08 mark just killed IT. KILLED IT. Between her, Xtatic and Stella I am proud to say that Kenyan females are going to dominate the music industry for the next 3 to 5 years. I mean look at how quick Xtatic was signed. And you cannot compare STL’s fame to any Kenyan male artists today 🙂

Anyway I like this Ligi Sooo thing – I hope I am in the Ligi Sooo club as well…

Bless this track.. leggo!!!

Listen and download the track here:

Watch the remix video here:

watch the original video here:

C.E.O feat Marvin B – Body Language


I met one of the members of C.E.O in Las Vegas around Feb during rugby, it was a rare situation but it happened and we exchanged contacts then. Since then he has sent me two tracks one of which I am posting today because I felt it has more legs than the previous track he had sent over.

I have to caveat here again that Getmziki is a team of folks, so often songs have to be vetted out by other guys. Unless a song is FIYAAAH like the Kitu Sewer then it can bypass all GetMziki protocols lol. Needless to say this track for some reason seems to resonate well with my team and has gotten enough push to be posted today.

C.E.O which stands for Chapter Entitled Outstanding is a group comprised of three members, Ben, Nelly and Kev all based in Boston MA. Over time I believe a part of the new diaspora music is going to surpass me because I was raised in a time and era that I am slowly losing touch with my young nephews and nieces in terms of what they like and listen to. The new diaspora right now looks and sounds like C.E.O and for what its worth there is really no big difference between them and folks like CampMulla in Kenya who are enjoying massive popularity.

I like this track mostly because of the collaboration with Marvin B who gave it a nice dancehall spin off. And as they make their debut on GetMziki – I’ve decided to post the track and the video to the previous song they sent me.


Listen and download the track here:

Watch the Self Made Video here:

Kitu Sewer & Frank-Wanasiasa (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Sometimes I lose faith and hope in the state of politics in Kenya. When the new Govt came into power I was hopeful, I still remain hopeful. However when folks pull some wild cards it makes me feel as if the more things change the more they stay the same.

So when I hear tracks, poems or sessions from artists demystifying the status quo, I feel uplifted in the spirit of the people and where they want their country to be headed. Kitu Sewer who is/was part of Mashifta and is a veteran revolutionary artist who has always made music that advocates for the people and brings to light the different challenges in the country. On this track he is collaborating with his new protege – Frank ‘Mteule’ to sensitize the masses on their civil rights.

Enjoy this ridiculously brilliant production.

listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:

P-Unit feat Alicios – Mobimba (GetMziki Exclusive **)


P-UNIT just dropped this track this week which features a Swedish based songstress called Alicios. The new hit track “Mobimba” brings to life a meticulous fusion of the trios “Genge” style of music set against a background of an upbeat Pan African tempo.

Alicios who is originally from Congo is popularly known for her breakout hit “Mpita Njia” which she collaborated with Juliana to deliver a powerful hit in the East African region. Honestly it took me a while to realize that she wasnt from the East African region, but once you realize that Swahili is one of the spoken languages in Congo, then the argument about where she is from becomes null and void.

This track feels a like lingala meets Genge which seems fitting for these two (three) artists to have collaborated on. Its still too early for me to tell whether this will be in instant hit, it took me a while to get into it – but the track has legs and I can easily see it pick up around Summer.

Listen to Mobimba here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the track here:

Click here

Extra Goodies for DJs:


Amileena – Why


Bernsoft has been investing heavily on Amileena and I think its actually paying off and actually showing in her music. I am keenly watching his strategy to break this new local acts that otherwise wouldn’t have had a voice. I think there is a new platform being reinvented with how Bernsoft is approaching the music business in Kenya.

I think Amileena can sing, she is getting better – but personally I would shy away from the English based tracks (that’s just a Leo Opinion). the beat compliments her sultry voice and probably does more to ground the song as a true African tune but I always find it hard to pay attention to local artists who insist on English as their delivery platform.

Either way here is Why…

Listen to the track here

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Get the track here:

Download the track here:

watch the video here: