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Fuse ODG ft. Sean Paul – Dangerous Love (**GetMziki Exclusive)


It’s no secret that Fuse ODG can make hit records. On this new banger records he grabs International superstar Sean Paul for a dangerous collabo that talks about love.

What else can be said about this. Djs can now give the overplayed Fuse ODG records a break and play this big tune now ;). This is a straight to Serato addition…….


Listen to the record below:

Atumpan – The Thing ft Stone

Atumpan, is a a Ghanaian HipLife artist, before hearing this song i had never really heard of him.  I odnt think i need to write much about this but let it speak for itself, i think its about to be on heavy rotation if its not already on heavy rotation. Its got everything Africans like,  a killer hook and melody to go with it someting that Nigerians seem to have perfected.

Atumpan – The Thing ft Stone by getmziki

Flavour – Nwa Baby Ghanian Remix ft Asem Bradez Stone

I’ll make a quick post here because all the hoopla being caused by this song in Kenya right now and am being asked why its not on GetMziki. Truthfully We’ve had it for a long time, but I personally never thought it was such a big song. But apparently in Kenya its being played every 67 minutes across all radio stations and night clubs. This particular version I am uploading is a remix which features Ghanaian heavy weight ASEM. Naija and Ghana Stand up.

listen and download the track here:

Flavour – Nwa Baby Ghanian Remix ft Asem Bradez Stone by getmziki

watch the video here:

FOKN BOIS – Thank God We're Not A Nigerians (GetMziki Exclusive **)

So twitter, facebook and a few blogs have been buzzing with this track from FOKN BOIS (Kubolor Wanlov & Men3a/Mensa) the two currently top Ghanaian artists. I have been a fan of Kubolor for a while, I mean its hard not to love a guy who doesnt wear shoes all day. He has all signs of being a hippy, dreadlocks, dirty feet and the swag.. LOL. But the talents and the creativity are far much better and well engraved in the future of African Urban Music.

A few Nigerians took this track to be too offensive and a few totally understood that this track was really a celebration of sorts for Nigerians. Say what you want about Nigerians, you essentially have to respect their gangsta and hustle. I want to make this post with some relevance so I will share the lyrics for amusement factor because talking about Kubolor or about all the hype the song has created is not worthy of this space….

listen and download the track here:

FOKN BOIS – Thank God We’re Not A Nigerians by getmziki

Lyrics //

Kofi is a common name, that’s what even I say
But a Ghana man will never call a child Friday
Thank God we’re not Nigerians

Always shouting very loud, don’t know how to whisper
And why say Mistor, instead of Mister
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

You like school more than any African I’ve seen
Simple thirteen, you still say tharteen
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

They ban the whole team, you can’t even play
Can’t you just say Hi, what is Ki lon sele
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

You barely qualify, then get stuck
President Goodluck but you still suck
Thank God we’re not Nigerians

Instead of Hamburger or Pizza with ham
You eat Egusi with pounded yam
Thank God we’re not Nigerians

Always trying to show off, even when you eat
One soup, no vegetable but twelve different meat
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

Fela was a great Musician, yes of course
(Inaudible) something drugs
Thank God we’re not Nigerians

You created Nollywood,yes more of it
But too many witches and wizards in your film
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

Always in traditional wear everywhere
Haven’t you hear of Armani wear
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

For example shining five piece agbada
You can look very good in Dolce and Gabbana
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

Not going anywhere fast, let’s just stroll
Traffic everywhere, many bad bad roads
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

No street light from Oregun to Ikeja
Four four, join join two two on okada
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

Extra page in your passport to pass and go
You have learn very well from Obasanjo
Thank God we’re not Nigerians

Email fraud, Pyramid, 419
Oh that’s not fine
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians

But at least you are better than Liberians
So thank God you’re not a Liberians


DJ Bonsu – Jam Sessions Volume 2

I love African music, I love African sound, but most of all I love African DJ sets. There is something daunting about playing for an African audience – assuming you get the opportunity to DJ for people other than folks from your own ethnic background. I mean really think about it, how do you play for an all African crowd? Naija guys love their Naija music but dont really care much for Bongo or Genge, South Africans love their Kwaito but don’t really are much for that Naija or that Ethiopian sound, Kenyans love their Genge and tend to like other music but its all debatable over time.

So whenever I get to listen to these international DJ sets from DJ’s from other countries I am always overwhelmed. Essentially a lot of Kenyan DJ’s think they are the best in the region (it could be true however, on an average or on aggregate – there are more trigger happy Kenyan DJ’s than there are Ugandans or Tanzanians), however I think Kenyan DJ’s are pop DJ’s and thats what separates them from any other African DJ’s. Kenyans DJ’s mostly play what they think is current and pop. Most DJ’s from other African countries play a lot of everything.

Take for instance this cat – DJ Bonsu from Ghana (although I have a general Bias to Ghana coz of the obvious relationships we have with Ghanamixtapes and Julz Media) honestly take your time to listen to this mix. Its not about how cool his scratches are or how fancy his blends and mashups are, its just about good African music. Anyway maybe am just talking a lot of nonsense but I like this mix – its just a feel good mix. That second song from Wiz Kid is fire (Kill Bill – Serengeti Record Pool has the video) Billy that SONG IS FIRE….

Please note 4shared has a habit of going down from time to time so if you dont see the download or the player be patient it will be back shortly…

Check the Front Cover Details:

Check the Back Cover Details:

listen to the mix here:

download the mix here:

Sarkodie – Lay Away (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

We have been shy of posting any music from Sarkodie for a few reasons which we cant get into here but I think Lay Away is a song worth posting whether you like it or not. Sarkodie is the first artist to be signed to KonLive Africa or Konvict Music label Africa division. Sarkodie who was already Ghana’s biggest artists and probably the fastest rapper in the continent wasn’t entirely surprised am sure.

Honestly when you listen to Lay Away you realise that not too many local artists can do what Sarkodie does. Sarkodie is a Jay Z in the 80/90’s, a Twista in the 90’s/00’s and a SARKODIE in the present – meaning the does what those artists did but in Ghanaian lingua and it just sounds fresh. Id love to see Sarkodie collaborate with Kenya’s Muthoni the Drummer Queen – that would be a killer track. Babz can you put this together? I have Muthoni’s number anytime you guys are ready.

Thanks to Dona once again for highlighting probably the best Mixtape Friday edition I am yet to see.

listen to lay away here:

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download the track here:

watch the video here:

Asem – Pigaro (GetMziki Club Version Exclusive ***)


// Note: This is an old post am re-posting it and pushing it up because I just found the MP3 through a rumble of dust. But truth be told I dont car

e if this song is old – this track is off the chains. One thing you gotta love about African music is that its trully international. People in Ghana bumping to Naija music and Ugandan Music,people in Kenya bumping to South African music, Ethiopian music – yet we all dont speak the same languages. Just AWESOME. I cant hear a word ASEM says in this track but it just feels like a good club dance song. //

I have some tight connections I enjoy with Ghana through my man DJ Julz (Julz Media) who runs and other properties as well as Konvict Clothing in Canada. Ever since I hooked up with this cat its like my world has been opened up to a whole new genre of hiphop birthed in Ghana. Ghana has been on this whole African hiphop thing for years, way before East Africa even stood up to take a bow. Its inevitable that a lot of reinvention in African hiphop now is definitely starting from Ghana. Lately ive been tuned to the likes of Kweku Ananse and blasting the likes of Wanlov the Kubolor. I will post these songs and DJ mixes in due time.

However as if to usher my return back to GetMziki – I want to share this track that drives me CRAZY. I mean this dude just makes me wild out. I only have the video for now but you best believe the MP3 is coming up soon. If you guys thought Naija had beats and lyrics for days – please travel down a few more blocks to Ghana coz them cats have heats for days… Just listen to this heat. (considering its not even new)

Dudes Name is Nana Wiafe Asante Mensah aka ASEM and he is one of the hottest young acts in Ghana’s evolving Hiplife industry. He basically came from nowhere to take Ghana by storm. His controversial track, ‘Give Me Blow’ became the most sought after and most transferred/ bluetoothed song among Ghanaian youths when it was unofficially released.

His style is enjoyed by urban youths mostly but his combination of Twi with English lyrics that make him appeal to rural Ghana as well. He is touted as one of the artists to lead the evolution of Hiplife into what has come to be known as GH Rap. This is a fair mix of crunk and other emerging forms of American hiphop with traditional Hiplife.

For now I want to introduce ASEM to the GetMziki family, and caution all DJs – if you aint playing this by now – I don’t know what your SERATO HD is doing without it.

listen to pigaro here:

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download the track here:

M.anifest – I love it (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

Chale maybe am just having a Ghana day but I decided to drop this promo for GhanaMixtapes – Julz Media that M.anifest did a while back. I am feeling this cat more and more, I like how they blend in their pidgin in between their rhymes… Lets call this the Double Play – Chale its M.anifest with a verse on a track called I love it.

Ghanamixtapes exclusive!

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No need to download this skit – just enjoy it and clap once its over.

Cheers. // Big shout out to M.anifest and the whole Ghanamixtapes crew, Julz and crew y’all do it big.

M.anifest – Heaven Only Knows (GetMziki Exclusive ****)

image courtesy of Julz Media

My Ghana Connects have come through again with this fire, M.anifest is what I think Bamboo or Kantai would sound like if they stayed focused. Actually let me rephrase that statement before Bamboo kills me. I think M.anifest vs Bamboo would be a solid legit fight. However the consistency demonstrated by Ghana’s M.anifest would suggest he has had a better understanding of his brand and the continent he represents for a long time. Bamboo on the other hand with all due respect I think has struggled with his brand for a long time until recently. Bamboo remains a close friend of mine so whatever I say is not anything we havent talked about to date. Its taken him years to get to where he is today and I blame his lack of consistency. A super talented artist with massive capabilities but just didnt know where he should take his brand and music.

However am glad to say Bamboo seems to have a better idea of where his bread is buttered today and he is killing it right now in the US. A lot of his projects are low key but they bring great income to a man who has definitely given a lot to the African music scene. When I listen to M.anifest I cant help but hear Bamboo all over the track and all over the delivery. The lyrical content of course is different and some would argue that this shit has been done already, but to me Ghana hiphop is almost 5 years ahead of Kenya’s hiphop. Ghanaians have been writing history in African hiphop for years now. To demonstrate how well these cats understand the music industry just look at how they package themselves, how they produce their music and how they distribute it. I mean Manifest Album is up for grabs on his website Yet he also has a commercial album Manifestations which is available on itunes for purchase. So you have a pre-teaser that your fans can consume for free and then you have your full course meal that the hungry and able can get from the store. Brilliant!

My Ghana connects call me Chale which is an endearment term for Dude or Jama – Chale this track is on fire, if you listen to it without watching the video you wouldn’t think any of these cats is from Africa. Ghana stand up!!

listen to heaven only knows here:

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download the track here:

watch the video here: