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DJ RIGZ presents – Kenyan 2015 Yearmix ***


I love DJ sets that summarize a year for me and introduce me to music or videos that I hadn’t seen or didn’t care much about. The beauty about DJs is that if you are skillful you can blend and introduce really boring songs into a playlist that would most likely have been rubbished if poorly delivered. This year in review carefully put together by Rigz is the Business – I love every aspect of it because it just sums up Kenyan tunes in a little short of an hour.

BIG UPs RIGZ… Enjoy.

GetMziki – Promo Only October 2015 Edition


UPDATE: The download link has been updated. Thanks to Spinz for letting us know we had the wrong download link.
It’s that time of the month again. It’s the promo only October 2015 edition. we know it’s late, but better late than never…
You can access the previous promo only editions here.

With so many artists and tons of records being released on a weekly basis, it’s sometimes so hard to fully enjoy and digest records. Added with the hundred of records we receive from artists, we started having a monthly showcase of songs that we sifted through to find the cream of the crop that we believe deserve a few spins. The result is a 18-track compilation with a few bonus tracks. We showcase tons of records on a weekly basis and with everyone being busy with their daily lives, we decided to start showcasing records that are exclusive releases, chart setters, songs that will be future hits, present hits and everything else in between. Consider this as a music playlist to keep you abreast on what’s popping in the East African music scene.”

Here is the October 2015 Edition Playlist

Ndegz Feat. Madtraxx – Twende Nyumbani
Ben Pol Feat Avril – Ningefanyaje
Christaina Bella- Nashindwa
Vanessa- Never Ever
Swahili Nation- Loco
Calvo Mistari, Khaligraph Jones & UB – Iz Vipi
Daddy Owen and 24 Elders – Okokroko
Mr Blue- Baki na Mimi
Njeri Feat. Stella Mwangi – Miti Ni Dawa
Mbuvi- Nzukulu
Eddy kenzo – Freestyle
Dee Bouwy Feat – NakupendaDarasa- Heya Aee
Dufla Diligon – Tempo
Nessa Feat femi one- MSupa
Hamonizer- Aiyola
Muthoni DQ Feat Khaligrpah Jones and MI- Turn on the Light
Recho – Tua
Pinky- Usiogope

Download the zip file HERE

Sanaipei – Rasta Man (UPDATE POST)

We rarely do this but there’ always a first time for everything and this is a first. We first showcased this record exactly the same time last year and with them just releasing the video last week, it’s perfect timing to showcase the record again for everyone out there. Video was directed by Sinema Films. I know some people are visual and appreciate records more with videos, so here we go..

Song is still nice…

Watch the video below:

The post was originally published on October 16, 2014 as below.

Look I like Sanaipei, I used to love her but now I just like her – my feelings had to change a little 🙂 I guess I had to grow up and get over the infatuation. The point here is I have a general bias for any material she puts out, and especially when she collaborates with my main man Wawesh – then BAM its like magic. Something truly magical happens when Sana gets into the booth with Wesh. The last time the two were in the studio together this magical thing happened – Mfalme Wa Mapenzi

That said the current joint thats a dubstep/reggae/afrosoul/fusion is just too nice – Keep seeing Sanaa am all over this track.

Boneless feat Inami – Supasta (GetMziki Exclusive **)


Boneless Thyaka is onto something with these phenomenal tracks coming from his camp lately. I slept on the first single which was appropriately titled Kusunga as a one off. But after this track dropped a while back and I watched the video, I realized Boneless might actually be the first and the only Kenyan artists to do this whole South African Dance thing right.

You see often when Kenyan or East African artist rip other genres, there is a tendency to not do it right. After a few tries you notice the artists trying hard to find collaborations with local folks from those genres to authenticate their sound. But to me when I listen to these tracks from Boneless with that authentic Kamba sound and dialect, its almost unforgiving and telling that he not only will rip this sound, but he will and can do it better.

Inevitably, I dont understand Kamba but I am so feeling these tracks man. So lets do justice by dropping the first one here – Supasta in true Kao style.

listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:

Nyota Ndogo feat Amelina – Nalia


I have some quick posts for the week that I need to make, starting with this new Nyota Ndogo and Amelina collaboration. Part of the on going Bernsoft Music Initiative to put out music, which I like the fact that Vinnie Banton actually produced/Composed this track. If you recall Vinnie was part of a group with Mr. Googz who dropped the infamous “githurai” track. So for me its kinda cool to see artists reinvent themselves and still work behind the sound boards to make things happen.

listen and download the track here:

Longombas feat Lulu Kibaa – Body 2 Body (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Somewhere in America while Miley Cyrus was twerking – Longombas was making new music and more importantly Lovy was getting signed into a major label. Pulse Writer/Producer I cant really get into the details of how big a deal being part of Pulse recordings is, nor can I get into the full disclosure of what tracks he’s laid for some major heavy weights.

what I can say however is Lovy is truly blessed and soon enough when he decides to share his story with the world, I think it will be a testament for you anyone that you too can make it in the US/Entertainment industry, if you put your mind to it and your heart to it. Personally I am still glad to call him my friend and more importantly just to know that we can bonga sheng still without the impact of change and shock of success.

Moving on swiftly – here is some brand new Logombas feat Lulu – enjoy

listen and download the track here:


Kenya's First Lady Lucy Kibaki speaks to

DJXP or better known as Opareeeeee!!! (pun intended on the Opare and not Opore) and I grew up together in Eastlando. So there’s a lot to be said about relationships that are inspired from the past. We went to the same church (Catho), same schools (Jogoo Rd), played on the same grounds , probably katiad the same chiles (Bosbori LMFAO), borrowed the same bikes from the same guys in the esto… So I could say we go way back.

What I enjoy the most about our relationship is that each year when we meet up in a new city, we usually spend hours laughing up old stories. Unakumbuka, Unakumbuka, unakumbuka are the metaphors that fill the air when am hanging out with this dude. So recently when I was talking to XP I was telling him unakumbuka unakumbua ile Mix ya Mixology ulinimekia iko na tereeereee tereeee, I couldn’t explain it so I had to go find it (and luckily I’d had a vault since 2001).

Truth be told this is one of his greatest work from a collections perspective. Listening to this mix today I realize that DJying is a dying art or maybe a changing art form. Years ago when XP made this mix it made me feel the same way that I have felt this morning listening to the music on this set. I say DJ is a changing art form because I rarely listen to mixes today that make me feel a certain way.

For what its worth I am sure for the few who had listened to XP’s old sets when we was doing MIXOLOGY – you will appreciate this one.


Listen to the mix here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download it here :


ps. Image selection on this post was selected from reflective of his quirky nature

Amileena – Why


Bernsoft has been investing heavily on Amileena and I think its actually paying off and actually showing in her music. I am keenly watching his strategy to break this new local acts that otherwise wouldn’t have had a voice. I think there is a new platform being reinvented with how Bernsoft is approaching the music business in Kenya.

I think Amileena can sing, she is getting better – but personally I would shy away from the English based tracks (that’s just a Leo Opinion). the beat compliments her sultry voice and probably does more to ground the song as a true African tune but I always find it hard to pay attention to local artists who insist on English as their delivery platform.

Either way here is Why…

Listen to the track here

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Get the track here:

Download the track here:

watch the video here:

Logombas – African Girl (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

I’ve caught some flack from a few folks here and there whom I wont name for apparently snubbing the Logombas new hits. I think one of the few things that goes unsaid in this industry is the numerous conversations that happen behind the scenes. Like people just see what you put out, people never see the work you may be doing behind the scene for folks. SMDH!!

Lovy and I talk more often than any of the artists I put up on GetMziki, sometimes maybe too much – Lovy has been concentrating on his production and truthfully if I get my hands on AIDA’s album – I promise to do justice to half the tracks I’ve heard (which were produced about two years ago). Lovy is talented producer – I cant reiterate that fact. In fact these hits guys go crazy for are nothing compared to what the cat can do. I don’t talk about Lovy here because there is nothing he is doing today that is related to the African market (directly) I mean dude has been busy making hits for guys in the US so why should I spend time talking about QUEEN!!! ha ha ha…

Anyway for the Africans on this blog – here is a track for you “African Girl” to me this track is a cookie cutter. It plays on the same word play that queen had – what I call formulaic tracks. Its guaranteed to be an instant hit all round with its catchy hooks and African/Caribbean feel drums and harps. (Okay so maybe we will post Queen sometime this week since its been demanded like 600 times) ..

Let me be real for a second I think I never posted Queen because they used “Autotune” LOL on that track. Christian can sing, like real talk the kid can sing – if you compare Queen to African Girl you will hear what I am saying. Anyway I digress – Logombas are putting some work on their upcoming album, but to me I am more excited about the work Lovy has been doing that he is currently not sharing with the world or in particular the audience that frequents this blog – so stay tuned coz BADMAN productions is about to change the music game.

listen and download African girl track here:

Actually here is a sampler I love that he did about 2yrs ago if you are second guessing his production:

Amileena – Shine (GetMziki Exclusives **)

Last few days ive been getting a slew of tracks from R-Kay and I must say they are all classics… This particular track features a TPF artist who received somber reviews from the show recently. Gladly Bernsoft has been on a binge spree and accordingly snagged Amileena for this single titled SHINE.

As I understand during Tusker Project Fame the judges were a little harsh on her and her Voice Coach Kavutha tried to help her get to where she could be but she still struggled through. For what its worth after listening to this track I don’t think she needs to worry about TPF, she can stand her own gladly.

listen and download the track here:

Amileena – Shine by getmziki

Mimmo – Nakupenda (GetMziki Exclusive **)

Finding Mimmo is back with a new single off her upcoming album appropriately titled “Finding me More” I understand the entire album has been put together by R.Kay and the video should be dropping around 2nd week of April. I am still trying to wrap my head around the track as I just got it today but definitely feeling the zouk feel.


Mimmo – Nakupenda by getmziki

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