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Adele – Hello (Swahili Cover by Dela)**


By now if you are living and breathing then you definitely have heard or watched Adele make her crazy come back to music and slay her new single Hello. Besides the radio and press accolades this track has recieved, theres been an amazing organic growth of memes, remixes, reviews among other fun things. By far we are inspired by the musical journeys that have been inspired by this track. Starting with our very own Dela below and a few others we picked that were seemingly interesting… enjoy.

Listen to Dela’s rendition of Hello

Listen to Taps rendition of Hello

Listen to Joe’s rendition of Hello

Sauti Sol – Live and Die In Afrika | FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD



Last week Sauti sol released thier thirs studio album, Live and Die in Afrika, in collaboration with Safaricom with a free download on the mobile operator’s website for 48 hours. That was a great marketing strategy from both camps. Did anybody see the 60 minutes piece on SafariCom’s Mpesa. Check it out if you haven’t. Africa is on the move..

The 15-track Live and Die in Afrika album includes Sauti Sol mega hits: Nishike, Sura Yako, Shake Yo Bam Bam and Isabella. The unreleased songs include Live and Die in Afrika, Say Yeah, Its Okay, Dollar Dollar, Kiss Me, Kuliko Jana featuring Aaron Rimbui, Sambo Party, Nipe Nikupe and Relax.
From the group: And now we finally have a generation that fully believes in this continent and her great potential. African diaspora is on a mission to reconnect with their roots, be it through music or other media. There is a willingness to aspire everything and anything African. “In California, they have been dancing to Sura Yako,” (Barack Obama). They sing and dance to the same tune at a wedding in Moshi, Tanzania. There is a willingness to Live and Die in Afrika. These are the united minds of Africa. Minds that will LIVE AND DIE IN AFRIKA!

THE SONG Live and Die In Afrika is their latest single and video


Stella Mwangi Feat. Kanja, Sinzu, Jay A, Big Trill, Mwana Fa- Stella X3

When you do a remix, it’s all worth it if you go all out. Stella knows what to do and on this new single she enlists Sinzu (Nigeria), Jay (Kenya), Kanja The Afrikan King (US-Kenya), Big Trill (Uganda) and Mwana FA (Tanzania) for an African remix that has literally made blogs go nuts over the song.

The track rocks hard, lovin the beat and the guest features all kill it. Banger for real. Turn it up.

Who killed it on this star-studded remix.

Listen to the track below:

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Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

One 8 Feat R. Kelly – Hands Across the World (***GetMziki Exclusive)

We told you about the ONE8 super group a few weeks ago and “Hands Across the World” is the first official single from the group. The group features 2Face (Nigeria), Alikiba (Tanzania), Amani (Kenya), Fally Ipupa (DRC), 4X4 (Ghana), JK (Zambia), Navio (Uganda), Movaizhalene (Gabon) and R Kelly (USA)and the single is already creating a buzz.

“Hands Across the World” was written and produced by R. Kelly and was recorded in Chicago. R. Kelly is excited to be involved in the ONE8 project. Speaking from his studio in Chicago as they put the final touches to the single, he stated: “I love projects like this . As I hear the music of these artists and meet them in person I can feel myself connect. Somehow I can feel the excitement and adrenaline through them and then the ideas and everything around this track just comes together. This is probably one of the greatest things I have ever done, I can just feel it in me.”

The first time I listened to the track the first thing that came to mind was Michael Jacksons “Heal the world”. I know most people were waiting for a club track, but it seems ONE8 decided to go with a R & B slow tempo track. I’m really curious to see if this track gets picked up on rotation on the urban radio shows here in the US.

What are your thoughts on the “Hands Across The World” ?


Listen to the track below:

[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

Watch the Video Below:

Ghana Mixtapes – Club Bangerz Vol 2


Now that I am back in full swing, I am committed to expose some of y’all to some of the DJ Mixes happening on the other side of the fence. One of the few things I realized about being in Kenya or being a Kenyan living outside Kenya – you tend to mingle within the same circles. So in essence over time you realize that your exposure to other forms of music is zero. Basically you end up liking what other Kenyans, Tanzanians or Ugandans like. We live in such a pod – its like nothing else makes sense to us. And I am not talking about the 1, 2, 3 Naija songs that hit the main stream. I am talking about a whole underground hiphop and R&B African music scene thats out there.

Once you start exploring Urban African music like we do here at GetMziki, you start to realize that maybe that DJ Pinye or that DJ Flex are not really as hot as the other African DJs out there (I dont mean this literary, its just a figure of speech). For instance DJ Black from Ghana just kills it… you may not recognize many of these songs, as most sound like Dancehall or a some deep US underground rap music. But thats just how the evolution of Ghana Music has come so far. Its like we only have one Bamboo or one Kantai – Ghana has like 79 Bamboo’s and about 105 Kantai’s. You know the type of artists who can sing both English and Twi. Anyway this is Volume 2 to the Ghana Club bangerz – probably my favorite of the two and specifically because it has ASEM – pigaro…

If you are into mixtapes and as super attentive as I am… Listen to this mix from 30min mark when DJ Black drops Professor Jay, he plays a call from Professor Jay (or a drop). He then scratches and juggles Jina langu (a classic Tanzanian hit – 90’s hit)… then he gets into ASEM – now that intro or that drop by ASEM is the BEST drop I’ve heard on an African Mixtape for the LONGEST TIME EVER.

“When a White Man sexually assaults a black woman we call that a mixed rape, now when a DJ musically assults my music and puts it on a CD, we call that a MIXTAPE” … DJ Black your Mixetape is hot!!

Sheeeeit thats the best drop ive heard in a while – and then kills it with the Kat Williams “this shit right here niggggga” Anyway am losing it let me just chill… Enjoy this mix. The track list is available for anyone interested.

listen to the Ghana Club Bangerz Mixtape here:

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download the mixtape here:

|Right Click and hit save target as – Ghana Club Bangerz|

Barbara Kanam – Djarabi


Barbara Kanam has all the element of african super stardom the combination of good looks, diverse repertoire and good vocals –  I would describe her as a young combination of Tshala Muana and Mbilia Bel. Her album entitled Karibu  came out this year and is one of the best complete albums i have listened to in a long time.

Mokobe,Dj Kitoko & Big Ali – Phenomenal


Lizha James ft Mandoza – Voodoo

I am sitting on a gang of music from Mozambique, and for some reason i have a  feeling that Mozambique is going to be the next big African music center mostly because the music bridges many gaps. Between East and South,Lusophone and Anglophone Africa.

On this track  Lizha James – who is one of the biggest up and coming stars in Africa alongside Mandoza who needs no introduction.

the Video and download follow.

Dj Ardilles ft DH & Dj Cidinho – Khomani

Seems this year Mozambique is on the come up – seems a lot of new music is coming out of Mozambique including Lizha James who is making a name for herself Africa wide. But this  track is from Dj Ardilles  this track has been on heavy rotation on Dj Edu show for quite a while. The video itself is MINI MINI  big pimping video .

Download available below:

BLK JKS – Molalatladi

*image courtesy BLK/JKS /Jen Mazer

BLK JKS  is a group from Johannesburg ,South Africa – They have there own style of music which sort of defies attempts to pigeonhole them – though for me they closely resemble and look like Black Uhuru in the early 80’s

BLK JKS have been touring extensively in the US and Europe and you can catch more info about them here and their blog.

Prince Zimboo – Lightswitch

I just had to do a post on Prince Zimboo – the story is that Prince Zimboo is from somewhere in Africa has 999 wives and is traveling the world to find wife  1000. But Prince Zimboo really is an alter ego of the Jamaican producer – Assaney Morris. The parody aside Prince Zimboo has very hilarious lyrics on Lightswitch – “woman, you may not look good in the day, but your beauty is only a light switch away”.

Download Lightswitch: and listen to the words keenly: and get more here

Esau Mwamwaya – Sister Betina

We been fans of Esau Mwamwaya ever since first heard of him. Esau is from Malawi and mostly sings in Chichewa which for me sounds more authentic than if he was singing on the same beats in English. Sister Betina is an interesting track – The beat combination is sick, its a combination of like 3 or 4 styles it has a kwaito feel, a dancehall beat and HipHop Aliyah/Timberland  Try Again sample. Checkout a live video of his onair performance and at the bottom download Sister Betina.


*image courtesy of green owl

DJ Mpenzi – African Express (GetMziki Exclusive)

image courtesy of DJ Mpenzi and GetMziki

It seems we are going to have a MIXTAPE week so let me go ahead and bless GetMziki with someone rarely spoken, critically unacclaimed talented Kenyan DJ. His name is rarely mentioned in the Kenyan (East African) Circles yet he commands the respect and attention many lose DJs get within the community. DJ Mpenzi who also happens to be a good friend and business partner is a soft spoken dude whose politeness can be mistaken for inexperience. But I tell Mkonu all the time, you don’t need to play for Kenyans or East Africans to be respected – something he has learned to adopt and blend into his day to day career which flourishes just well without the Kenyan market at large.

DJ Mpenzi has been holding down the Bay area for years, even before I got here – funny enough I am yet to see him hold a Kenyan gig in the region despite his experience. Young cats like DJ Slim and DJ Johnny run things in the Bay from a Kenyan perspective – but no one comes close to commanding the Jungu/Black Market like DJ Mpenzi. Which is funny coz his whole brand and image speaks Kenya – his logo has the Kenyan Flag so its always fascinating to see his name and logo on club flyers and then come to realize that there will be no Genge playing just adds to the mystique behind Mpenzi.

Either way dont get it twisted! the man knows his roots (NOT GENGE though) he he he. Trust me, that will be the day. I love Mkonu coz he understands where Africa needs to be and plays these tunes for the Jungu market stone face. The reaction of the crowd speaks for itself whenever the Coupe decale drops and the Soukous, I respect any DJ who can kick dancehall and then flip it to Africa – because you are not only entertaining the crowd but you are educating them on the roots of their music. To me thats mission accomplished. Thats why I couldnt hold back but yank this mix that he made for some Charity organization he helps out – I felt the mix needed a home elsewhere including the Nuru International events.

But before I over talk his skill or expertise – please be blessed with this African Express, this is the type of mix I keep asking all these other Kenyan DJs to pull off but none has come close to. The only other guy who has impressed me in African mixes is DJXP – to date I am yet to hear someone else.

listen to the mix here:

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download the mix here:

Please right click here and hit save target as

Track list:

Ambiance – Tina Spencer
Mets Lui – Discounty Dj
Frottez Frottez – Tina Spencer & Dj Arafat
La Medaille Du Merite – Tina Spencer & Dj Arafat
Let Me Love You – Bunny Mack
Medley B – Sokous Stars
A Nous a Victoire – Atti
Guantanamo – Dj Zidane
Zouke En Decalant – Tv 5 Feat. Claudy Star
Famille Dj – Dj Kitoko
Femmes – Dj Arafat
Mastiboulance – Lino Versace & Boro Sanguy
Bouger Bouger – Magic System
C Cho Ca Brule – Magic System Feat. Cheb Bilal
Moyibi – Pepe Kalle & Nyboma
Nairobi Night – Sokous Stars
Sai – Kanda Bongoman
Grippe Ariaire – Dj Lewis
Lagos Night/Sweet Mother – Sokous Stars

Naija Music : Duncan Daniels – Show Stoppa


The minute T-Pain came out with auto tune (vocoder) he should have realised that 110 other artists were going to cap his style and amplify it. This is not to say that the auto tune was never used before T-Pain, I think Pain just brought it to the lime light more than any other urban artist.

If you take into consideration what many African artists are doing now, its no wonder we are churning out more songs than ever before. Essentially technology has allowed us to mask our vocal capabilities and implore good beats but mediocre vocals and the people will still consume the music. Take for instance this Naija wonder called Duncan Daniels. He brings a unique style into the industry, a very diverse artiste offering a mix of pop,rock and R&B to suit the modern urban radio era.

Duncan also happens to be a producer and a song writer, who has been at the top of his game since he was 25 years old. Currently working on his sophomore album it appears Daniels may be onto something thanks to vocoders :-). I personally think Naija music is going places but the success is very short term, unless something extraordinary happens within the urban music space. But for now if your country has about 120 million people – why do you need to tour or go anywhere else coz your market is right at home

listen to show stoppa here:

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download the track here:

Jet Set Ft Muss – Coupe Decale dans la cite'

This is a somewhat older coupe decale track – They took the i like to move it
and gave it a Coupe decale swagger.

We got Africa covered on this, Video below, and download after the video.

Download track here:

Koffi Olomide: Bomengo

This is from Koffi’s most recent – Bord Ezanga Kombo which came out sometime last year – for all Congolese rumba fans enjoy. Below is a video of the live version. and download after the jump

By the the way those are not pyjamas those guys are putting on check – see

Vieux Farka Toure' – Ana (Hisboyelroy remix)


Fast rising Vieux Farka Toure’ is the son of legendary guitarist Ali Farka Toure . Anyway this is remix of one of the  songs on he’s self titled debut album. The original Album is also a good listen if you are inclined to get it.

Remmy Ongala – Asili ya Mziki


I wouldnt be doing this website any justice if I dont share the tracks that made me who I

am from time to time. Honestly I dont care if anyone is feeling this track or not – just the sheer fact that I have it in digital format I think for me is a big deal. LOL. Jamani! So the fact that I am a mixture of different cultures is not really a secret anymore – however the fact that I have a dangerous folder on my ipod that has zilizopendwa would be one of the last few secrets I come out with.

I grew up listening to Remmy Ongala as with many other Tanzanian kids whose parents were fanatics of this dude. Remmy also knowns as Remmy Sura Mbaya was sort of a legend in his time. He and his band are probably one of Tanzanias most well known band (Super Matimila Orchestra). Remmy’s more popular hits include a track called Kifo! which was banging in those days – I musta been like 10 years old listening to Remmy but honestly I appreciate his music more today than when I was growing up.

However the reality of posting this song here is the sad fact that as I look at many Kenyan, Ugandan, Tanzanain artist today – very few actually tap into these old school sounds to make their music today more relevant. I really wish someone would develop a concept for a show where all these new artists (Nameless, Habida, Wahu, Kaz, Atemi and the likes) would redo all the old tracks and put a new funky twist to it….

This track would be redone to suit the title of our website – MZIKI

Mziki ni fundisho, Mziki ni muombolezo, Mziki sio uhuni… DAMN… this is some real Mziki here – you gotta appreciate tunes when they come across like this… LOL

Ama am on my own journey on this track?

listen to asili ya Mziki here:

download the track here:

Brand New: Kaulaz – Malaika (Joint ya Chava & GetMziki Exclusive**)

image courtesy of Joint ya Chava Entertainment photobucket

That AUTO TUNE has been busy since T-Pain first blessed the production scene with it. It seems the Auto tune is busy in East and West Africa right now in a big way. This is Vyba killing it on this track, personally I dont feel the song, but other cats on the GetMziki Team have been up in arms about the track and I have been sitting on the track trying to fall in love with it but wapi!

I am not sure what I don’t like, the beat is phat – of course si ni joint ya Chava. But the delivery could be different or could’ve been better. Thats just my opinion. This is such a bubble gum song I guess thats whats so ordinary for me. But again like I said there are guys in my team who love this song and have been talking about it since Chava sent it over.

Let me know what y’all think. Kaulaz is an okay artists but on this track I think the delivery wasn’t satisfying.

listen to Malaika here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the track here:

Brand New: IGHO ft Terry G – I Got Da Perff (Shayo Yapa)


Our new contacts are starting to prove themselves undoubtedly the kings in Naija music, I like the fact that we get to sample all these hits and then pick the ones that we think will cross over. Over the few months we have been slowly trying to expose our audience to a larger breadth of music, we believe the fact that Naija tunes are growing at a phenomenal rate and the quality of the music is ten times better than average African tracks – this will make the overall African Urban music market up its game.

Our partners dropped this brand new IGHO joint called I got da Perff. The song is on fire, high energy, octane type of shit. Igho is not only a song writer, director or producer he also is spitting these Naija rhymes and its turning out to be a killer combination. Terry G is another aspiring killer artists in Nigeria but this collaboration is what we been talking about – Naija music is taking over Africa, it doesnt even matter if you cant understand the language – the shit just sounds damn good, makes you want to move something in your body.

Enjoy the track

listen to I got da perf here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the song here:

Just a Band – Iwinyo Piny

Just a band
img courtesy of Just A Band’s

Buy now probably everyone has heard or seen or tasted a part of JAB better known as Just A Band. To me this group is sorta phenomenal in that they came up in Kenya with a completely different style and it seems to be catching on with a few local fans. I dont know how to describe their music in terms of local definitions, because it doesnt fit anywhere in our traditional conventional thinking and music liking… What I can say however is that its some good ass shit.

Although this statement is going to be arguable – I strongly believe Media outlets like Capital FM, helped pave the way for artists such as JAB. People got increasingly curious about Rock, house and trance music which eventually gave JAB an opportunity to be adventurous. If anyone has attended the 6AM parties in Karen you will know that there is a whole dance/punk underground scene somewhere in Kenya thriving.

The first time I heard this track I knew Jango’s were trying to take over and this was the first signal that the local Government was about to change. 🙂 But I eventually came to terms with the fact the group comprises mixed cultures reaching out to the masses in their own dialects and making it really funkie…

I salute you guys for setting up some crazy standards for music quality, production, style – coupled with some interesting extensive marketing support…

listen to Iwinyo Piny here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the track here:

watch the video here:

Zamouna – Dj Awadi

(image courtesy of


Didier Awadi also Known as Dj Awadi is one of the pioneers of African Hip Hop. hailing from Senegal Awadi is or was  a part of the group PBS which got alot of attention and helped put African HipHop on the map.He has collaborated variously with KRS-1 and performed at events such as reggae on the river.  Zamouna sounds like a remake of an old African song which i cant quite place.

One of the thing we are trying to do with getMziki is to expand the market and the possibilities for African music within Africa, to us it doesnt make senes that an artist in Kenya,Nigeria or Tanzania struggles to sell 2000 CD’s in a country of 40 million and a continent of more than 700 million people.

Jessy Matador – Mini Kawoule'


Mini Kawoule  – is on of those tracks like Magic Systems Gaou, that slowly creeps into your
consciousness, you find yourself humming along without even knowing the words. this a big tune

The video and download follow:

[Quick Hits] – Justina,Samini,Corneille,Wayna

Some big tunes circulating mp3 will be posted as soon as available but in the meantime here are couple of tracks the first is a singer called Justina who i am meant to understand has been blowing up the spot in Nigeria. – Omo 2 sexy

The second tracks is from Samini from Ghana – where my baby deh. is definitely a club banger.

The third clip is Corneille from Canada via Rwanda this song is slightly old but good music is good music. Listen keenly because the youth about to blow up – back to life:

And last but not least this years Grammy Nominee – Wayna from DC via Ethiopia and former speechwriter for Bill Clinton (???).