Dj Lenny – Turudi Kwa Culture (Rhumba Vs Zilizopendwa Vol. 1)


Creating a noteworthy dope mix is never an easy task. So many djs out there are so talented but fail miserably in making timeless mixes that are listenable from start to finish. Dj’s have to find and keep that fine balance between seamless mixing, dropping exclusives or classics and above all differentiate themselves from everybody else out there and provide mixes that are listenable and appreciated by everyone. Dj Lenny’s Rhumba Vs Zilizopendwa Vol. 1 is a dope mix that is timeless and a must listen and favorite for any music lover.

Here is an excerpt on his inspiration for the mix.

One of my favorite shows in Kenya is on Saturday nights, a caller/soc media interactive show called ‘Rasha Rasha’. It’s basically a party set celebrating Rumba & Soukous music .. playing and discussing anything from the late great Franco & Tabu Ley to modern day superstars like Fally Ipupa & Ferre Gola .. while I had already contemplated making a rumba mix, the actual need or the cultural artistic importance of it dawned on me after catching a few episodes. My hope with this mix is that it educates as much as it entertains or brings back nostalgic memories from days when Rumba and Zilizopendwa music were mainstays on dancefloors from the Congo to East Africa .

The idea behind it was to make a mix that has a treasure kind of feel to it, a mix that someone will want to hold on to for years, hopefully, decades to come .. If it’s on a CD to make sure it never got scratched or an mp3 that would be copied and backed up several times to keep it safe .. a piece of art if you will
People don’t realize how important our culture is, how much it has shaped us as a people and for this mixes’ purpose ; the fact that we have to each play our part in celebrating it, documenting it and passing it on or forward to the future generations. . this is only VOL 1 so stay tuned.

This is fire. I loved the approach. Classics from Franco, Super Mazembe, Mbilia Bel, Tabu ley and many more are on the mix. That Bozi Boziana was and still is my jam…. Bump this heavy.

Zilizopendwa – Dubb Fix 2012 (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

FAIR CRITICISM: So its no secret that the Dubb brothers are my good friends and brothers from another mother. But evidently I don’t really post all their music on GetMziki. Typically you’d think because we are close I’d share all the material they put out but that hasn’t been the case. I try to keep business and friendship separate LOL, however real talk A-Dubb and I probably fight every few weeks about something he did on a mix or a drop or part of his imaging. Any DJ who is a friend of mine is bound to be part of some constant fight or the other – I am just glad someone understands me… It’s just how it is, considering I can’t DJ – its amazing to even be in those fights LMFAO.

But in the last few months DUBB DJs have churned out a few mixes that have changed my opinion on a lot of things I rant about. I wont go into the nitty gritty here but I want to share with you all EXHIBIT number one which is exactly what I expect from a UNIT that has been deeply engraved in music from the onset. I mean if your Dad was in a band its only right that you understand the SOUL OF AFRICA and how to translate that into your current craft. To me this is what separates one good DJ from another. To me this is the inspiration that was needed to elaborately craft this mix that DUBB DJs put together.

I cant help but feel homesick listening to this – Good stuff. Let it rip!


Music List

1. Samba Mapangala – Marina
2. Mushrooms – Rebecca
3. Tshala Muana – Karibu Yangu
4. Them Mushrooms – Usiibe
5. Tshala Mwana – Kizoungo Zoungo
6. Tshala Mwana – Dezo Dezo
7. Samba Mapangala – Dunia Tutapita
8. San Fan Thomas – Sitcha
9. Samba Mapangala – Vunja Mfupa
10. Samba Mapangala – Jaffar
11. Sam Fan Thomas – Noa
12. Samba Mapangala – Vidonge
13. Mbilia Bell – Bina Mudanda
14. Mbilia Bell – Mario
15. Sweet Africa -Zouk Medley 1(Dubb djs refix)
16. Sweet Africa – Zouk Medley 2(Dubb djs refix)

Beth Kanini – Nguuni Lovers Lovers

So I got called out by one of our readers/users about not diversifying GetMziki enough to allow other genres to the site. I agree – I feel bad and I am ashamed of myself. But the last time I checked I think I was pretty clear about what GetMziki stands for “home for urban African music” in this case we are not so keen on pushing folk music or the Kayamba Africas. I think those songs will find other people who are passionate about them to promote them more than ever. The point is I have always felt that all these other music sources got their voices heard where the market demanded their music, but the new age music which needs to compete with so many new genres today needed a few new legs and rejuvenation.

However ill share the email and post the song the GetMziki fan wants to share (keeping her identity low key) coz I cant tell if she was joking or if she was serious. I mean this cant be compared to Muthoni Kifagio but its still a classic. For the sake of that kind email here is Beth Kanini 🙂

hi leo,

whats up with the usual “comercial music you feature on your blog?” why are you not focusing on other genre music like jazz or ‘kamba’ a few to mention. There are numerous African grown music genres which your blog doesn’t look into, you are utterly biased unrepresenting the real music lovers. Firstly please review nguuni lovers lovers they are a remerkable band from mlolongo and if you may for a minute please try to be open minded. What me and my friends are trying to imply is diversify youur music knowledge because from our angle your taste is blatantly blunt.
Thank you hope to get a positive response.

I love ur blog :}

Nguuni Lovers Lovers – Beth Kathini by Dream Beach Records

A Touch Of Africa – Kabugi the DJ (GetMziki African Mixes ***)

I grew up in the same Hood/Mtaa as Kabugi, actually we went to the same church in Buru phase v/phase iv. It was called Catho – or Catholic Church of Buru Buru. We probably fkuzad the same chics and shared the same rounda festivities and ball sessions. Although if I think long and hard Kabugi lived in phase iv which was okay but it just wasnt phase v. He he he phase iv had all the nice chiles, actually phase iv and phase iii or phase ii had all the chiles in Buru. Phase v had all the hot jamas (evidently).

Anyway I digress! My point here is that I’ve known this cat for a long time. Kabugi was one of my first Mlevi.com users and contributors when we were on version 1.3. Its amazing how time flies since 2001 to date thats almost 9 years ago when we were building our first Kenyan social network homie. But real talk am proud to know that the Internet has really lived up to its promise – ensuring people always stay in touch and in communication. Kabugi and I don’t talk much but when we do he will always drop a mix here and there – Personally I am never really fascinated by new school mixes… its the old stuff that he did that always has me locked in.

Hopefully when we finish 9mixtapes I will get the opportunity to share a lot of stuff he has done but today i am compelled to share this Touch of Africa mix that I have been playing in my car over and over and over again. Funny enough he did this in 2006 which is just amazing in itself. Thats why I feel like a lot of these African songs and sounds are so timeless. You cant listen to a 2006 Genge mix today and tell me it sounds as fresh today!

This mix has it all, it has your daily dose of Lingala, Magic System, Coupe De cale back in the day… Anyway real talk Kabugi this mix is official. Thanks for sharing/ Keep doing what you do!

listen to Touch of Africa here:

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download the mix here:

Right Click and [hit save target AS]


DJ – Lenoir : International African Mix Vol 1 (GetMziki Exclusive **)

Creative courtesy of GetMziki

If you’ve lived in the Bay Area (Northern California normally just San Francisco/Oakland area) for a while, then you’ve probably heard or seen DJ Lenoir. I really cant say much about Lenoir as a DJ because I moved to Oakland just when he was kind of winding down his DJ career to focus on other businesses he had. However I can talk about being in the Bay about 5 years ago and going to all these Dancehall parties that he sorta had pioneered around the community with another DJ called TOKS. The first time I met Lenoir I told him, dude you need to make these African Mixtapes, no one was taking advantage of the fact that all these Junguz were loving these Congolese, Angolan, Cote Dvoire songs. Lenoir slept on this for over 4 years to come up with this Street attack that I find not only unique but a massive statement to the potential of African music in the local US communities.

One thing most people don’t know is Oakland/San Francisco is probably one of the most diverse cities to live in. Honestly on any Friday or Saturday night you can go to a club called BAOBAB in San Francisco and the club will be packed with Junguz jumping and puffing to Lingala and Coupe de Cale. Anyway not to bore you with how cool my city is, the reality really is that I strongly believe African Urban and alternative music will take the US scene by storm in the not so near future. Its just a matter of time. African artists and African entertainment industry insiders are slowly but surely getting their shit together – and soon you will be going to a DELA concert in NYC, a SAUTI SOL, a KAYSHA concert… It happens in San Francisco and NYC right now more frequently than not.

So When Lenoir came knocking (a native of Congo DRC) I had to open up the door and open it up wide. Mostly because I respect the work he has put into the community in the past with my boy Louis, and also mostly coz I think he understands African sound slightly better than many other DJs I hang out with. This mix is not about the skill and or versatility. A lot of Kenyan DJs compile mixtapes to showcase their DJ-capabilities. I think there comes a point in time where the Mix should be about the music and about the sound or flow. Lenoir could definitely have done with a little less of the the sound effects (too much dancehall DJying can throw you off Len) but overall I think maybe its just a new style – and possibly a new way to get people here to appreciate all these new eclectic sounds.

And for that I designed his CD cover for fun 🙂 I started with the version on top and ended up with this one here:

Enjoy the mix below:

ps. If you have sent us a mix in the last few months please send a track list our new policy insists that you furnish a tracklist to make it easy on our users to find tracks through the site. We eventually will link tracks with your tracklist for people who want to download the singles.

Track List:


listen to International Mix Vol 1 here:

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download the mix here:

[Right Click here and hit save TARGET AS]

Yvonne Chaka Chaka – Umqombothi (GetMziki Throwback ***)


I woke up today listening to some really old African Music, I think once in a while you need to get in touch with classic African oldies. I grew up to some interesting array of African music, in fact I particularly want to spend a month next year to digitize some of my Dads Vinyl and audio tapes because listening to Tabu Ley today is too too nostalgic.

However for today I wanted to share one of the biggest songs of our time. Yvonne Chaka Chaka Umqombothi. Looking at Yvonne she always reminds me of Catherine Kasavuli. And the two of them still look hella fine to date. This is one track I know a gang of DJs have been asking me about and have been wanting to get their hands on. Well here goes. Enjoy!

listen to Umqombothi here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the track here:

watch the video here:

DJ Mpenzi – African Express (GetMziki Exclusive)

image courtesy of DJ Mpenzi and GetMziki

It seems we are going to have a MIXTAPE week so let me go ahead and bless GetMziki with someone rarely spoken, critically unacclaimed talented Kenyan DJ. His name is rarely mentioned in the Kenyan (East African) Circles yet he commands the respect and attention many lose DJs get within the community. DJ Mpenzi who also happens to be a good friend and business partner is a soft spoken dude whose politeness can be mistaken for inexperience. But I tell Mkonu all the time, you don’t need to play for Kenyans or East Africans to be respected – something he has learned to adopt and blend into his day to day career which flourishes just well without the Kenyan market at large.

DJ Mpenzi has been holding down the Bay area for years, even before I got here – funny enough I am yet to see him hold a Kenyan gig in the region despite his experience. Young cats like DJ Slim and DJ Johnny run things in the Bay from a Kenyan perspective – but no one comes close to commanding the Jungu/Black Market like DJ Mpenzi. Which is funny coz his whole brand and image speaks Kenya – his logo has the Kenyan Flag so its always fascinating to see his name and logo on club flyers and then come to realize that there will be no Genge playing just adds to the mystique behind Mpenzi.

Either way dont get it twisted! the man knows his roots (NOT GENGE though) he he he. Trust me, that will be the day. I love Mkonu coz he understands where Africa needs to be and plays these tunes for the Jungu market stone face. The reaction of the crowd speaks for itself whenever the Coupe decale drops and the Soukous, I respect any DJ who can kick dancehall and then flip it to Africa – because you are not only entertaining the crowd but you are educating them on the roots of their music. To me thats mission accomplished. Thats why I couldnt hold back but yank this mix that he made for some Charity organization he helps out – I felt the mix needed a home elsewhere including the Nuru International events.

But before I over talk his skill or expertise – please be blessed with this African Express, this is the type of mix I keep asking all these other Kenyan DJs to pull off but none has come close to. The only other guy who has impressed me in African mixes is DJXP – to date I am yet to hear someone else.

listen to the mix here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the mix here:

Please right click here and hit save target as

Track list:

Ambiance – Tina Spencer
Mets Lui – Discounty Dj
Frottez Frottez – Tina Spencer & Dj Arafat
La Medaille Du Merite – Tina Spencer & Dj Arafat
Let Me Love You – Bunny Mack
Medley B – Sokous Stars
A Nous a Victoire – Atti
Guantanamo – Dj Zidane
Zouke En Decalant – Tv 5 Feat. Claudy Star
Famille Dj – Dj Kitoko
Femmes – Dj Arafat
Mastiboulance – Lino Versace & Boro Sanguy
Bouger Bouger – Magic System
C Cho Ca Brule – Magic System Feat. Cheb Bilal
Moyibi – Pepe Kalle & Nyboma
Nairobi Night – Sokous Stars
Sai – Kanda Bongoman
Grippe Ariaire – Dj Lewis
Lagos Night/Sweet Mother – Sokous Stars

Remmy Ongala – Asili ya Mziki


I wouldnt be doing this website any justice if I dont share the tracks that made me who I

am from time to time. Honestly I dont care if anyone is feeling this track or not – just the sheer fact that I have it in digital format I think for me is a big deal. LOL. Jamani! So the fact that I am a mixture of different cultures is not really a secret anymore – however the fact that I have a dangerous folder on my ipod that has zilizopendwa would be one of the last few secrets I come out with.

I grew up listening to Remmy Ongala as with many other Tanzanian kids whose parents were fanatics of this dude. Remmy also knowns as Remmy Sura Mbaya was sort of a legend in his time. He and his band are probably one of Tanzanias most well known band (Super Matimila Orchestra). Remmy’s more popular hits include a track called Kifo! which was banging in those days – I musta been like 10 years old listening to Remmy but honestly I appreciate his music more today than when I was growing up.

However the reality of posting this song here is the sad fact that as I look at many Kenyan, Ugandan, Tanzanain artist today – very few actually tap into these old school sounds to make their music today more relevant. I really wish someone would develop a concept for a show where all these new artists (Nameless, Habida, Wahu, Kaz, Atemi and the likes) would redo all the old tracks and put a new funky twist to it….

This track would be redone to suit the title of our website – MZIKI

Mziki ni fundisho, Mziki ni muombolezo, Mziki sio uhuni… DAMN… this is some real Mziki here – you gotta appreciate tunes when they come across like this… LOL

Ama am on my own journey on this track?

listen to asili ya Mziki here:

download the track here:

Madilu System – Ako

I am probably the worst or the least expected to post this song here simply because I am sort of a late boomer when it comes to Lingala music. But funny enough I grew up to parents who adored lingala and probably attended all concerts that took place in Nairobi. One person I know my Dad was into was this cat called Madilu System. Madilu was part of that whole TP-OK Jazz movement with akina Franco Luambo Makiadi. And although both these legends are gone today (with Madilu passing away sometime in 2007) I feel as though a lot of these music and genre will transcend generations to come.

I personally call these tunes African Blues (Blues is such a Kenyan term for R&B or old school Motown slow grooving tunes)… but hey it is what it is.. enjoy this rare grooves on a chilly Tuesday. Although I hear in Nairobi the SUN brought out its relatives this week… Enjoy the sun to this AKO track

listen to Ako here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the song here:

watch the video here:

My Land is Kenya – DJ Challenge

Roger Whittaker’s – My Land is Kenya

Roger Whittaker

Over the last few months we have been trying to consolidate a bunch of remixes that DJ Edu (BBC1 Extra) makes for his popular hit show called DNA (Destination Africa). DJ Edu by far is one of the few DJ’s ive learned to respect and appreciate his work. He has a unique way of blending local African tunes with Western vocals or instrumentals to make it look like these two artists and producers were in the same studio at the same time. (I will upload the best of DJ Edu at some point this month.

The only other DJ I think who can hack this feat better than Edu is a guy called Steve Kintu – DJ Mista Prime who currently is in Kenya and runs a hit TV show called Xtreem Music Video. Kintu is by far the best DJ Kenya has – but most people would say my opinion is biased.

This morning, Kimathi (Jamhuri Wear) wanted me to throw a challenge to our users, he sent me this track that he thought would be a perfect opportunity for any DJ to showcase his prowess. This is a classic 1982 hit track performed by Roger Whittaker which was to commemorate his birth land and the country he always felt he belonged to. To many people this track may have lost its soul – but I think its time for a DJ out there to put this track back on the map… Other interesting tracks from Roger Whittaker include “I am Back” and “come with me” although he has albums full of reminiscent hits.

listen to the track here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the track here:

Good Luck, we will post all submissions in a few weeks… ps. DJ EDU cannot participate and neither can DJ Prime*

Also a good example of a good execution (Coup De Cale – in the Club Mix) which is on the post below this one.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Mombasa Roots – Mama Leo (Mlee Mtoto wangu)


You’d be suprised at the number of Junguz who go to see this band perform in Mombasa. However you would be more suprised at the number of Junguz who buy this album off Rhapsody and or Emusic. Most tourist come back to the US/UK and look for the classic sounds of the sweet serenading music they listened to as they ate dinner as they cruised on the boat and so forth. Lucky enough Kelele Records did a good job to ensure their artists tunes are available online somewhere.

Mombasa Roots is an old band – Although they too have no website for me to get more information from, atleast I found some resources for any interested people to purchase their album from.

Mombasa Roots on Emusic //

Mombasa Roots on Rhapsody //

listen to the song here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the song here:

Forest Band – Harusi


Bonge la nyimbo la Harusi… Truthfully I have no information about Forest Band, apart from the fact that they are a Mombasa based band. This track is called Harusi. You can tell from the drums and the tempo that its a classic bara track. If anyone has more information about this band please feel free to leave comments about the group. I thought it would be nice to share some classic track that you can play infront of your folks when they come visiting.

listen to the song here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the song here:

Safari Sound Band – ChakaCha

Bembea eee Bembea eee.. Bembea Mtoto.. These are the classic sounds of Chakacha… (I think this is Safari Sounds – most of these tracks were redone by the Safari Sounds) I cant seem to get the original clips to any of these oldies. But I think this is some good quality stuff I managed to get my hands on. If you are even in Mombasa and touring the city – in any given case at any hotel or street show, they would probably be jamming to one of these songs… Enjoy the Zilizopendwa Edition of GetMziki.

listen to the song here

[Download the SONG here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the song here:

Zilizopendwa – Mercy Myra : Tie Dero


Every once in a while we like to put a song out there that is not necessarily old, but was released a while back. This was Bruce Odhiambo’s first Urban track. I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Bruce in Kenya and in the US combined, I must say he is probably one of the coolest people i’ve been privileged to know in my time. Dude is too humble, but the jaluo in him still prevails… he he he but do I say… Still rolls in his 1984 BENZ (refuses to sell it ha ha ha).

Bruce honestly i miss friday evenings at your crib, Biriyani fridays – Cant get that kind of treatment in the US no where, kwanza with the economy this bad. Waiiii…

When Mercy put the vocals to this track, it was magic – I wish mercy would just put out even one track, even if its a teaser!!! This was probably Mercy’s biggest hit – all Jangos go crazy when they hear this track, but thats until Achieng Abura showed up and ofcourse Tony Nyadundo (that’s one of my favorite artists too, the guy can play 4 horus straight non stop). Anyway this album is available online, you can support Bruice Odhiambo by purchasing this classic album here >>

  • download the song here: