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Redsan- Shoulder Back


This is new audio from Redsan that we just received yesterday.He’s put himself in a box by calling himself a dancehall artist and I’ve come to realise that a box artists should try and avoid. Production on the record was handled by Sappy and although I only listened to it a few times, it’s not a bad record…


Listen to the song below:

[Download the track here:]

Atwal ft. Kelvin.K, Timmy-Tim, Khaligraph Jones, Chief Mufasa & Zonda – All Day


With so much music out there, it’s a breath of fresh air when you post records such as “All Day” from Atwal. People who know me will tell you that I have been pushing Atwals music by sending them his soundcloud page and emailing my djs friends his music. I don’t know Atwal at all, but I recognize quality good music, talent and dedication and with that pushing his music is easy…

His music is quality, production is top notch and his package including gis graphics and videos are dope…..

I wanted to showcase his personal music a while back, but sometimes you have to let readers and listeners organically connect to fans just the same way as I did. Like I always say, you cannot stop good quality music from getting to the masses.

A few months ago I showcased Ivory Namara Feat Kelvin – I See You produced by Atwal and said that “Fast forward and I have a folder of Atwal records that consistently get played in my music playlist.

Remember the Name people: Atwal

Why lie, If I had a record company both Ivory Namara and Atwal would be on my list of an artist and producer to sign. Atwal describes himself perfectly”.

On his Page Atwal says I simply make music for self-fulfillment. Nothing beats that feeling you get when you play back that track you’ve been working on for the past few weeks. Comments from different people telling you how much they enjoy your work never get boring no matter how many times you read them. Every song I make has that unique personal touch that let’s people know it’s me, no matter how much one song contrasts from the other. I truly love what I do and I have a strong feeling that you will too. So feel free to press play…and enjoy!


[Download the track here:]

Watch the video below:

Dymetime Radio – East African Vibes 5.1


Its that time for the hottest hits to take over your radio/computers/mobile phones – Dyme dropped some new hits today and I feel compelled to share immediately. For folks like me this is the only way we can experience new local music, so I definitely look forward to East African compilations. It’s typically a time for me to gauge whats being considered hot given that Dyme really puts together the hits.

For more on Dyme’s work and to download this set please go to DJ DYME


1. Amani – Heart Braker (Kenya)
2. Vivian – Woman In Love (Kenya)
3. Calvo Mistari F. Hussein Machozi – Datisha (Tanzania)
4. Mo Music – Basi Nenda (Tanzania)
5. Barakah Da Prince – Siachani Nawe (Tanzania)
6. Rabbit F. Sudi Boy – Twende (Serebuke) (Kenya / Tanazania)
7. Khaligraph Jones – Songea (Kenya)
8. Nameless – Butterfly (Kenya / Uganda)
9. Nameless – African Beauty (Kenya)
10. Avril F. Ommy Dimpoz – Hello Baby (Kenya / Tanzania)
11. Eddy Kenzo – Zigido (Uganda)
12. Jaguar – Huu Mwaka (Kenya)
13. Bahati F. Wyre & King Kaka – Kuchu Kuchu (Kenya)
14. Sauti Sol – Shake Yo Bam Bam (Kenya)
15. Lectronica F. Wyre – Light It Up (Kenya)
16. Frasha F. Gaza Timmy – Shigidi (Kenya)
17. Bahati – Lover (Kenya)
18. Shetta F. Diamond – Kerewa (Tanzania)
19. Diamond F. Iyanya – Nakupenda (Tanzania)
20. Ali Kiba – Chekecha Chekecha (Tanzania)
21. Sazlah F. Susumila – Kidekide (Uganda)
22. P Unit – Diffrent (Kenya)
23. Yunasi F. Frasha & Mejja – Ndi Ndi Ndi (Kenya)
24. Kush Tracey – Kamote (Kenya)

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DJ Dimplez – Bae Coupe ft Ice Prince, Emmy Gee & Riky Rick


DJ Dimplez from SA enlists a list of whose who from SA-to-Nigeria for his latest single “Bae Coupe.” The record features Naija A listers Ice Prince together with Boyzn Bucks crew member Riky Rick and Emmy Gee for a Trap/Bando type of record collabo.

This is a good record for any Dj to add in their Trap Music set…

Listen to the song below:

[Download the track here:]

Joh Makini – Nusu Nusu

This record from Joh Makini is not new. It came out a few months ago and it’s one of those records that has been bubbling under the radar and slowly creeping into the charts.

Joh Makini’s music speaks for itself. He’s versatile, got strong bars and his music hits speaks for themselves. As one music fan says on a comment on the song’s youtube page “Joh makini umetisha na hii ngoma iko juu man!!

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:

Khaligraph Jones- Yego (****GetMziki 3 Piece Exclusive Download Friday)


In 2012 we featured K Jones as part of the 2012 GetMziki Top Freshmen. I clearly remember some of my pals not really feeling the artists. Fastforward to today and he’s a name to reckon in the Kenyan music industry. I get it in that most Music fans in 2015 are a ‘Hate it or Love it” bunch and that’s just a fact. It’s so common to hear someone say that they don’t like someone’s music or album because they heard the album or music was not all that. I tend to listen to stuff when I can and make my own opinion. Bottom line is that you have to be open…

Although we’ve featured K JOnes with a few of his singles recently, I know for a fact that we passed on posting some of his music due to that fact that we were not just feeling it….

Now with “Julius Yego. K Jones has something here.Julius Yego just won the Gold Medal as a javelin thrower at the Beijing Athletics Championship. Jones, does whet he does best by going hard on the record.

It’s not his best work, but its still a decent record

Listen to the song below:

[Download the track here:]



Feza Feat Chege- Sanuka

Is it only me but the amount of music coming from the EA region has increased more than fivefold or is it that with the technology music access is getting better. I’m not mad at all. Tons of music for us to go through…

This is new audio from Feza that features Chege from TMK. I can clearly see Chege has been grinding hard with the recent releases he has out there. Sanuka, produced by Sheddy Clever is a good sounding record from the super producer whose well known for prodcing Diamonds “Number 1”

For now enjoy this record from Feza

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Jezzem – Journey into African based EDM


I am a low key EDM fan, but I am mostly into the new African based EDM sounds (which may have started in South Africa and are slowly making their way into East Africa). I think what African producers are doing to EDM is completely unfathomed and could potentially change the western music scene as well in a few years. I’ve been following and talking to a cat called Jezzem for a while now and although I prefer most of his old work when he does a remake or two/ he seems to be right on the money with where he wants to take his sound and production style.

Ideally a lot of these electronic/dance tracks are inspired by an already existing track so it only makes sense that I be drawn to the stuff that sounds familiar/ However with Jezzem there is nothing familiar with the original track.. boy is bad news!! listen to his work here.

Sample Jezzems version of Elani’s Nikupende track:

here is the original Elani track

Some other refixes on his soundclound can be sampled here as well…

And this nice Sage feat Octopizzo track

Nolesly & Trio – Sophia Remix


Some interesting new music coming in from Tanzania, pseudo benga, pop – urban.. From Nolesy & Trio. As much as I like this track I cant help but think about the first vocalist on the track “twenging sofia” / I love my people man, but maybe its a Mbeya thing! Enjoy this ..

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Click here to download the track

Amani – Heartbreaker


Kenyan Popstar Amani recently dropped her new single”Heartbreaker” that borrows heavily by using the Dancehall/pop kicks, snares and melodies and the end result is an infectious record that I was bumping too

We got a dope record here people

Listen to it here below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

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Jezzem – Journey into African based EDM

I am a low key EDM fan, but I am mostly into the new African based EDM sounds (which may have starte

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Dymetime Radio – East African Vibes 5.1

Its that time for the hottest hits to take over your radio/computers/mobile phones – Dyme drop

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