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Kayvo Kforce & Davinci – Walai

We featured Kayvo Kforce as part of the GetMziki 2012 Freshmen. Here is what we said. Kayvo ” Packs an ammo of rhymes, delivery and pizazz this rapper has cleared his own way and made his name synonymous with Kenyan Hip Hop”.

Fast forward to 2104 and his presence has really not blossomed as we hoped it would. Many people would argue that his records are street records and not commercial radio friendly singles. However, do artists in 2014 need the radio to make an impact. I say no…..

This is a good collaboration with a great chorus. I wanna see how far Kayvi pushes this record…

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Watch the video below:

Chidi Benz feat Diamond and AY – Mpaka Kuchee (**GetMziki Exclusive)


This is new audio from Tanzania Tanzania Hip hop superstar Chidi Benz that features Diamond and AY. I’m a fan of Chidi Benz’s music and I was feeling this record from start to finish.

Is it only me but have Tanzania artists en masse now correctly implementing the 2014 music model of releasing quality records as much as you can record. I’m not mad at all so long as it’s good quality music. Mpaka Kuchee is definitely good quality music….

Listen to the record below:

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Coola Gang – Zumbalela


William Shakespeare once said that “No legacy is so rich as honesty”. We here at GetMziki showcase and critique records with that mentality. I’ve followed Colla Gang’s career and we were one of the few people to showcase them before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon.

I’ll be honest and say that “Zumbalela” is a record that I’m not feeling at all, especially coming from me who loves to see artists win.

Coola Gang can do better. “Zumbalela” is not a total flop, but nowhere near their best material.

Listen to the song below:

Watch the video below:

Susumila ft Chikuzee- Hidaya


Susumila is a Mombasa based artists and he currently has one of the hottest record out there now in Mombasa. It’s rather amazing to also hear and follow the coastal region music and I will be sharing more on the music coming from that region. More like a “Mombasa Mondays” series.

Yusuf Kombo was born on April 30, 1983 in Mombasa Kenya. He is also known as SUSUMILA “. He is from the streets of Bombolulu Bankhead Zone. His original stage name, Kanali It stem from his childhood nickname given by his peer. He later changed it to Susumila. He gradually established himself as one of rap’s greatest and most successful MCs during the early 2000s.

Susumila has release two albums “Ngangari” and “Haki Iko Wapi!” which proved successful for him Both albums sold well and produced some impressive hit singles, but these singles — “Niko Ngangari” and “nawaka,” were blatantly targeted at the mass market with their pop-rap tendencies and further increased Susumila more loyal fan base. Susumila has been active with community awareness especially with political / youth empowerment.

Listen to Hidaya below:

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Abu Cnear – You dont Love me


BYK also known as Beat Ya Keggah sent us this new track from their camp that features CNEAR an upcoming Tanzanian artist currently making headway in the diaspora music scene. CNEAR is a Tanzanian born crooner that’s based in the diaspora and actually a successful painter as much as he is a musician.

This single is off his upcoming album titled Work of art (Oxygen Media/iTunes) which currently has been enjoying air play with all DJ’s in East Africa and the US. His video is also currently playing on MTV Africa and seems to be picking up traction with the fans in the region. We managed to get a hold of the video as well so enjoy both pieces below.

watch the video here:

Sauti Sol – Sura Yako

We all know Sauti Sol can make great dope records. We also know that through their musical journey we voiced strong “No’s No’s” with some of their releases. “Sura Yako” is their latest offering and with releases like this one with great production, cool subject and smooth vocals makes me feel like they are back.

The songwriting is great and while there’s still no word on whether all this new music is part of a larger project, we will keep everyone out there updated on the groups next release.

Download the track here:

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MixMasterL – The Mix Lounge [ Every Praise ]

The Mix Lounge [ Every Praise ]

I try and find the out of the box dj mixes out there since it seems most of the djs out there have similar playlists on their mixes. So when I get such mixes they go straight to my playlist. Mix Master Lenny goes out of the box with this recently released Gospel mix that spans hits from Ron Kenoly, Micah Stampley, Daddy Owen, Bahati, Kaberere, Piston and many more. According to Lenny, “I’ve had requests for a gospel mix and I decided to enlist their help on this mix, I hope you’re uplifted and blessed.

This mix is a must download mix for for all ages and any music fan out there. Lenny goes seamlessly through the various records in the mix while maintaining a nice balance of variety. For the complete tracklisting and more mixes from him check out his soundcloud page here.

Mumalala Feat Octopizzo – Paper Chasing


With so many artists out there, we always have to introduce some of them to everyone out there the way they would prefer. From her Facebook page, Mumala Maloba is a singer songwriter who has begun to cause a stir within the crop of young musicians in Nairobi. Having come from a musical background , she started her musical journey very young. By age 6 she was participating in Christmas musicals and carols begun writing songs at the age of 10. Her 2nd grade teacher called her a young ‘Miriam Makeba’, but Mumala had never heard of her until she discovered her music and fell in love:Currently studying Law at Middlesex University, Mumala is also definitely one of the female vocalists to look out for in the coming months.

Joining Mumalala over Fancy Fingers(Polycarp) Sol Ent production is added guest Octopizzo who in my opinion dropped a lazy uninspired verse. However, “Paper Chasing” is a smooth laid-back song that deserves a few spins.

Feel free to disagree in the comments below.

Enjoy the record below



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Watch the video below:

Spacio – Moyo Wangu


It’s funny Spacio is actually the name of a really small Toyota car in Africa, so I am hoping Spacio is not really looking at himself as a small fish. I got this track from Spacio a few months ago but truthfully there is just too much music to go through these days. I’ve eventually found a formula to sample and listen to all these tracks and behold Spacio made it through to my ears. Spacio is a new artists from Tanzania and from the sounds of it, he is on the right track to be competing with the big boys.

To me this is a feel good mellow record that content-wise seemed to resonate well with me.


listen and download the track here:

K NEL feat Jae Rich – Vera Shindika

KNEL is on it again with some new track killing it on this wordplay using Vera sindika. I was so tempted to put up a picture or Vera Sindika but I am going to struggle and be PG 13 as GetMziki is a family website lol. Anyway there is some good content here and good message for some folks to take into account. I really like the wordplay on VERA SHINDIKA LMFAO – ha ha ha Uso nyeupe, shingo nyekundu. Bottom line is stay true to who you are!

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