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Sosuun- Sura ya Kazi


Sosuun is a Kenyan artists currently signed to Grandpa Records/Ghipuka stable. She’s been featured on various Grandpa stable records and has released a few single song, but I believe “Sura ya Kazi” is what defines her music.

This song goes hard. Get familiar!!!!

Listen to the song below:

[Download the track here:]

Timmy Feat Nonini Avril, Collo, DNA, Rabbit, Cannibal, Rap Damu – Welle Welle (Remix)


This is an star studded remix of ‘Welle Welle’ that features Nonini, DNA, Avril, Collo, Rabbit, Cannibal, Rapdamu and Timmy. We first featured the original late last year here.

If you liked the original, this is also a great addition to your music playlist.

[Download the track here:]

Bamboo- Too much Potential

Bamboo, the African Bantu, has been away from the music scene for a while and although he was quiet his skills on the mic have become betetr as evident by this new single called “Too Much Potential”.

We’ve done a few projects with Bamboo in the past and I can tell you he got crazy metaphors and endless bars. For music fans, then this is one of those tracks that stay in constant rotation in your playlist.

Listen to the song below:

Yamoto Band – Nitakupwelepweta


I’ve had a folder of Yamoto band’s music for a while now and have been rocking to various GREAT records from the group.

“Nitakupwelepweta” is DOPE RECORD!!!!! Sick vocals by the group over a great beat. This is crazy… #BANGER. Good visuals too. Taking it back to DOPE EAST AFRICAN MUSIC with the dancing and colorful scenes.

Listen to the track below:

[Download the track here:]

Watch the video below:

Redsan Feat AY- Easy


This is new collabo from Kenya’s Redsan Featuring TAnzania’s AY. I just got this record on my email today and decided to post it for everyone out there.

Consider this music download Mondays


[Download the track here:]

Bahati- Lover


There are a few artists that I consider superstars in terms of music progression and consistently getting better with every passing year. Bahati is one of them.
He’s always innovative and fearless with every new project and although he’s always making “radio records”, he’s found the formula that works and running with it.

Total hit record.Enough said

Listen to the song below:

[Download the track here:]
Watch the video below:

Victoria Kimani – Two Of Dem


Kenyan songstress Victoria Kimani is back with a new record titled “Two of dem” that was produced by produced by Drey Beatz. Currently signed to Nigeria’s Chocolate City’s, the record has the feel and aura of Dancehall/Naija records, and my personal opinion is that they all sound the same.

It’s not a bad record at all but it just didn’t do it for me. It lacked something and after a few listens I can honestly say that if they had a rapper spitting some 16’s or 32’s on the record would have easily catapulted it from a 3 to a 7. Classic example of a good record that lacks a honest evaluation from the production team and record label on how to produce a record.

Listen to the song below:

[Download the track here:]

Linex Feat Diamond


THis is new Audio from Tanzania’s Linex Feat Diamond.Is it only me but the amazing collabo records coming from “Bongo” land are getting better and better.

This is another dope record that deserves some spins.

[Download the track here:]

Watch the video below:

H_art the Band- Nikikutazama

H_art the band (Penya Africa)

We first featured with “Uliza Kiatu” last year. They recently released some new records including Lovephobic and Nikikutazama. According to The record label Penya Africa Nikikutazama’s is a record/video that celebrates the African way of love ;the chase and the ‘silly’ things we do just to see those we love smile. If you miss the 60’s or curiosity has you wondering what the 60’s were like, this new video Nikikutazama will surely paint the perfect picture for you.

Watch the video below:

Amani – Kizungu Zungu


After Ogopa Djs released all artists on their stable, many artists sought to look else where to further their carrer. Amani joins forces with with 360 Music and Grandpa Records, for her latest single “Kizungu Zungu that talks about the amazement and confusion sometimes seen when someone is in love.

The video was Directed by “Sync,” and Although not Amani’s best work f, it definitely deserves a few spins and I’ll definitely add this to rotation.

Listen to the Audio below:

[Download the track here:]

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