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Shetta Ft Diamond – Kerewa


If you love Tanzania music, you know that any new music that has a touch of Diamond is a must listen. I’m not taking it away from Shetta who’s been MIA for a while now. When I got this gem dropped in my inbox, I instantly knew it had to get a feature on the site.

Kerewa is a must listen for fans of Bongo music. The beat is on point and both artists make the record shine. I was grooving to this after a few listens.

Listen to the track below:

Kwame – Githeremende (**GetMziki Exclusive)

A few years back, Leo did a GetMziki PSA by featuring Kwame with his single Holela and I’m sure the “Go with the Jump wagon” fans most likely skipped the post. Back then we labelled Kwame as as a breath of fresh air among new artists and having so much potential.

Kwame’s new record that was supposedly a free style during a recording session is a mixture of Kikuyu/ R & B mixed Githeremende is a dope jam which will definitely make you proud of Kwame who perfectly interlaces his vocals with a dope R & Bish beat that was produced by Mosaic. With records like this, I can clearly sit back and enjoy 254′s home style music done in a unique way.


Listen to the track below:

Twenty Percent -Subira


Fans of Bongo Flava music know Abbas Hamis best known as 20 Percent/ Twenty Percent is a household name in Tanzania. People might know him for “Ya Nini Malumbano” and “Tamaa Mbaya” which are a few of the various great records he has in his vast music catalog.

Subira is a great sounding record that is authentic right from the beat to the lyrics. This is a definite guaranteed party rocker record that from experience will find a spot on very few few dj’s Serato. This just replaced 20 Percent last offering on my playlist….been bumping this all day non-stop.

Listen to the track below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Rabbit Feat Wangechi & HHP – Tulia Tu (**GetMziki Exclusive)

<Rabbit Get Mziki

I’m a fan of Rabbit with his great story telling ability and his way of keeping fans glued to his music with his progressive growth whether in such subjects matters as relationships or the ups and downs of life.

Tulia tu is his new record that features upcoming sensation Wangechi and South African Rapper HHP that was Produced by Kevin Provoke and Tim Rimbui at Ennovator Music.

Blast this heavy and listen to the lyrics for you to enjoy this record.

Mambo ni Kutulia Tu


Eunice Njeri Feat. Lady Bee and Soki Kalwenze – Matunda


Eunice Njeri is a gospel artists from Kenya who is well know for her song “Nimekubali”.Apart from that I could not find so much about her when I searched online.

On this new 2014 record she recruits Lady Bee and Soki Kalwenze for a great inspiring song that is a great addition to any music lovers playlist.

Follow Eunine Njeri on Twitter for more info on her music and shows.

Listen to Matunda below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:

K-Nel feat Glasses Malone – Bonga Mavi

First and foremost I have to say I love this new SoundCloud plugin and format it is the truth. I love it.
Second I have to say meeting K-Nel in person didn’t disappoint, he is everything much the visual element and the brand that he appears to be in his music and on his vlogs.

I met K-Nel officially in Las Vegas and he was busy doing his media thing as usual. Immediately he told me “Leo we going to talk over this game in the US” to which I didn’t think much of. Fast forward to last week when he sent me this track, I was like Owe sh*t this dude was actually serious.

With a classic collabo with one of YMCMB’s finest it actually looks like KNEL is on a mission. Listen to this…

Coola Gang- Songa (**GetMziki Exclusive)


This post is a little bit personal to me for a number of reasons. I clearly remember when I first showcased Coola Gang two years ago in a series called “Hip Hop Weekly“. Among other things, I’m a rap nerd and back then I could definitely see their future potential. I got some flack from some people who believed Coola gang was just “My hype”.

We also had Kapella and Cool Kid Taffie who currently make up Colla Gang as part of the 2012 Top Freshmen.

2014 finds them having one of the biggest records in Kenya currently. I’m really proud of the duo and what they have accomplished in their music path. By fusing their great lyrical ability and Grand Pa’s productions, “Songa” is a massive single……..

Listen to Songa below:

Watch the video below

Ringtone- Mziki Ni Dawa (**GetMziki Exclusive)


What’s a Valentines day without a treat with new music? My inbox has been getting numerous emails with new records from artists. One of the records that I feel needs to be posted is by Ringtone “Mziki Ni Dawa” which translates to “Music is medicine”.

This is a big record of Ringtone that will show his growth and maturity of Ringtone bounce to it. This will definitely do good in the radio and clubs…

Listen to Mziki Ni dawa below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:

AY Feat Dela – Asante (**GetMziki Exclusive)

AY is back with a new track titled “Asante” featuring Dela. I just got the record today so I’ve not really marinated on it but it’s only fair to pass on good music to all the readers. This new song was produced by Bongo’s super producer Marco Chali.

“Asante” should leave fans of both artists totally satisfied musically.

Listen to Asante below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

P-Unit – L.O.V.E


The video for this recent record from P-Unit is to be released sometime this week. On this record the trio of Frasha, Gabu, and Bon-Eye fuse their classic Genge feel with some Kwaito sounding beat for their latest offering that talks about love.

I love what P-Unit is doing with the whole idea of fusing different genres of music. However, I couldn’t really finding my footing on this song at all. Maybe it’s one of those records that grows on you. Only time will tell….

Listen to L.O.V.E below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

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