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Jeraw- Tujinice

Jeraw – mark that name, because i think this guy got it, he seems to have figured out the perfect balance of flow,language and the beats to match he’s style. What do you all think ?

Jeraw – Tujinice by getmziki

J Martins Feat Cabo Snoop – Good Time


This is a new track just in from our Nigerian connects – i think this gonna be a HUGE banger riding on the whole house/dance phenomenon that is sweeping the continent right now.

Play/Download it below.


Good Tyme J Martins. feat Cabo-Snoop by getmziki




Zinja Hlungwani – N'wagezani My Love











i figured i would post this track since – this here, track has been somewhat of an internet sensation spawning a whole new genre of music, basically its traditional Shangaan music from SA but with a electro twist to it.

check out the video and download the track below:


Zinja Hlungwani – N’wagezani My Love by getmziki