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Anto Neosoul – Slow Down

kata 2

Anto Neosoul just released “SLow Down”. The record goes on some slow reggae tip.

A poor teenage boy from the ghetto wants to do good but the circumstances surrounding him forces him to indulge in crime. He is a young boy whose football dreams and impoverished reality are inextricably intertwined to create the perfect ghetto tension. He will pay the ultimate price for seeking an easy way out of poverty. Too soon. Too quick. Here in the ghetto, weeds are plucked faster than dreams are weaved. A robbery gone wrong; his undoing. Now as a government tenant, his redemption is nigh but the past clutches on his future. Where does he go from here?

Written& Directed by J. Kuria
Featuring Anto Neosoul, Peter Maina & Harold Kerry
Produced by Nick Wambugu & Anto Neosoul
Director of Photography : Maurice Murage
Assistant Director : Jacob Mwangi
Sound: Dave West
Score: Nixo (Mega Records)
Wardrobe: Ben Irungu
Executive Producer: Folklore Films & Anto Neosoul

Watch the video: