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Boneless – Kusunga


I admit I am a little fascinated with Boneless right now, and maybe I am late to the party but living outside Kenya you will always be late to the party somehow. I think if guys are sleeping on this cat then really the state of music is far from where I think it needs to be. There is something fresh and eclectic about what Boneless is doing with this South African sound – he is taking ownership of this shit and it works.

I understand Kusunga came out before Supasta which we posted recently. Enjoy this great creativity coming out of Kenya right now.

ps. Though I think its time to hang the gloves on the dancing Boneless ha ha ha its been years you cant still be dancing, let these youngstaz take over ha ha

Listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:

Boneless feat Inami – Supasta (GetMziki Exclusive **)


Boneless Thyaka is onto something with these phenomenal tracks coming from his camp lately. I slept on the first single which was appropriately titled Kusunga as a one off. But after this track dropped a while back and I watched the video, I realized Boneless might actually be the first and the only Kenyan artists to do this whole South African Dance thing right.

You see often when Kenyan or East African artist rip other genres, there is a tendency to not do it right. After a few tries you notice the artists trying hard to find collaborations with local folks from those genres to authenticate their sound. But to me when I listen to these tracks from Boneless with that authentic Kamba sound and dialect, its almost unforgiving and telling that he not only will rip this sound, but he will and can do it better.

Inevitably, I dont understand Kamba but I am so feeling these tracks man. So lets do justice by dropping the first one here – Supasta in true Kao style.

listen and download the track here:

watch the video here: