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Dan Mixa- Straight Outta Bongo (Bongo Flava Mix)

StraightOuttaSomewhere (2)

Dan Mixa sent me this mix a few weeks ago and now posting it. WIth so many djs out there and so many mixes, it sometimes hard to differentiate one dj mix from the other one since generally it’s the same records sequenced differently. I’m naturally biased when it comes to dj mixes, in that I’ll listen and only post dj mixes that have new music and exclusives and that out of the studio type of music that is available out there. I like to keep abreast on new artist, studio and new records that will be future hits.

Dan Mixa is a dj who apart from playing records, breaks records and gives you that exclusive music that keeps you in tune on what popping in the East African music scene.

Straight Outta Bongo is a Bongo Flava Mix that is loaded with tons of exclusives interlaced with current club bangers. Wit hthis you are guaranteed to be in tune with what’s poppin in the Tanzanian music scene

1. Forever – Lady Jaydee ft Dabo
2. Mfalme – Mwana FA ft G-Nako
3. Easy – Redsan ft AY
4. Januari – Yamoto Band
5. Njoo – Rabbit ft Rich Mavoko
6. Asante – AY ft Dela
7. Kiboko Ya Mabishoo – San Dee ft Nay wa Mitego
8. Pesa – Blue
9. Bongo Hip Hop – Fid Q ft Dream Big
10. Mambo Mengine Baadaye – Nyandu Tozi ft Blue
11. Knowledge – Fid Q
12. Moko Moko – Dullayo ft Prof J
13. Kikomo – Fred Swagg ft Baraka Da Prince
14. Nusu Nusu – Joh Makini
15. Nitazoea – Mo Music
16. XO – Joh Makini
17. Basi Nenda – Mo Music
18. Raha – Bill Nas ft Nazizi & TID
19. Kipi Sijaskia – Prof J ft Diamond
20. Wako (Never Let You Down) – Stereo ft Victoria Kimani
21. Summer Time – Mo Music
22. Mr Nay – Nay wa Mitego ft Mr T Touch
23. Tatu Chafu – Prof J
24. Mapenzi Sinema – Noorah ft Dataz
25. Njoo – Shaa ft Redsan
26. Nafunga Zip – Soggy Dogg
27. Zigo – AY
28. Siachani Nawe – Barakah Da Prince
29. Kwa Ajili Yako – Prof J ft Chameleone
30. Nobody But Me – Vanessa Mdee ft K.O.
31. It’s Going Down – AY ft Miss Trinity & Lamyia
32. Mpaka Kuchee – Chidi Benz ft Diamond & AY
33. Nitampata Wapi – Diamond
34. Salima – Linex ft Diamond
35. Hello Baby – Avril ft Ommy Dimpoz
36. Kizai remix – Linah ft Diamond
37. Ulikua Wapi – Hussein Machozi
38. Love Boat – Kcee ft Diamond
39. Bila Kukunja Goti – Mwana FA, AY & J Martins
40. Kelewa – Shetta ft Diamond
41. Katoto Kadogo – JI
42. Lava Lava – Mh Temba ft Cassim Mganga
43. Nasema Nawe – Diamond ft Khadija Kopa
44. Umiza Kichwa – Mpoki ft Ben Pol
45. Akadumba – Nay wa Mitego
46. Pombe Yangu – Madee
47. Pombe Yangu remix – Madee ft P-Unit
48. Veve Yangu – MeccaCheka
49. Haina Noma – Julio ft Chege & Madee
50. Nitakupwelepweta – Yamoto Band
51. Niseme – Yamoto Band
52. Mwana – Ali Kiba
53. Chekecha Cheketua – Ali Kiba
54. Nitajuta – Yamoto Band
55. Prokoto – Victoria Kimani ft Ommy Dimpoz & Diamond
56. Give Me Love – Lady Jaydee ft Mazet & DJ Maphorisa
57. Pacha Wangu – Rich Mavoko
58. Ndagushima – Ommy Dimpoz
59. Mpaka Nizikwe – Yamoto Band
60. Shikorobo – Shetta ft KCee

[Download the track here:]

GetMziki – Promo Only September 2014 Edition


With so many things going on, this September issue of Promo Only comes a few weeks late, but better late than never.

With so many artists and tons of records being released on a weekly basis, it’s sometimes so hard to fully enjoy and digest records. Added with the hundred of records we receive from artists, we started having a monthly showcase of songs that we sifted through to find the cream of the crop that we believe deserve a few spins. The result is a 18-track compilation with a few bonus tracks. We showcase tons of records on a weekly basis and with everyone being busy with their daily lives, we decided to start showcasing records that are exclusive releases, chart setters, songs that will be future hits, present hits and everything else in between. Consider this as a music playlist to keep you abreast on what’s popping especially in the East African music scene.”

Here is the Breaking Records September Edition Playlist

Ali Kiba – Mwana
Bahati – Barua
Calvo Mistari and Amilenna – Get Down and Dance
Christian Bella Ft Ommy Dimpoz – Nani Kama Mama
Elani – Barua Ya dunia
MB Dogg – Umenuna
MOG – Tosheka
Octopizzo Feat MI – Salute Me
S.O.C– Baraka Za Mungu
Susumila_Ft_Chikuzee – Hidaya
Rajayjay & Jontez – Pombe Bangi
Janet Otieno – Heshima
Atemi Oyungu – Sunny Day
Hey Z – Kisogo
Jux– Nitasubiri
Rabbit ft Sudi Boy – Nakuchukia
Timmy – Well Well
Yomoto band – Moto
Wangechi – Play
Barnaba Boy – Barnaba
Bonus: Nameless– Butterfly

Download the zip file HERE

Ally Kiba – Dushelele (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

Okay we are back in business, we decided to take a route we have been avoiding for years simply because we like to have better control of our music files but I am sure this too will change in the next few months or years once they get bought out. So over the next few weeks we will be migrating our music to soundcloud and also changing the settings on previous tracks that are still using our SkyDrive service.

That said let me bless your Friday with this new Ally Kibas. Every time you see a Bongo Flava track it means Alvin is alive. Alvin has been low key for weeks if not months but as if to resurrect himself through this banger. it almost makes it worth it that he goes in and out of my life lol.

Ally Kiba is a genius and I think after listening to this track over and over again and watching the video. I realise he just set the bar again for the next two years for all the Tanzanian R&B sensations and aspirational artists. This feels like Fally Ipupa and then on the Flip side it feels like I am sitting on a Mkeka listening to Taarab (not that I do that anyway). Dude is just good or he has good people around him advising him on what kind of music or sound to put out.

*The quality of this track my not be up to GM standards but we will surely update soon.

Download and listen to the track here:

Ally Kiba – Dushelele by getmziki

watch the video here:

AY Feat Mwana FA and Hard Mad- Dakika Moja

We featured the banger “Usije Mjini” with AY and Mwana FA a few months ago and we have been blessed with this new track “Dakika Moja” from the duo.

One thing I like about AY and Mwana FA is that they “merge” perfectly on thier collabos, creating tracks that really bring out the best in them. Collabos are great in that they widen everyones fan base and they also bring out that creativity in the artists involved. Some artists on collabos just “weaken” the track, but the Bongo duo of AY and MwanaFA have found a formula that are making them create great hits!!!. On this track they also enlist Hard Mad to tell thier story. All I I can say is can we get an EP from the duo.

On “Dakika Moja” which was produced by B’Hitz Production which is owned by Hermy B, the trio are requesting to only have one minute, to let everyone out there know what they have to say. Enjoy!!!!

Listen to the track below:

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Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:

Chege F/ Wahu and Themba – Mkono Mmoja

We are playing catch up and will be “quick” posting some tracks so that we get them out there.  Chege and Temba are part of the Wanaume TMK family which I like referring to as the Wu-Tang of Tanzania Hip Hop. We have featured Wanaume TMK and Chege On GetMziki before, with the last post being on Wahu’s “Running Low” remix.

On “Mkono Juu” Chege and Temba enlist the help of Wahu for a great collabo. The 3 really shine well in the track, with every artist going hard on thier part. This is one of those tracks that you let “breathe”, since the track needs no “hype”. Its a banger straight up!!!

Listen to the track below:

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Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the Video below:

Banana Zorro and The B. Band – Nzela


// Slightly older post – was stuck in the sink when we published, we just discovered it never got past the sink and pipes – so we are reposting it again //

The 2009 Kili Music awards winners were announced this week and one of the songs that was on the running for “Best Song of The Year” was the song “Nzela” by Banana Zorro and the B. Band, while the other nominees included “Tabasamu” by Mr Blue, “Anita” by Matonya (won the Category), “Dar Mpaka Moro” by T. M. K Wanaume Family and “V. I. P” by Jahazi . I will be showcasing some of the winners in the various categories in the next few weeks, since some of the songs deserve a spot on GetMziki.

The Banana Band features Banana Zahir Zorro , his father the legendary Zahir Ali Zorro plus other members of the band. Banana music catalog incldes hit single like ‘Mama Yangu” and ” Mama Kumbena”. On this collabo, which ruled the radio and TV charts for a couple of months in Tanzania last year, they talk about Nzela.

“Nzela ni jina la msichana, alikimbia nyumbani kwao kwa kupata ujauzito …”


Listen to the song Here:

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Download the song Here:

[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

Watch The Video here:

Marlaw – Pii Pii (Missing My Baby)


Marlaw, whose real name is Marima Lawrenceis is well known for his hits like “Bembeleza and “Rita” among many more. Amazingly enough, the one song that Marlaw did that I still think is one of my best is the track “Bado Umenuna” that features Chidi Benz which was a hit across Tanzania, but never really did the numbers that Bembeleza or Rita did across Africa.
I know many people on GetMziki are always taking shots at some artists for “singing” about the same subject matter which is love/women/infidelity/relationships and on this song Marlaw falls into that category. Don’t get me wrong, the song is a great song which will be an anthem in the clubs, but a point reaches where fans and music listeners just want artists to tackle different subject matters. Props to Marlaw for shooting the video in Kenya. Enjoy!!!!

Listen to the Song Below:

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Downlaod The Song Below:

Watch the Video Here

Ali Kiba – Usiniseme (GetMziki Exclusive)


Its Tuesday and its time for “GetMziki Exclusive New Music Tuesdays”. Ali Kiba who is current

ly on tour across the US , just recently released the first official single “Usiniseme” on his brand new album “Ali K 4Real”. I got to a chance to listen to the whole album and was really really impressed with the song selection, production quality and overall artistic maturity of Ali Kiba.

This song is already getting massive air play In Tanzania and I believe a video is in the works. This is a club banger that really “speaks” for itself. Shouts outs to Alvin and the whole Ali Kiba US management team. Enjoy!!!!!

Listen to the Track Here:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

watch the video here:

DJ Week – DJ Wesley : Dallas Promo Mixtape

DJ Wesley is slated to be in the US at some point this year starting his tour in Dallas – the details are still vague at this point as plans are still being made, but from the mixes being submitted each week between Wesley and his team in Dallas its safe to say Memorial Weekend might be an interesting event this year.

Wesley currently holds down Homeboyz Radio – and if you pay close attention to his sets you will realize the kid is bad news – I once told my boy DJ Mista Prime to watch out for DJ Wesley or DJ Creme – Prime took my latter advice and signed up with DJ Creme de la Creme the “top Chef” who I hear kills it on the Decks in Kenya.

Needless to say this new breed of young gunnas is something to watch closely because they are changing the game slowly. I just wish they would dare to step out of the Genge realm for a day or two. This mix is interesting because its not really about Genge or Kapuka… Wesley put a little bit of everything in it.

listen to DJ Wesley Mixtape here:

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Download the mix here

Right Click here and hit save target as : DJ Wesley Dallas Promo Mixtape

New DJ Set: DJ Mista Trixx – Lokal Motives Vol III

I have a general bias for these Madness Crew guys, I am not sure why but I keep saying over and over – the Kenyan US market better watchout for these young cats coz I think they are going to be the next big thing. I am particularly intrigued by DJ Mista Trixx, I have worked with many DJs in my time and normally i can pick a few peculiar things about a DJ from their humble beginnings. I think Mista Trixx is onto something if he continues to remain relevant and consistent.

I don’t really like their website, it doesn’t say much about what their outfit does or their capabilities but for more info please check them out here – What Trixx does is he compiles some of the great songs on GetMziki sometimes and makes a youthful blend of Genge vs Bongo – this set was submitted a few weeks back but I had to listen to it for days to see if its worthy… ha ha ha And why lie its a good mix to have for short trips to the 711 while listening to jamzs on your ipod.

ps. Message to all DJs, music is changing, music has been changing for the last few years, production tools are growing at a rapid rate – in the US currently anyone can put the acronym D.J in front of their name and automatically they feel they are entitled to throw parties and or play for a large crowd. The market is getting saturated and the quality of work has diminished for years. This Kenyan US industry is going to be dominated by a very small group of young, energetic and very versatile DJs, however many of these young guys are not good businessmen so the balance to find good entertainment and good services or ideas is going to continue being a challenge. The lack of originality will plague the market until such a point that the old and the new work together to make something unique… What am saying is that there is a lot of room for change and growth in this music industry in the US.

But for now just enjoy the NGOMA…

Listen to the DJ set here:

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Download the mix here:

Dead Prez feat Kshaka, Ukoo Fulani – Red Black & Green (Ni Wakati Soundtrack Exclusive)

There has been an burgeoning hiphop movement in East Africa for many years, to document the history here wouldn’t do justice to the work that many East African creative minds have tried to do over time. However one person always comes to mind when it comes to connecting East Africa (or more importantly Kenyan hiphop) with the Western world. Michael Wanguhu has been on a quest to advocate for all Kenyan artists, all Kenyan producers and all Kenyan entertainers in ways they will never come to appreciate until a few decades from today.

It saddens me further when I look at the tourism efforts that the Kenyan Government exerts on these hocus pocus conferences and meaningless newspaper Ads and page inserts on US/UK magazines to reach out to the Western communities. While all along you have soldiers and advocates for your country, busy trying to preach Kenya to the masses in ways you would never imagine. How much would it cost to support Kenyan producers, artists, directors, ambassadors for change – people who wake up and sleep about Kenya. The Michael Wanguhu’s the Wanuri Kahius, the Kimathis (Jamhuri Wear), the Wangeci’s (Kipepeo), the Uhuru Clothings (Tom). All these people are silent merchants of a country that’s wanting to tell people about its story its beauty, its journey, its changes, its growth.

So when I see people like Mike doing more work around the East African community, I am always compelled to pay attention. Because people like Mike tell tales of Africa that don’t have to do with poverty and struggling. They talk about the Africa I know, which has nothing to do with Maasai’s or AIDS (as much as these are realities) they don’t affect me directly. I grew up in an estate with water, with tarmac, with food, with decent friends and different set of dynamics. To me the artists who paint this picture are the kinds of artists I am normally drawn to, and I think thats why the whole urban scene has taken off in Africa. You have people P-Square talking about feel good music…

Michael Wanguhu has one documentary under his belt – hiphop colony for those who slept on it. He is currently working on Ni Wakati Movement – which by FAR – from my perspective is going to be one of his best work for years to come. Without giving too much away – please check out the website and listen to the track that he has sambazad for the public. This the official sound track of the new documentary.

listen to Red Black & Green here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the track here:

DJ Dona – Ishike Radio Mixtape vol 9 [Brand New]

Dj Dona just completed the part 8 of this killer mixtape series. The Cover art should be updated soon but i thought it should be a must have. Download and bump to this on your way to work, in your house parties, in your cars, but don’t listen to this when making out. Because this … is not making out music. Mad respect to Lyrical Assassins with that Chini chini track – Dona put it on the mix too. And of course Mwana Falsafa Bado nipo nipo…

{Dj Dona} Brand New Ishike Radio Part 9

Download Mixtape Here

Download Mixtape: Zip File Click Here

1. ISHIKE Radio Part 9 Intro
2. K-Nel – Mimi Ni Hustla
3. MwanaFalsafa – Bado Nipo
4. Berry Black and Ali Kiba – Utamu wa Penzi
5. Game – Dope Boyz
6. Ali Kiba – Mac Muga
7. Mad Traxx, Mejja and Jimwat – Roundi Hii
8. K-Nel – Free Style (Dj Dona Exclusive)
9. Bishop Lamont – Grow Up
10. Pasha – Ni Soo
11. Adili – Jawabu
12. K-Nel – Change The World
13. Frasha – Manze
14. Nameless – Party A
15. Q. Jay Feat Joe Makini – Sitorudi
16.Ngwea – Bwii
17. Indiginas – Got To Know
18. K-Nel Interlude
19. K-Nel Feat Tupac, Notorious BIG and Big L – Deadly Combination
20. Jua Cali and Mejja – Bongo La Biashara
21. Chameleon and MwanFalsfa- Bounce
22. KenRazy feat Kizo B called Napenda Unavyojitokeza
23. DNA – Kama Kawaida
24. Mejja Feat. Sheena –Asante Majengo
25. Juma Nature – Lakavunda
26. G-Solo – Wacha Party Ianze
27. Prof Jay – Nangatuka
28. Lyrical Assasins – Chini Chini
29. ISHIKE Radio Part 9 Outro

Download DJ Dona – Bongo Flava Mix


DJ Dona is a good friend and one of the few well respected DJ’s in the US. I am continuously impressed by his ability to stay consistent and relevant. We carry the same vision with the (Kenyan) MIXTAPE industry and currently he is the only DJ featuring on the site, because of the quality and style he presents his material. We will soon feature a lot more DJs and mixes available for Download. But for now Enjoy this Bongo Flava Mix

// listen to the entire set:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

// or to save this MP3 file, right click and save target as:

|Sio Swahili Rap Ni Bongo Flava Part 2|

The mixtape is titled “Sio Swahili Rap Ni Bongo Flava” and features some of the best banging tracks that can ever be complied on a cd. The mixtape has 39 tracks and includes world premiers that Dj Dona is known for, club favourites and exclusives that you will only hear on a Dj Dona Mixtape. The mixtape will be available in the next few days so check back to listen to and download the mixtape.


1. Dj Dona Intro
2. G-Solo/Cloud Tissa – All Over
3. Ali Kiba- Nakshi Mrembo
4. Z-Anto Feat. Zilly One – Mpenzi Jini
5. Inspector Harun – Shetani Hana Mwaka
6. Professor Jay ft. Chameleone – Ndivyo Sivyo
7. K-Lynn Feat. Squezzer – Crazy Over U
8. Bebe Cool Feat Sweet Kid – Kibi Kivi
9. TID – Nyota Yako
10. Rama D Feat Joe Makini – Sina Muda
11. Prof Jay – Hapo Sawa
12. Berry Black- Usiniwache Pekee
13. TBG – Ring on It
14. Dully Sykes- Candy
15. PNC- Nalia
16. Ali Kiba – Cinderella
17. Si Maatani – Sauti
18. Ay Feat. Q-Chillah – Binamu
19. Chidi Benz – Chidi Benz
20. Marlow- Bembeleza
21. Mike Tee – Inanikumbusha
22. Nako 2 Nako – Bang Bang (Remix)
23. Joh Makini – Matawi Haya
24. Jumannae Iddi – Noli Laga
25. Wanaume TMK- Dar Mpaka Moro
26. Ngwea Feat TID – She Performs
27. Z-Anto – Binti Kiziwi
28. Kassim – Haiwezekani
29. Ray C- Siangalii Nyuma
30. Afande Sele – Kamata Dume
31. One 2 Five – Besta
32. Nako 2 Nako, Jay Moe, Fid Q, Mansu-Li, Geez Mabovu, Dr K wa Mapacha, Adili Chapakazi, Chidi Benz, Mwanafalsafah, Mheshimiwa Temba, Babuu wa King’oko – Mchizi Wangu (Remix)
33. East Coast Team – Manati
34. Q-Chief /Nonini- Kura Yangu
35. Chege Feat. Temba – Dude La Kimataifa
36. MarLaw – Rita
37. Maunda Zorro – Niwe Wako
38 . Kassim – Awena
39. Dj Dona Outro (ISHIKE RADIO )

For more hits – visit DJ Dona here 


Mwana Falsafa feat Chameleon – Bounce


Mwana FA, or Mwana Falsafa also known as Khamisi Mohammed or Binam – is one of those Tanzanian artists that has a long life cycle. He is a short, light skinned little reserved dude that commands presences whenever he is around people. Ive had the pleasure to hang around him a couple of times, which for most part he just kept me engaged with some intellectual thought provoking speech and conversations. He definitely is not your average local Tanzanian artists.

He is part of the East Coast Camp and together with Jose Chameleon from Uganda they managed to put together this compelling track produced by Mandugu Digital – the King and inventor of BOUNCE. A lot of people though bounce wouldn’t cross the regions nor penetrate the market after BAMBOO first commercialized the beat with Mandugu (also known as Ambrose). But Ambrose has managed to shut down critics that he is here to stay and he is willing to make beats across the region that will resonate with whichever culture and community.

This is one of the few attempts that brings together a Ugandan artist, a Tanzanian artists and a Kenyan production team… Brilliant!!!

download the song here:

[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]