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Camp Mulla feat Kanja & M.Anifest – Look at Me Now (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I’ve been meaning to drop this crazy collabo over the last few days but I keep getting distracted with the Ladybug Project videos lol. Real talk I have to give it up to Ms Karun for going solo and building such a crazy inspiring docuseries to share the album project with the world. As most creatives know to get to the hatched egg (chic factor), most people forget that there was a lot of chemistry going on inside the egg (fertilization, embroy bla bla). To me Karun and her team making that decision to share the inner workings of her album was innovative to say the least. I am encouraged and inspired by that new generation.

I thought I’d share Karuns journey on this post since when this track was produced she was still when she was very much a part of CampMulla. To date I’ve never shared what I think about their split up, and not that I will today but I think overall it’s important for artists to find themselves and try different things with their individual careers. Heck if Destiny Child Broke up to find their own individual talents, who is CampMulla to withstand the storm of egos.

Look at Me now is a heavy song and it features one of my great Ghanaian rappers – MANIFEST. In 2010 we posted HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS when no one was up on game on M.Anifest – he is nice man. Real talk he is one of my great African rappers – keep killing em Chale.

Lastly you got KANJA who is currently posted up in the Motherland making music and infusing himself into these great collabos. KANJA is working on something Epic so I am staying tuned for his upcoming work, on this collabo you can feel him go in and deliver his new versatility. I mean the track is heavy, everyone on this track brought their A GAME. Enjoy this banger here..

ps. If you’ve been watching that LadyBug Project like I have, there is a tune they tease out on Episode 2 at the 4:54 mark salaaaalaaaa – those Boss and Chief cats might as well be Chief and Boss (Kagwe & Jazz) – that TRACK is going to be heavy man I hope Karun did nuff justice to that beat. If not I got boys ready in Oakland who can show you what time it is…. waaaaa… respect on that production..

listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:

Camp Mulla – Feel No Pain (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

Camp Mulla

I need to drop this sick Camp Mulla track – I will sum this up as quick as I can.

I am an avid follower of producers, I think following producers for me makes more sense than following artists – I think 65% of Camp Mulla's successes is the guy behind their sounds. All songs are well arranged and provide a different version of Kenya that many folks haven't heard.

I mean this is not Kapuka, its not Genge, its not

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Hiphop – its just its own category. Dude reminds me of 40 (the man behind Drakes current success). 40 came out with a sound that just changed the music industry permanently. Musyoka, P-Funk and the likes did this in their time. But there is something different about Kibukosya (K,Cous) sound… maybe its just me but real talk listen to all Camp Mulla songs and you cant help but feel the harmony and the mood.

Anyway I love this jam – play it loud.

Listen and download the track here:


Mixtape Fridays: Camp Mulla – Hold it Down (*254Low Tribute)

We are slowly getting things back to normal and posting some tracks sitting on our folders.

The video for “Hold it Down” by Camp Mulla was just released last week and the response and applause has been great. The group has really found their lane and their music makes for a fun, easy listen. The track shows the lyrical diversity, maturity and capability of the group.

Here is how the group describe the track.

“Here’s the New Single off the FuNkYToWN Album – ”Hold it Down (254Low Tribute)”
This is a tribute track to the city Camp Mulla members were born, bred and raised in ; Nairobi & the video showcases their appreciation for everything that brought them this far in the Music Industry. The location of the video was in Nairobi’s CBD. The track features Miss Karun, Yung Kass (Shappa Man) , K’Cous & The Taio Tripper.”

For more on Camp Mulla check out @ Campmulla

“Hold it Down” definitely showcases the ammunition Camp Mulla have in store on their debut album.

Listen to the track below:

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Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video:

Camp Mulla – Digital Love (GetMziki Futures ****)

Mike Wanguhu put me up on game a few weeks/months ago about a cat called K-Plaz. My initial impulse was a little dismissive coz I felt he sounded something off a St Louis rappers book. Don’t get me wrong though, I told Mike that dude was tight but I didn’t think much of it initially because in my mind he musta been one of the new school Kenyan rappers moved back home now making beats.

This morning when Faridah hit me up telling me about Camp Mulla I was like isn’t this the same cat that Mike put me up on game with? Coz they sounded familiar, but Faridah made such a fuss I had to give this another listen. A few hours later I have been converted and I am now a believer. From what I understand none of these cats have stepped a foot out of Kenya which just makes it crazy when you think about their accents and english flow. There is a possibility that they are Hillcrest kids but that in itself is just scary to think about how the language has come into play so perfectly that I was sold on them being from Missouri or some shit.

As it stands today Camp Mulla is a Kenyan Rap Group founded by rappers Taio Tripper, Young Kass, Super-Producer K’Cous and their syndicate C.E.O, Tuchi. Other band Members include Miss.Karun, the First Lady and J-smiles who are superb vocalists. Camp Mulla’s main goal is to spread Urban Hip Hop music influence all Over East Africa and soon Globally.

I particularly like their 2-5-Flow word play for (two five four yaani kumaanisha 254 KENYA)…. As of today I tried downloading some off their tracks of soundclound and they have reached their maximum capacity downloads. So I embedded the track that I think is FIRE (Take it to the Floor). I did manage to share this crazy joint featuring the First lady whom I think honestly just has crazy vocals… Truthfully Faridah may have been right – there is a small movement in Kenya thats changing hiphop locally as we grew up to know it. And these cats could very well be the future.

I never really rant and rave about a group unless I think they have real potential and these cats to me personally I think they are onto something.


listen to Digital Love here:

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download the track here:

Bonus Material:

Take it to the Floor

Take It To The Floor by Camp Mulla (2-5-Flow)