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Les Jumo Selesao – Zoomer


For a while there i thought the whole coupe decale phenomenon was dying slowly, or being taken over by some new variations of it – that was until this kids came along and decided to step it up a notch with this joint. check out the video below and download at the bottom:

Mokobe,Dj Kitoko & Big Ali – Phenomenal


Jet Set Ft Muss – Coupe Decale dans la cite'

This is a somewhat older coupe decale track – They took the i like to move it
and gave it a Coupe decale swagger.

We got Africa covered on this, Video below, and download after the video.

Download track here:

Jessy Matador – Mini Kawoule'


Mini Kawoule  – is on of those tracks like Magic Systems Gaou, that slowly creeps into your
consciousness, you find yourself humming along without even knowing the words. this a big tune

The video and download follow:

2008 Music Wrap-up: Coupe Decale

Its the end of the year and everyone is making lists. . Coupe Decale was huge this year (or most slept on depending on where you are) even though its been around since like 02′ and might not be around in 09′ .

Coupe Decale stole the thunder from congolese rumba by taking the part of Congolese rumba that most people listen to adding some swagger to it and creating a whole new musical genre. Here is the list of Coupe Decale tracks we been bumping all year

if you missed the usher – Coupe Decale remix here it is again: