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Deux Vultures – Mfupi (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Am getting into the habit of making small comments for big songs. This is one such song that doesn’t deserve so much hoopla and accolades from me. This is a TIGHT song period from Deux Vultures. I gotta admit I have been a Vultures fan for years, every time they go into the studio with OGOPA DJ’s something sweet comes off that synergy.

I like hilarious songs such as this one – the whole idea that a couple of short people gave birth to a tall baby that needs explanation is just hilarious. Coz it reminds me of mchongoano days – sitting by the “Shop ya Mkamba” chongoaing each other – this probably was a serios bomu between one of these dudes that they decided to make into a song. Either way this is a classic hit – its a feel good song, has no particular relevance in life but the sheer fact that it makes you smile and want to move your body is awesome. These are the types of songs that make Deux Vultures great entertainers. Big up Mustapha and Nasty Thomas… Mambo makubwa haya.

listen to Mfupi here:

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download the track here:

watch the video here:

Brand New: Marya feat Colonel Mustafa – Hey Baby (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

image courtesy of Pulse Magazine

Lets get these pleasantries out of the way real quick – Mustafa your CHILE IS HOTTTTTTT!! with a capital T (As Mzee Tama would say in brackets capital T T). Wai wai wai – Truthfully the first 15 minutes of my day today was spent watching this video back to back, I really didn’t hear the song kabisaaa!! The thing is I actually watched or had seen her previous video Mahaba, but I think after this jam came out and I started feeling the jam – I fell in love with her.. excuse me.. I mean sorry.. I feel inlove with the song 🙂 the song I meant the song.

I know with the way am talking am making her into a Halle Berry of sorts, but thats not the case really. All am saying is that its been a while since we have seen some eye candy on our youtube/screens that was singing well and also has the appearance to support the looks. No disrespect to any other artist in Kenya am just saying this chile right now for me takes the trophy for the whole of East Africa in terms of cakes… And thats just real talk. I mean look at the representatives on each coast – Ray C (TZ), Juliana (UG), Nakaya (TZ), Wahu (KE), …. Well actually K-Lynn from TZ is a cake hauuu uuu!! and then there is Kaz… hmmm okay let me sit this one out for a while while I look at my diary for clues.

What sucks about Marya is that she will always be known as Mustafas Boo, thats kinda whack coz she needs to be able to ride her own wave of success. I also think her brand name is a little off – MARY-A (her real name is Mary Maina), am not sure what the A stands for but I thought her name was Myra initially until I realized is MaryA -I dont know maybe thats just me. Lastly its Ogopa – Ogopa can make anyone a superstar with their beats, so I am yet to make a decent decision on whether I think she can sing or not. This particular track is off the chains – Gangsta loving right there, but I cant feel her vocal capabilities, to me it sounds like she is just talking and conversating with her peers.

The Mahaba song she release prior to this one was just okay I would give it a star – this one I give 3 stars for quality of beat, composition, collaboration, video quality and style) but more importantly to get her number he he he he… Mustafa hang on to this one coz she is bound to get hit on by 999 guys on an average week. GetMuzicians its time to harvest this track – what do you all think?

ps. Also Mustafa making love Collabos is dangerous ground homie, mkija kukosana hizi ngoma zitakuwa zina leta machozi na majonzi tupu mshkaji wangu

listen to hey baby here:

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Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

watch the video here:

Colonel Mustafa – Ogopa Anthem

The only thing depressing about this track is the fact that Mustafa still pronounces Colonel as KOLONEL and not Kernel. But considering Mustafa has his ancestries in my backyard in Tanzania – I will let that one slide. 🙂 Often when groups tend to spread their wings so that each group member can try out his own individual thing, the result is usually that the lead singer makes a bigger impact than the rest of the members of the group.

With Deux Vultures its been hard to tell how their different singles or albums will go considering I’ve always found them to be equal in terms of flow and lyrical capacity. This track is not necessarily new but it definitely puts some closure to a year that Ogopa have come out with some strikingly different music. Not withstanding their new initiative in Namibia – Ogopa Butterfly which seems to have an interesting artist roaster and list of hits. To me this song really sums up the year for OGOPA, a production house that has over the years changed and re-defined Kenyan music to where it is to date.

There have always been rumors about the real ethnic background of Deux Vultures – no one seems to know exactly where they originated from (Kenya or Tanzania). One fact for me is that their swahili is a youthful blend of both countries – if you spend a few hours with these cats you will realize the essence of their culture has close assimilation with any Mbongo you meet. In my opinion anyone who says “Mziki umeenda shule” is definitely a Tanzanian!! ha ha ha. Whatever works for your marketing gimics is fine with me – the song is fire // Lucas is killing it with the fresh beats this year.

“Huu Mwaka Ogopa is moto, kando ni Mustafa, huu mwaka ni massacre”

listen to Ogopa Anthem here:

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download the track here: