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Asem – Pigaro (GetMziki Club Version Exclusive ***)


// Note: This is an old post am re-posting it and pushing it up because I just found the MP3 through a rumble of dust. But truth be told I dont car

e if this song is old – this track is off the chains. One thing you gotta love about African music is that its trully international. People in Ghana bumping to Naija music and Ugandan Music,people in Kenya bumping to South African music, Ethiopian music – yet we all dont speak the same languages. Just AWESOME. I cant hear a word ASEM says in this track but it just feels like a good club dance song. //

I have some tight connections I enjoy with Ghana through my man DJ Julz (Julz Media) who runs and other properties as well as Konvict Clothing in Canada. Ever since I hooked up with this cat its like my world has been opened up to a whole new genre of hiphop birthed in Ghana. Ghana has been on this whole African hiphop thing for years, way before East Africa even stood up to take a bow. Its inevitable that a lot of reinvention in African hiphop now is definitely starting from Ghana. Lately ive been tuned to the likes of Kweku Ananse and blasting the likes of Wanlov the Kubolor. I will post these songs and DJ mixes in due time.

However as if to usher my return back to GetMziki – I want to share this track that drives me CRAZY. I mean this dude just makes me wild out. I only have the video for now but you best believe the MP3 is coming up soon. If you guys thought Naija had beats and lyrics for days – please travel down a few more blocks to Ghana coz them cats have heats for days… Just listen to this heat. (considering its not even new)

Dudes Name is Nana Wiafe Asante Mensah aka ASEM and he is one of the hottest young acts in Ghana’s evolving Hiplife industry. He basically came from nowhere to take Ghana by storm. His controversial track, ‘Give Me Blow’ became the most sought after and most transferred/ bluetoothed song among Ghanaian youths when it was unofficially released.

His style is enjoyed by urban youths mostly but his combination of Twi with English lyrics that make him appeal to rural Ghana as well. He is touted as one of the artists to lead the evolution of Hiplife into what has come to be known as GH Rap. This is a fair mix of crunk and other emerging forms of American hiphop with traditional Hiplife.

For now I want to introduce ASEM to the GetMziki family, and caution all DJs – if you aint playing this by now – I don’t know what your SERATO HD is doing without it.

listen to pigaro here:

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download the track here:

Ghana Mixtapes – Club Bangerz Vol 2


Now that I am back in full swing, I am committed to expose some of y’all to some of the DJ Mixes happening on the other side of the fence. One of the few things I realized about being in Kenya or being a Kenyan living outside Kenya – you tend to mingle within the same circles. So in essence over time you realize that your exposure to other forms of music is zero. Basically you end up liking what other Kenyans, Tanzanians or Ugandans like. We live in such a pod – its like nothing else makes sense to us. And I am not talking about the 1, 2, 3 Naija songs that hit the main stream. I am talking about a whole underground hiphop and R&B African music scene thats out there.

Once you start exploring Urban African music like we do here at GetMziki, you start to realize that maybe that DJ Pinye or that DJ Flex are not really as hot as the other African DJs out there (I dont mean this literary, its just a figure of speech). For instance DJ Black from Ghana just kills it… you may not recognize many of these songs, as most sound like Dancehall or a some deep US underground rap music. But thats just how the evolution of Ghana Music has come so far. Its like we only have one Bamboo or one Kantai – Ghana has like 79 Bamboo’s and about 105 Kantai’s. You know the type of artists who can sing both English and Twi. Anyway this is Volume 2 to the Ghana Club bangerz – probably my favorite of the two and specifically because it has ASEM – pigaro…

If you are into mixtapes and as super attentive as I am… Listen to this mix from 30min mark when DJ Black drops Professor Jay, he plays a call from Professor Jay (or a drop). He then scratches and juggles Jina langu (a classic Tanzanian hit – 90’s hit)… then he gets into ASEM – now that intro or that drop by ASEM is the BEST drop I’ve heard on an African Mixtape for the LONGEST TIME EVER.

“When a White Man sexually assaults a black woman we call that a mixed rape, now when a DJ musically assults my music and puts it on a CD, we call that a MIXTAPE” … DJ Black your Mixetape is hot!!

Sheeeeit thats the best drop ive heard in a while – and then kills it with the Kat Williams “this shit right here niggggga” Anyway am losing it let me just chill… Enjoy this mix. The track list is available for anyone interested.

listen to the Ghana Club Bangerz Mixtape here:

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download the mixtape here:

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