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Atumpan – The Thing ft Stone

Atumpan, is a a Ghanaian HipLife artist, before hearing this song i had never really heard of him.  I odnt think i need to write much about this but let it speak for itself, i think its about to be on heavy rotation if its not already on heavy rotation. Its got everything Africans like,  a killer hook and melody to go with it someting that Nigerians seem to have perfected.

Atumpan – The Thing ft Stone by getmziki

M.anifest – Heaven Only Knows (GetMziki Exclusive ****)

image courtesy of Julz Media

My Ghana Connects have come through again with this fire, M.anifest is what I think Bamboo or Kantai would sound like if they stayed focused. Actually let me rephrase that statement before Bamboo kills me. I think M.anifest vs Bamboo would be a solid legit fight. However the consistency demonstrated by Ghana’s M.anifest would suggest he has had a better understanding of his brand and the continent he represents for a long time. Bamboo on the other hand with all due respect I think has struggled with his brand for a long time until recently. Bamboo remains a close friend of mine so whatever I say is not anything we havent talked about to date. Its taken him years to get to where he is today and I blame his lack of consistency. A super talented artist with massive capabilities but just didnt know where he should take his brand and music.

However am glad to say Bamboo seems to have a better idea of where his bread is buttered today and he is killing it right now in the US. A lot of his projects are low key but they bring great income to a man who has definitely given a lot to the African music scene. When I listen to M.anifest I cant help but hear Bamboo all over the track and all over the delivery. The lyrical content of course is different and some would argue that this shit has been done already, but to me Ghana hiphop is almost 5 years ahead of Kenya’s hiphop. Ghanaians have been writing history in African hiphop for years now. To demonstrate how well these cats understand the music industry just look at how they package themselves, how they produce their music and how they distribute it. I mean Manifest Album is up for grabs on his website Yet he also has a commercial album Manifestations which is available on itunes for purchase. So you have a pre-teaser that your fans can consume for free and then you have your full course meal that the hungry and able can get from the store. Brilliant!

My Ghana connects call me Chale which is an endearment term for Dude or Jama – Chale this track is on fire, if you listen to it without watching the video you wouldn’t think any of these cats is from Africa. Ghana stand up!!

listen to heaven only knows here:

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download the track here:

watch the video here:

Wanlov the Kubolor – Green Card


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I was in NY hanging out with my Ghanaian family out there – talking music and life. They Introduced me to Ghanian hiphop and Hiplife. There is whole host of artists coming from Ghana and the Ghana diaspora  – Blitz the Ambassador, Manifest, Samini, Not for getting my host Jibril the African.  I had heard of  Wanlov the Kubolor since Edu has been having him on heavy rotation on bbc – with the song Kokonsa – i had to find out what the hell kokonsa means  – Kokonsa means  gossip. But apart from that you may have seen hes famous freestyle on Knaan’s ABC which he totally murdered  check it out below.

The song green card speaks of alot of realities that many Africans have to live with and deal with but does so in a humurous way.

Play and Download the track here:

Blitz the Ambassador – Breathe


I flew down to New York to kick it with Kim of Jamhuri wear. Kim has been a supporter and collaborator of GetMziki from day one. We share insight and ideas  – what is relevant though is that Kim has a key to the city. In the space of 2 days i have hanged out with Knaan, played ball with Steve nash, rolled with Vince of entourage – personally i think Kim should ditch the clothing label and become a community organizer here in Harlem then maybe work hes way to the oval office – but thats just me.

But my biggest revelation –  which i kindof been sleeping on is Blitz the ambassador . Blitz, from Accra ,Ghana is one special MC – who is making he’s mark on hiphop. He’s beats borrow heavily from old school hiphop, some Fela sensability – and mostly conscious lyrics.

Afroganic: Yani

I dont know much about Afroganic, though i have heard a whole lot about them. They have done remixes forJohn Legend, Fantasia and whole host of other musicians. Afroganic are re-imagining house and funk music creating house music entirely from live instruments. Checkout the videos on there website showing there production process:

Listen to the the remix of Jennifer Hudsons – Spotlight
which has a kapuka sound to it.