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Imran Mwangi – Jewels(** ARTIST SHOW CASE FRIDAY)

This is Jelwe from Imran

She lived and worked in Paris from 2013 to mid-2014 as a professional DJ under the French artist management network ‘Reseau Tigre’. He moved back to Nairobi mid-2014 on a quest to establish himself as a brand and to work on music production professionally.
He has since worked with a few upcoming rappers and musicians on a few hiphop music projects and released a few tracks online. On November 4th 2016 he released his first E.P. (Good Old Days. A year later on November 4th 2017 he released his second E.P. (Dedanites. Both EPs are available online on . It comprises of two Deep House tracks, two Funky House tracks and two Tech House tracks.