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Jet Set Ft Muss – Coupe Decale dans la cite'

This is a somewhat older coupe decale track – They took the i like to move it
and gave it a Coupe decale swagger.

We got Africa covered on this, Video below, and download after the video.

Download track here:

Mohammed Lamine,Mory Kante,Mokobe: African Tonic

This is a big tune right now. African Tonic for real combination of styles and cultures

download track here:

2008 Music Wrap-up: Coupe Decale

Its the end of the year and everyone is making lists. . Coupe Decale was huge this year (or most slept on depending on where you are) even though its been around since like 02′ and might not be around in 09′ .

Coupe Decale stole the thunder from congolese rumba by taking the part of Congolese rumba that most people listen to adding some swagger to it and creating a whole new musical genre. Here is the list of Coupe Decale tracks we been bumping all year

if you missed the usher – Coupe Decale remix here it is again:

Ivory Coast – Coupe' de Cale

if you have not heard of Coupe’ de cale you must have been living under a rock somewhere. Okay maybe the name sounds strange but you may have heard the music and miss took it for congolese rumba, which would not be far of the mark since from my perspective coupe’ de cale is combination of the rumba beat with a hiphop sensibility – Think extra musica + lil john rolled up in one genre.

Anyway here is  avideo of one of the Hot tunes – Bobaraba

Also here is a coupe de cale mix of ushers “love in this club”


by dj boima from san francisco.