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Shrekeezy feat. Stella Mwangi, Kanja, Roberto, Juliet Ibrahim, Wondaboy, Silvastone – Down For My City


Tanzanian based Kenyan rapper Shrekeezy goes for an all star collabo with various artists from Africa, The list of artists are Wonda Boy (Nigeria),Stella Mwangi (Kenya), Silvastone(UK/ Sierra Leone), Roberto(Zambia), Kanja (Kenya/US) and Juliet Ibrahim (Ghana).

I’ve never really been a fan of star-studded guest lists collabos but I wanna see what this record does.

[Download the track here:]

Kanja feat Silvastone – Lose Control

Kanja - Lose Control artwork

Kanja has some new music moving around on Social media so we decided to drop that here as well… There has been a metamophorsis of Kanja if anyone has been following him, a lot of growth is emulative of his new style, flow and approach to his music. To me he seems more reserved, settled and mature. He also ditched the throwback hat/bucket hat and is embracing this classic African feel of who he really is. I couple possibly be feeling this track – it has a good ring to it, the intro was kinda weired but once the song picks up his delivery resolves the hard beats and harps.

Give it a listen here…

listen and download track here:

watch the video here:

Camp Mulla feat Kanja & M.Anifest – Look at Me Now (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I’ve been meaning to drop this crazy collabo over the last few days but I keep getting distracted with the Ladybug Project videos lol. Real talk I have to give it up to Ms Karun for going solo and building such a crazy inspiring docuseries to share the album project with the world. As most creatives know to get to the hatched egg (chic factor), most people forget that there was a lot of chemistry going on inside the egg (fertilization, embroy bla bla). To me Karun and her team making that decision to share the inner workings of her album was innovative to say the least. I am encouraged and inspired by that new generation.

I thought I’d share Karuns journey on this post since when this track was produced she was still when she was very much a part of CampMulla. To date I’ve never shared what I think about their split up, and not that I will today but I think overall it’s important for artists to find themselves and try different things with their individual careers. Heck if Destiny Child Broke up to find their own individual talents, who is CampMulla to withstand the storm of egos.

Look at Me now is a heavy song and it features one of my great Ghanaian rappers – MANIFEST. In 2010 we posted HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS when no one was up on game on M.Anifest – he is nice man. Real talk he is one of my great African rappers – keep killing em Chale.

Lastly you got KANJA who is currently posted up in the Motherland making music and infusing himself into these great collabos. KANJA is working on something Epic so I am staying tuned for his upcoming work, on this collabo you can feel him go in and deliver his new versatility. I mean the track is heavy, everyone on this track brought their A GAME. Enjoy this banger here..

ps. If you’ve been watching that LadyBug Project like I have, there is a tune they tease out on Episode 2 at the 4:54 mark salaaaalaaaa – those Boss and Chief cats might as well be Chief and Boss (Kagwe & Jazz) – that TRACK is going to be heavy man I hope Karun did nuff justice to that beat. If not I got boys ready in Oakland who can show you what time it is…. waaaaa… respect on that production..

listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:

Kanja – Ecstasy (I’m Feeling Myself)

Kanja’s who’s currently in Kenya has been working overtime and stacking up on his amazing music portifolio. On his latest new single, Kanja enlists producer “The Phantom” for an upbeat feel good summer party anthem, with sick production arrangement with the synths and beat change ups and drops.

“Ecstasy” has an urban/mainstream radio potential. One thing is that you never really know what you’re going to get with Kanja, which is part of why I enjoy his material.

I love the video too. Keep on the hustle Kanja. Definitely a star in the making.

Listen to the track below:

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Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the Video below:

Kanja – Its My Time

I always ask myself if I was an artist, what would I do to reinvent myself, how would I reinvent myself and remain relevant in this ever changing times. Sometimes I think when you look at yourself as a brand you have to stop and start critically analyzing how your moves today will impact your music in like 5 years. Its an interesting paradigm but I think for most part everyone should look at themselves as a BRAND.

Kanja has been reinventing himself slowly if you haven’t noticed, for starters he dropped the “African King” I could be wrong but I think this was a good move. Kill the haughtiness and embrace the new – the music world is about collaboration and strategic partnerships. And this I think Kanja has embraced really well over the last few years. Lastly I think just the sheer fact that he seems to be standing on his own (meaning without Naomi) we are now getting to see who he really is. I think Naomi shadowed a lot of his capabilities and made it difficult for anyone to truly judge his music. It felt like a duo when essentially they were individuals who just collaborated on a few tracks. This new tests are transforming themselves in form of this Banger called Its My Time…

Overall I think the growth I see in him, I wouldn’t be so surprised if he scored a record deal sometime very soon. Right now he is on my number 3 list of the hardest working artists in the Diaspora. Bless my brother, do your thing!

listen and download the track here:

Kanja – Its My Time by getmziki

watch the video here:

Kanja & Kunzo – Bounce Bounce, Bounce

Some quick hits, Kanja has a new track with Kunzo from Nigeria. I have no real opininon on the track right now – since I am barely getting to listen to it, but maybe in a few days I will add on to the post what I think. Initial thoughts are that there is no real verse, too many hooks, too many piga makofis and bounce bounce bounce – not sure how to jam to this. And its okay I guess lol. I mean we cant be serious all the time, maybe sometimes we just need happy music.

I think I am also getting tired of Auto Tune in a sense… Sure T-Pain can do it and get away with it and so can Akon but for most part a lot of these cats have other songs without voice correction. After while folks will just need to hear your voice. I think maybe that’s why I liked that “Shorty say ahh”… Or Maybe I liked that Song coz of Naomi (Man naomi is CAKE waaaa lol).

Anyway listen to the track let us know what you think..

listen and download the track here:

Kanja & Kunzo – Bounce, Bounce, Bounce by getmziki

watch the video here:


I will make this post very fast and simple. If you are an avid fan of this website you will notice one key thing, we often or normally never advertise anything on this site. We are very picky and specific on artists, products, services and in most cases events. By virtue of our business model its not part of our social DNA to be involved with too many community out reach programs simply because its so hard to be everywhere and support everyone.

So over the few years we just decided to help/support very few people or initiatives that seem to align with the kinds of mission statements we want to be associated with. Actually with the exception of Kaz, Jamhuri Wear, Serengeti Record Pool, Blackstar Entertainment, Xtreeme Music Video, Decimal Records, Juzl Media and some companies in Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria – we really just keep a low profile and prefer that the hype of the site is solely based on the hard core music lovers as opposed to a PR stunt.

However there are a few exceptions to the rule – such as KANJA. I will spare him the accolades today and the history. For today I need you guys who are in the US market to get your cellies out and vote for Kanja this Wednesday during WILD OUT Wednesdays on 106 and Park. To me this is bigger than what his actual skillz are this is about creating a platform for a lot of the African/Kenyan artists out there. This cat came on TV the first day and straight up claimed he was from Kenya regardless of his history and his residency. To me thats love beyond anything I can explain at this point. 106 and Park commands such a youth market in the US that the general viewership he had on his first show and to actually win that show – I can only imagine the type of attention this Wednesdays show will have.

THATS why we are giving him all we got for this week – no new ziks for at least 4 more days until Wild Out Wednesday is over.

Kanja Good luck – I wish out fans in Kenya could vote coz they are about 10,000 strong now – but rest assured they love and support you. Your humility is adoring keep it up and good luck.

Watch the Take it Video here:

Kanja Feat Naomi – Shorty Say Eh

Kanja Muchoki aka KANJA THE AFRIKAN KING, is a rising international star after winning B.E.T’s 106 and Park Wild Out competition a few months ago. Born in London, U.K, of Kenyan parents, his name has been floating around as the next superstar to emerge from Africa. I didn’t really know anythig about Kanja, until a few months ago when a Kenyan A-List artist hit me up asking if I knew who he was since he was, since Kanja had hit him up asking for a collabo.

One thing I’ll commend Kanja is the way he Big up’s Kenya wherever he goes and that he still makes sure to throw in a few words here and there in Swahili which adds more flavor to his music.

I initially wanted to post his new song ‘Paradise”, but he hit us up and told to hold on to the track until he releases it officially. He need’s that crazy club anthem, that will separate himself from everyone else. One thing I know is that the sky’s the limit for him in terms of international exposure and opportunities.
However, with “Paradise” which he collabos with Naomi, he’s definitely on the right track!!!!

Enjoy “Shorty Say Eh”, the track he performed on B.E.T’s 106 and Park Wild Out competition.

Listen to the track below:

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Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch his B.E.T’s 106 and Park Wild Out Competition Performance