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Kaysha : Les belles histoires d’amour

Decided to post this video, considering that Kaysha just finished his US tour – though skipped the West Coast. Anyway this is one guy you need to pay attention to in terms of bridging the gaps between different types of African music.


Singer and producer Kaysha is perhaps one of the most popular artists in Africa and from Africa, with a fan base that extends from the continent to the diaspora in Europe,South America, and the Caribbean.
Of course being mutilingual helps alot. Kaysha has songs in English,Spanish,French Portuguese and Lingala. Not to mention cross genre songs in Coupe de cale, Zouk,Kizomba and attempts at R and B and HipHop. Kaysha is superstar.

Here are some tracks from previous albums though you can previesw the new album forever young at
hes website