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Rabbit King Kaka ft Rich Mavoko – Njoo


Rich Mavoko to me really sounds too cliche’ not to take anything away from his talents but truthfully its going to be really hard to distinguish between Rich & Diamond pretty soon. For what it’s worth these new upcoming KE vs TZ collabos are going to be thrilling.

Listen to the audio below:

Download the track here:

watch video here:

Nyota Ndogo feat Amelina – Nalia


I have some quick posts for the week that I need to make, starting with this new Nyota Ndogo and Amelina collaboration. Part of the on going Bernsoft Music Initiative to put out music, which I like the fact that Vinnie Banton actually produced/Composed this track. If you recall Vinnie was part of a group with Mr. Googz who dropped the infamous “githurai” track. So for me its kinda cool to see artists reinvent themselves and still work behind the sound boards to make things happen.

listen and download the track here:

GBO – My City


Lately there has been a lot of love being shown towards Nairobi – just last week Carol Atemi released a track called Nairobi which sorta pays tribute to the beautiful city she lives in. A few weeks before Atemi, GBO had dropped this hard hitting track to do the same – to bless and talk about NBO/254 pride. GBO is staying consistent with his lyrical flow and it seems no matter what the critics think – Noah is coming at you and coming hard. (STATS don’t lie either the video racked in about 9,000 views in just the first week) and an additional 600 streams on his SoundCloud.

I am GBO’s biggest critic because I know from a content perspective the kid has stories to share with the world, that will not only inspire some, but will change how other kids view their own lives. To me he is a walking testament of pursue your dreams until you can’t pursue no more – so I applaud him, criticize him and push him to get better and do great music. The only difference between his approach and mine is that he is currently focused on doing what he loves for the love of the game, I on the other hand believe that music is all about business and numbers – when you compare Flo-Rida back then (Elevator – 15Mil) and Flo-Rida today (wild ones – 170M) its obvious this industry is one big fat money making machine. I mean Flo changed everything about him to fit his new image and his new business uniform 🙂 (changed his flow, got rid of the hair, got rid of timbaland he he he and went HAM on the dance scene)

Anyway I have no doubt that GBO will be around for a while and if My City is any indication of whats on his upcoming debut album – then we are up for some good tunes this coming year.

listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:

Jeraw- Tujinice

Jeraw – mark that name, because i think this guy got it, he seems to have figured out the perfect balance of flow,language and the beats to match he’s style. What do you all think ?

Jeraw – Tujinice by getmziki

Muthoni the Drummer Queen – Welcome to the Disco (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

So I spend a lot of time online as do many other folks, I spend majority of my time trying to find new websites that are either doing the same thing GetMziki is doing or trying to elevate what we started. I also spend a lot of time finding curators and writers who have deeper insights into Urban African music more than myself since evidently I have been living out of Africa for such a long time I am losing touch with the sound. My only source of insights is the Internet and the few producer friends that I frequently keep in touch with. The challenge with this is that there is a general bias based on what those/these producers are currently working on.

So I visit the AfricanUnsigned, the Musekes of this world and I will spend hours sampling, reading and understanding the music, the culture, the sound. For most part I can tell you most of the sound coming from Africa has been more of less the same. However in the last 5 years a significant shift in the direction of music has happened across the continent as a whole. A fusion of dance, house, rock, electronic and pop has taken over the African sound. I wish I was a good writer, I would educate you guys on a list of producers and artists trying to create something new and fresh that Africa and the world just need to pay attention to. However I am not a writer – I simply am a music enthusiast with good ears for good shit.

The dilemma is when stuff like the attached track produced by Wawesh and written and performed by Muthoni come to my circle of interest I am slightly out of the loop with where to bucket this sound. Everything I have read online seems difficult to describe Muthoni’s style. Break beat, Indie pop, Indie Rock, Afrop, Afro Pop, Afrock LOL… Wawesh would definitely have a name for this music but lately I think Wesh is just having fun with music which I admire about his creative process. I will post some of Bamzigis upcoming tracks and honestly you’ll either say the bhangi these guys are smoking is from Kijabe or basically these guys are onto something huge. A lot of musicians are scared to go off the grain because it challenges their norm, their formula for success. But when you have nothing to lose I think you basically allow yourself to express music in its purest form.

On this track its evident we are on that pre-school musical tip and playing around with songs we grew up with but yet finding ways to make them currently relevant. Its like selling a guy a cheese sandwich with caviar or foie gras on focaccia bread (google all these items if you cant identify any of them). Anyway Muthoni you know how I feel about you so it goes without saying I am just curious to sample the entire album to see where your head is at. Wesh, give up the blue pills come back to earth … coz truly we are writing new chapters that I am not sure if the market is ready for these sounds but if not I know you are coming hard… Let me find that BASHETE!!

ps. I love Muthonis tumi dimples.

listen and download the track here:

Muthoni the Drummer Queen – Welcome To The Disco by getmziki

watch the video here:

Alhamdulillah – Lulu **Exclusive**


This track just landed in my  inbox, and i’m not even hesitating to post it, give it a listen there is something of a freshness to it.I  met Lulu before since he works in a studio on the 2nd floor. The first tracks i had from him were interesting but missing something – but i guess the kid been perfecting he’s craft and this track might just be a big hit.

Octopizzo – Kibera World Cup

2011 is here and it’s going to go pretty fast. We’ve been working on too many things over the last few year for us not to release them this year so sit tight (WE PROMISE) this year should be different. As different as this track we want to kick off the new year with.

OCTOPIZZO: Facebook – [Octopizzo Facebook Page]

One of the crop of up and coming rappers in Nairobi whom not too many people know about. Most people know about the Abbas, Noninis, Kanja and so forth. Actually at this point the Nonini’s can be considered Old School rappers. This new crop of rappers include Octopizzo, G-Kon and a few other cats who would take this whole post to list down. (Rest assured their music has been received and will be posted shortly).

The track we have posted is not necessarily the best but we think it gives you the feeling of the energy. If you meet Octopizzo in town or you see him walking. It almost as though there is a beat in his head that he is walking to. Thats the kind of energy the youth has and exudes. This track was delivered to our Kenya offices as a sneak preview to what he has in store for 2011, we were also privy to an exclusive photo shoot while they were shooting the music video.

This is one of the artists we believe the industry needs to watch in 2011- Give Kibera a listen.

listen to Kibera world cup here:

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download the track here:

Miggy Feat Ziggy – Best Dj

Its one of those times where we feature an artist grinding hard and perfecting thier craft. One of our main connects Dan, has been sending us tons of music lately and we really have been trying to play catch up. Keep the tracks coming Dan!!!!! One of the tracks that caught my ear and really had everything (small bio, picture and Mp3 ) we typically need to post songs correctly, was this song “best dj” by Miggy .

Omari Migisi aka MC Miggy or simply Miggy is an artist who has been grinding and bubbling slowly on the music scene in Kenya. He’s affiliated with G-Hood Records and just launched his 14 track album this past May which was as he puts it ” was graced by my friendly artists like Pilipili, Jaguar, Tbroz, Mr Jiggy and Cool Malk”.

His album features tracks like “Watu Wawili”, “Blanketi” and “Nimechezi” among others and from what I’ve heard so far this kid got some heat!!!!

On “Best Dj”, which is a song that will slowly but surely capture you, Miggy talks about his “best dj” being a lady who knows how to rock a party and how he never misses any parties when she’s djing. Check out the video too and you will see a couple of your favourite celebrity artists and djs.


Listen to the track below:

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Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:


Wahu feat Chege – Running Low Remix (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

image courtesy of Wahu – Facebook & Myspace gallery

I feel bad that I have never said or written anything nice or positive about Wahu ever since we started posting tracks here. Its not like I have anything personal against her, I just haven’t been super impressed with the current music she has been putting out. I felt that there wasn’t anything unique about her style or technique. Luckily whether I thought her style was not unique or genuine it didn’t really affect her success in anyway whatsoever. She still remains the most successful Kenyan female artist to date.

The first time I posted the the original version of this song, I expressed a somewhat brush opinion of it and of the delivery, which ofcourse didnt get me so far. I eventually got my hands onto this remixed version of that song, played it a couple of times and voila it started sinking in me. It got me thinking. Maybe some artists are just good on delivering re-mixes or collaborating with other folks, because damn it this remix is hot. Putting Chege on this mix was probably the best idea ever. Chege a Tanzanian superstar has a way of humming and adding adlibs on tracks that just brings the entire experience of the song to a climax.

So I take my words back slightly. Maybe Wahu is a superstar in her own way, coupled with her striking and vibrant personality she makes up what Kenya or Africa looks for in an artist. As a person Wahu is a lovely human being – I like her a lot… musically however I may not share the same opinions with the rest of Africa. I reference Africa a lot in this post because WAHU won best African female artists in 2008 so there has to be something folks saw that I didnt. Anyway I digress. Here is her hit track Running Low.

ps. The guy who shot this video must really consider getting a make up artist. Maybe you dont think that people look at the videos in depth but …. and … maybe its just me but aren’t Chege’s lips ashy or the jama just smoked some bhangi before getting on set? Look at the first 20 seconds when Chege stars hollaring!! LOL …

listen to Running low remix here:

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download the track here:

watch the video here:

Syd vs Q-Tac : Clande vs Chips Funga (GetMziki Faceoff – Brand New Music ***)


The image I’ve created above and uploaded is not meant to belittle any women who read this blog – but rather to paint a vivid picture of the debauchery that has been going on in Kenya over the last few years when it comes to creating fresh new slang terms to explain certain times of people. From what I understand Chips Funga these days means a chile you pick up the first night at any night club or bar, and you kulungus (hit it off) on the same night. So she is a chips funga just like the Kenchic chips (fries) that you order to go.

On the flip a Clande is just a clande – Clande is actually from the word Clandestine (which is secrecy more or less a relationship you are having on the side). Kenya currently is a Clande infested country, I understand Nairobi is suffering from all sorts of Clande diseases – Imara Daima, South C, South B and Buru have become the new Clande havens for the heavy weights.

So we felt it only right to put these two big artists singing these two different classic tracks that are fresh off the studio and press – Syd who has his banging track titled CLANDE and Q Tac and his crazy track CHIPS FUNGA. The themes are similar but the songs are completely different so they cannot be compared to in terms of production and flow. However in terms of delivery and message execution I thought it would be nice to see which track would pony more votes. So without futher due –

listen to Syd’s Clande song here: (Mandugu Digital production – Ambrose)

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listen to Q-Tac’s Chips funga here: (Calif Records production – Clemo)

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vote for the tracks here:



download the songs here:

Chips funga


Brand New: Joey – Get it Right (GetMziki Exclusive *)

image courtesy of Pulse Magazine

I love disclaimers, because its all about removing responsibility for the “matope” you want to say. So here is my disclaimer for this post – I am indirectly affiliated with Joey by virtue of marriage and friendship he he he .. . one of my good friends is married to one of the sisters so i guess that makes it almost difficult to talk shit about this artist huh?

Also the fact that she is Fulaaaayyyyy (Fly) also just adds insult to injury – its like how do you find something wrong with her? Well gifted she is – generally most Kao’s are, Joey Muthegi lived in the US – Michigan and DC. I guess she developed her lyrical capabilities somewhere in between these two states because her delivery is often on point. Now generally I would have all good things to say but i think right now for a female rapper to come out and make it, is seriously tough/difficult. I am not sure if many Kenyans look at STL as a successful artists? I am not sure what makes a successful artist – but to me these are tough times especially if you are a female rapper from Africa. Joey can flow and she can rhyme thats not debatable – she also is sick with the open mic and spoken word. (little does she know i put her on the map at Capital FM – he he he) She has been on blogs long before anyone even realized she is a poet.. And I followed her journeys Keenly.

One day I told Chao of Capital FM – Yo watch out for this chile she will be a star… little did I know she would be in Kenya doing her own thing. So after all is said and done what do I really think of the track or of Joey… Well she is FINE – She is talented (she has the Media fundamentals on lock, communications and all that academic accomplishment), She has the flow and most of all she can write. But something is missing // She is missing an edge or an X factor. I think without the X factor Joey will just be Joey. With all the love I have for her – I think she needs to find something or a feel or flow that will distinguish her from everyone else.

Otherwise here is the track for all y’all to enjoy.

ps. Joey if you read this – I really don’t like that BLANKETS and WINE concept // somethings gotta give, Blankets and Wine???? we need a side conversation about that whole concept and production 🙂

listen to get it right here:

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download the track here:

Brand New: Kama – Untitled Track (Teaser) GetMziki Preview

image courtesy of HipHop Colony

Kama of Kalamashaka is probably one of the more vocal artists in Kenya. He represents several movements and has been instrumental in mobilizing the youth for a variety of different causes. Conscious rap in Kenya was probably pioneered by people like Kama and the whole U Kay Double O – (UKOO) Fulani Mau Mau. There is always a discomfort with various people when it comes to listening or appreciating conscious rap in Kenya. Most people would rather listen to how some guy messed up some relationship, how people got drunk the night before, or worse how to get with women.

But when people like Kama start talking about the political climate in Kenya and start exposing some of the underlying truths – its been greatly shone away by critics and the youth in general. In the US people like KRS 1 and the whole Mos Def movement has broken to the main stream but its not necessarily commercialized. I mean very few people even know or realize that Dead Prez campaigned against Obama and how that affects the industry as a whole.

Anyway this is a leaked track from Mandugu Digital Studios (Ambrose). It’s still untitled as I got a snippet of it so I figured I should share. The reason I am posting this song is coz Mandugu is smoking some serious BHANGI!!! Anyone who thought we could pigeon hole Amby for the critically acclaimed Bounce beat was WRONG. This is a sampled beat – I could be wrong though coz it feels like I’ve heard it somewhere, but if Amby is behind this production I am totally stocked! so am posting this song to my music heads, Kenyanised, Roddy and crew – who spend equally as much time as I do listening to tracks and trying to decipher.

Is this a hit or miss and is that beat jacked or is this pure genius?

listen to Kama’s teaser track here:

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Download the track here:

Brand New: Redsan – Yule Pale (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

image courtesy of Redsan Myspace

I am yet to meet anyone in my life who is persistent and consistent with wanting to be a star such as Redsan. I think Redsan became a star simply because he felt, thought and treated himself as one. Way before Prezzo, Howee and the other flossin and dossin artists showed up. There was Redsan, not too many people can attest to his Stardom because not too many people could tell the difference. I mean Redsan had a body guard way before anyone knew what a personal body guard was. It doesnt even matter whether I think he needed one or not.

The second interesting fact about Redsan is his persistency (sp), one fine afternoon Redsan decided he would meet Shaggy and ask him to do a Collabo with him. Interestingly enough Shaggy was on Tour in the country, Red did all he could do to get Shaggy to listen to his music and also talk to him. To me its these types of character traits that make artists big. You cant be an artists who doesnt push his music. Recently I met JuaCali in the US selling his own CD’s and t-shirts (although I think the t-shirt move is lame, I personally wouldnt wear JuaCali’s face on my chest, but I can wear a brand he has created… Even Nonini needs to change that stuff – hizo ni ma brand mechanism za 1994 or for the 18yr olds.. Look at puff and 50 they sell tshirts that just say – Thisis50 or No bitch assness… Anyway am digressing). Moral of the story is Redsan is a hustla and I respect his hustle.

I however still have issues with all these patois singing Kenyan artist but as of today this is the BIGGEST song in the Kenyan countdowns so I have to respect it and give it the attention it deserves. Funny enough Dona sent this to me weeks ago – I slept on it… Coz to me its not really a big song its just okay.. I don’t know maybe lets open up the reviews and see what the people think.

listen to Yule Pale here:

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download the track here:

Brand New: U Gal – El Tezzy

I got some new fire before the year ended in 2008 – from Maich Black and some dude called El Tezzy. Truthfully I don’t have enough info about either of these artists but for some reason this song is a little infectious. Imenibamba kiplani. The whole Zouk feel and charismatic lyrics seems to be the winning formula.

Its funny that at Get Mziki one of the few things we have been saying is that any artists who wants to have some sort of longevity in the game will need to start singing… he he he hence the T-Pain, Kanye West, Puffy, and even Fifty now is singing on some tracks. We are not saying that hiphop is dead or going to die. We just feel that rap as an art form is going to be transformed in the short term with all these singing type artists. Kenya is no different – all the big artists right now seem to be singers or people who want to challenge their vocal capabilities.

Personally I think anyone who makes a song that people can dance to, definitely is onto something. To have good lyrical content just adds to the flavor. This song really doesn’t have any substance lyrically but I still like it none the less because its danceable and the Zouk thing is appealing to me.

Enjoy the Track by El Tezzy

listen to El Tezzy here:

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Download the track here: