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GBO – Sicker than your Average


GBO to me is probably my first best example of what can happen if you remain consistent but also understand your flow, your style and what you need to do to become successful in the music industry. Noah would be the first to tell you am his biggest critic, I complain a lot, I am harsh and probably don’t give fair judgement to people and music that much deserves credit. However I am proud of the fact that I have a good sense for a good beat, good flow and most of the time I am right on the money on a hit track.

So when a DJ actually sent me this track and not GBO himself, I had to run back to GBO and acknowledge the growth and the flow. I wont really share what I bitched about before but if you listen to this track and compare it to these two tracks we posted a few years/months ago, you can see what I am saying. Enjoy this two minutes of GBO goodness.

listen and download Sicker than your average here:

watch the GBO Sicker than your average video here:

Boneless – Kusunga


I admit I am a little fascinated with Boneless right now, and maybe I am late to the party but living outside Kenya you will always be late to the party somehow. I think if guys are sleeping on this cat then really the state of music is far from where I think it needs to be. There is something fresh and eclectic about what Boneless is doing with this South African sound – he is taking ownership of this shit and it works.

I understand Kusunga came out before Supasta which we posted recently. Enjoy this great creativity coming out of Kenya right now.

ps. Though I think its time to hang the gloves on the dancing Boneless ha ha ha its been years you cant still be dancing, let these youngstaz take over ha ha

Listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:

Boneless feat Inami – Supasta (GetMziki Exclusive **)


Boneless Thyaka is onto something with these phenomenal tracks coming from his camp lately. I slept on the first single which was appropriately titled Kusunga as a one off. But after this track dropped a while back and I watched the video, I realized Boneless might actually be the first and the only Kenyan artists to do this whole South African Dance thing right.

You see often when Kenyan or East African artist rip other genres, there is a tendency to not do it right. After a few tries you notice the artists trying hard to find collaborations with local folks from those genres to authenticate their sound. But to me when I listen to these tracks from Boneless with that authentic Kamba sound and dialect, its almost unforgiving and telling that he not only will rip this sound, but he will and can do it better.

Inevitably, I dont understand Kamba but I am so feeling these tracks man. So lets do justice by dropping the first one here – Supasta in true Kao style.

listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:

Amileena – Why


Bernsoft has been investing heavily on Amileena and I think its actually paying off and actually showing in her music. I am keenly watching his strategy to break this new local acts that otherwise wouldn’t have had a voice. I think there is a new platform being reinvented with how Bernsoft is approaching the music business in Kenya.

I think Amileena can sing, she is getting better – but personally I would shy away from the English based tracks (that’s just a Leo Opinion). the beat compliments her sultry voice and probably does more to ground the song as a true African tune but I always find it hard to pay attention to local artists who insist on English as their delivery platform.

Either way here is Why…

Listen to the track here

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Get the track here:

Download the track here:

watch the video here:

Nariki – Niingize Box

There is this theory that most rappers want to be baskteball players and that most basketball players want to or do some rapping on the side. The same can be said of actors and actreeses who either sing or rap. Janet Kirina aka Nariki has been dazzling people on the screen with tons of movies to her credit while also singing on the side.

According to Nariki “Niingize box is a street sheng’ language in Nairobi meaning “TO WIN A GUY’. Nariki describes her kind of man who is hard to get in current times..

Does Nariki have what it takes to survive in the developing music industry. Kudos to her team for the excellent single promo pictures.

Watch the video below:

Logombas – African Girl (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

I’ve caught some flack from a few folks here and there whom I wont name for apparently snubbing the Logombas new hits. I think one of the few things that goes unsaid in this industry is the numerous conversations that happen behind the scenes. Like people just see what you put out, people never see the work you may be doing behind the scene for folks. SMDH!!

Lovy and I talk more often than any of the artists I put up on GetMziki, sometimes maybe too much – Lovy has been concentrating on his production and truthfully if I get my hands on AIDA’s album – I promise to do justice to half the tracks I’ve heard (which were produced about two years ago). Lovy is talented producer – I cant reiterate that fact. In fact these hits guys go crazy for are nothing compared to what the cat can do. I don’t talk about Lovy here because there is nothing he is doing today that is related to the African market (directly) I mean dude has been busy making hits for guys in the US so why should I spend time talking about QUEEN!!! ha ha ha…

Anyway for the Africans on this blog – here is a track for you “African Girl” to me this track is a cookie cutter. It plays on the same word play that queen had – what I call formulaic tracks. Its guaranteed to be an instant hit all round with its catchy hooks and African/Caribbean feel drums and harps. (Okay so maybe we will post Queen sometime this week since its been demanded like 600 times) ..

Let me be real for a second I think I never posted Queen because they used “Autotune” LOL on that track. Christian can sing, like real talk the kid can sing – if you compare Queen to African Girl you will hear what I am saying. Anyway I digress – Logombas are putting some work on their upcoming album, but to me I am more excited about the work Lovy has been doing that he is currently not sharing with the world or in particular the audience that frequents this blog – so stay tuned coz BADMAN productions is about to change the music game.

listen and download African girl track here:

Actually here is a sampler I love that he did about 2yrs ago if you are second guessing his production:

Habida feat Cannibal – My Reason

It’s hard for me to look at Habida and not think damn – she’s now a mom but looks soooo fly. Whats wrong with me? or better yet whats wrong with most guys? This track dropped a few months ago as well and has been making its rounds. I didn’t really like it the first time it came out. But its slowly grown on to me. Cannibal comes clean with the hook and Habidas sultry vocals add an element of excitement to the hook.

I like the fact that they brought in the baby in the video and shot the video in Mombasa. Also the fact that they have like real “DUSH” in the video. Sio Dush Mwitu like real pigeons not doves – there is a huge distinction here. I am sure it will take some folks a while to understand my fascination with pigeons (like Tyson I had 100 of them flying rats but thats a story for another day). The point is – this is real Africa.

I only have one request for Habida – please put an album together, it would really suck if you had about 6 singles out in the market flying around like Nameless before you drop your debut album. I think from my perspective I am still trying to wrap my head around your style, your rhythm and your brand. Who is Habida? What is her sound? Only an album can help define what your space in the market place will be. So lets see this album.

listen and download the track here:

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Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)
watch the video here:

K-teezy, Vintiqueezy and Vyba (JointYaChava) – ZikiRuka (GetMziki Exclusive**)


Am kinda bummed that Dyme sent me this track like last week, considering its been making rounds on facebook and on other sites so to call it exclusive here would be an insult. (Sorry Dyme I had to call you out on this one). Meanwhile someone in Kenya stole Chava’s track “Wacha Kukata” and apparently remade the entire track, the video and everything just like Chava and crew did. When Chava called me about that track – I wasnt sure if I should be upset or glad that someone is actually bootlegging his music!

I think its a good thing when guys like your style so much they want to cop it.

Now on the flip side your whole K-Teezy, Vintiqueezy, Vyba movement is still hitting the right spots (so far). This track is on point, good production, good flow, good name dropping (nimezisikia he he he – thats a sure shot to get guys to push your track). Also after listening to the hook and listening to K-Teezy I have to school some folks here. A lot of people think that AutoTune and Vocoder are the same thing. Auto tune is a plug in made my Antares which is used for pitch correction (what K-Teezy’s voice and the hook has been infused by… actually I think probably the whole track has been chapwad Auto Tune.. correct me if I am wrong). A vocoder on the the other hand (without using Roger Troutman as an example) takes a signal plugged into a device (synthesizer) the signal goes through the microphone and is sent through a series of oscillators and filters which create the synthesizer sounds.

Anyway as far as I know no Kenyan has used Vocoder on any of their tracks all these tracks are on Autotune. Either way am waiting to see if Jay Z will really kill Autotune coz Africa’s got next on this production style. Nearly all the new tracks am listening to have some form of voice modification – overall its all good am not knocking anyones style – we will see how long this will last.

listen to zikiruka here:

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download the track here:

Historians – Bouje (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


We have never posted a Historians song on this site ever. Funny enough I used to like these cats back in the day – they had that “Hey DJ” song a while back that featured all these Mash Auto cars. The song was pretty cool, the video was even cooler, that is until I saw the same cars on Bamboos video and a couple of other videos and then I hated the song… 🙂

Historians haven’t really done much as far as I can tell, but whenever Ogopa has blessed them with a beat they always tend to kill it. Am also glad that one dude cut off his dreads, they weren’t really a good look. he also seems to have cut some weight – honestly I know this has nothing to do with anything but you gotta admit the Historians are looking sharp and well groomed on that video. Not that they didn’t before but am just saying… Anyway I digress.

Overall I like this track, it sucks that I couldn’t get any quality images of the group anywhere on the internet. The Ogopa website seems to be under construction. I also hope this song is not supposed to be “Bourgeois” many people never know how to spell that word. a chile who is boujee (bourgeois) flossy flossy… he he he … the pronounciation is boujiii but its spelled – bourgeois … Anyway let me chill out, enjoy this exclusive track …

listen to bouje here:

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download the track here:

right click and hit save target as – Historians Bouje

watch the video here:

Brand New: Kama – Untitled Track (Teaser) GetMziki Preview

image courtesy of HipHop Colony

Kama of Kalamashaka is probably one of the more vocal artists in Kenya. He represents several movements and has been instrumental in mobilizing the youth for a variety of different causes. Conscious rap in Kenya was probably pioneered by people like Kama and the whole U Kay Double O – (UKOO) Fulani Mau Mau. There is always a discomfort with various people when it comes to listening or appreciating conscious rap in Kenya. Most people would rather listen to how some guy messed up some relationship, how people got drunk the night before, or worse how to get with women.

But when people like Kama start talking about the political climate in Kenya and start exposing some of the underlying truths – its been greatly shone away by critics and the youth in general. In the US people like KRS 1 and the whole Mos Def movement has broken to the main stream but its not necessarily commercialized. I mean very few people even know or realize that Dead Prez campaigned against Obama and how that affects the industry as a whole.

Anyway this is a leaked track from Mandugu Digital Studios (Ambrose). It’s still untitled as I got a snippet of it so I figured I should share. The reason I am posting this song is coz Mandugu is smoking some serious BHANGI!!! Anyone who thought we could pigeon hole Amby for the critically acclaimed Bounce beat was WRONG. This is a sampled beat – I could be wrong though coz it feels like I’ve heard it somewhere, but if Amby is behind this production I am totally stocked! so am posting this song to my music heads, Kenyanised, Roddy and crew – who spend equally as much time as I do listening to tracks and trying to decipher.

Is this a hit or miss and is that beat jacked or is this pure genius?

listen to Kama’s teaser track here:

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Download the track here:

Brand New: Nazizi – Jeshi (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I just got this track today and honestly I wasn’t sure if I should post it or wait until I get a better sense of the style and production. At GetMziki we have a habit of holding the songs, listening, sharing internally and then forming opinions based of initial comments. However I think this track is too hot to hold onto even for a week.

I am posting this song today more specifically because I want to demystify this whole patois movement in Kenya. Here is a good example of an artists who goes back and forth, yet when you talk to her or listen to her interviews she is just a regular Kenyan. This track has some elements of Dancehall, Genge, Kapuka as well as other familiar urban sounds. I dig this song in particular because of the lyrics.

The intro has Kenyatta (Killer on getting the clearance to that audio 🙂 ) Second the whole metaphorical flow, bigging her JESHI or their JESHI. She practically bigs up every important artists in Kenya and rhymes with their title tracks in mind… For the slow ones here is an excerpt of her flow –

Karibia (song) Namemless (artists) niku show, Jeshi lime Sinzia (song) tuwa amshe bro
JuaCali (artist) nguvu ongeza kiasi (song) – jeshi icheki bidii (song) yako iki grow
lets get down (song) seriously Prezzo(artist) tuongoze Jeshi na hizo doo

DAMN I cant even pen these lyrics.. this is just a bad ass track she kills it on this one… I have to say its been a while since ive seen some intelligent rhymes.

Nazizi as usual… Mad Love.

BTW Rip Feroze, I miss that cat, I can’t lie and I don’t know why – Was a friend and a soldier Bongo for life… One of these fine days we will do a concert for all our fallen soldiers, Feroze, Cool James, Esir… One of these fine days..

listen to Jeshi here:

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download the track here:

Brand New: Juliani – Something More (GetMziki Exclusive ****)

image courtesy of Kenyan

Musyoka has been hard at work lately considering his Shop – Decimal Media has quite abit of talent to work on, Musyoka produces for the whose who market in Kenya. Nikki, PUnit, Nameless, Klear Kut, Peter Miles, Ukoo Fulani the list would be too long to publish here. However he also works on exclusive deals such as this one – to my understanding he is working on Julianis album titled – Mtaa Mentality.

This track is the single off that album, although there have been other tracks flying around the airwaves and the internet. This here is the exclusive never heard before and only available (well for now – on GetMziki, which is why we put the Exclusive next to the track and our star rating system). Truthfully the first week I got the track I had to put it on heavy rotation and then let it chill for a few days. The reason I did this is to better understand where this GOSPEL music is going. I am increasingly getting disturbed. Its either I am having a hard time embracing this new genre or I am having a harder time accepting the fact that Gospel music can be funky.

Gospel music in Kenya to me seems to be a fad, I personally think its something new, something that seems to be generating some traction and revenue for a few people and therefore means many people can capitalize on this market. Honestly Ive never recieved or heard so much music in my life – Over the last 8 months I cant even remember the artists names. I mean just take a quick glance at Kenyan Gospel – And tell me what you think.

Anyway let me relax – This track is fire… Musyoka as usual doesn’t disappoint, but am so conflicted will I listen to this track in a club, with a heineken in my hand??? you know I compare these artists to the Kirk Franklin’s of the US… Although personally I adore and listen to the Marvin Sapp’s of this world, Marvin’s album is on heavy rotation on my ipod – but see Marvin Sapp is not anything you listen to and want to dance, its music you listen to and want to go to church… maybe am just a conflicted soul – 🙂 Enjoy the track here

This is Juliani’s New single…. ka exclusive! its in his new album – mtaa mentality.

listen to something more here:

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download the track here:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Napenda Vaseline – Walanguzi (Uncensored) // Masturbate on this!!!

Truth be told this track is not censored, nor can it qualify for any censorship, this is one of those tracks that you listen to and you say – maze hio ngoma ni chafu, lakini naifeel. ha ha ha.. Walanguzi have been known to make some off the wall type of hits. Their more popular song – Crazy, was welcomed into the mainstream a while back. It got some airplay, some radio and also video play – but truthfully it wasnt a club banger.

To me personally (ME – I) think they are the kind of trio you want to listen to their words coz they will make you laugh sit and wonder about their abnormality or lack of normalcy is any. This track am sharing today was a spoof they did during the whole Rick Ross order. They took the hustling instrumental and layered some exciting vocals that will crack you up… And if you are wondering yes, yes, yes, the song is about masturbation

Here is the Vaseline track, its a little vulgar for some but this is hiphop// Local// Genge// Kapuka – Get used to it, or as Clinton sparks says. Get familiar…

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download the track by clicking here: Right Click and Save target as