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Kwame – Aki Wewe


Kwame’s latest single is dubbed “Aki Wewe (Mwah).” Undoubtedly intimate and sweet like nectar, Aki Wewe was birthed not in the throes of passion, but as a celebration of matrimony. A sure anthem to team ma-feelings, Kwame croons an enfeebling serenade to his wife, giving breath to words rarely heard from the lips of lesser mortals afraid to voice their emotions. The chorus denotes a sigh that escapes his heart, whenever he recalls the apple of his eye.

Aki Wewe was produced by Waithaka of Waithaka Ent, and MG. The backing vocals were provided by Barbara Guya, a stellar vocalist who has sung with the likes of Kidum and Suzanna Owiyo among a galaxy of dazzling stars. Kwame’s honey-laced vocals and Benjamin Kabaseke’s deft guitar strumming give the song its soothing signature. The entire jam is a breezy blend that will go into the annals of history as one of Kenya’s amazing love songs.

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download the track here:

Kwame – Githeremende (**GetMziki Exclusive)

A few years back, Leo did a GetMziki PSA by featuring Kwame with his single Holela and I’m sure the “Go with the Jump wagon” fans most likely skipped the post. Back then we labelled Kwame as as a breath of fresh air among new artists and having so much potential.

Kwame’s new record that was supposedly a free style during a recording session is a mixture of Kikuyu/ R & B mixed Githeremende is a dope jam which will definitely make you proud of Kwame who perfectly interlaces his vocals with a dope R & Bish beat that was produced by Mosaic. With records like this, I can clearly sit back and enjoy 254’s home style music done in a unique way.


Listen to the track below:

Howee feat Kwame – Sorry Mama

img courtesy of Howee

Its amazing how our little brothers and sisters grow up so fast. Howee was the little kid on the block just the other day, my my my look how big and grown he has become. Its also funny how the fruit doesn’t fall so far from the tree. About 15 years ago Howee’s big brother revolutionized Kenyan hiphop as we virtually know it today. A few people were there to attest to the new rap and style – This group came in form of ZIG ZAG (mainly Patrick Osiri and Patrick Mureithi). It’s funny how these cats got me to wear like 3 pairs of jeans back then thinking it was a very cool thing. Zig Zag was one of the first few rao duos in Kenya, they paved the way for most of the new cats singing and rapping today.

A couple of years later and you have a more refined, more settled and more mature brand – HOWEE. Ive grown up knowing Howard not only as the youngest Mureithi – but the Black sheep of the family. Howee was the epitome of cool, epitome of hustler and epitome of I got to get it. His attitude has defined a lot of what he has done in life and a lot of what he continues to do through his music. To me his music is not necessarily about creativity and or lyrical competence, its more about the message. The stuff that we dare not say in public or say to the people we care about, or worse to our enemies. Howee just bares it all. I think Kenya is need of such a soldier at this critical time as we struggle to break freedom of press, freedom of expression amongst other freedoms.

This track is not only real but honest of the realities in his life – I think on average many Kenyan artists need to talk about real stuff. The lyrical flow to me is still wanting, Howee has always been laid back so I feel as though he cant afford to be the same way in his music and delivery. People want more emotion out of an artist… I draw too many similarities between Howee and Prezzo but thats just me – either way this is a good start to something great – although my feeling is this track is not Kenyan material (in terms of the average Kenyan feeling it and relating to it).

Thats my two cents…

listen to Sorry Mama here:

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download the track here:

watch the video here: