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Brian Nadra – Leo

I enjoy an epic relationship with Musyoka which annually see’s us argue about who he is or what happened to his sound or body of work. Arguably if you live outside Kenya its hard to track the progress of any one individual (which is why eventually we developed a group of editors who are based in Kenya). But once in a while when he sends me stuff that seems to resonate with what I miss the most about him, I have to gladly oblige.

So Brian has been cooking up since last March but if this debut is anything to go by then I’d say the pair have found each other. Either Brian has found Musyoka or Musyoka has found Brian because the synergies of this collaboration are pretty good for a debut song. I like the whole urban kapuka feel that I miss so much in all the new music coming out of Kenya lately. I really feel worried when I hear us losing a little bit of that sounds that made Kenyan/Genge Unique. So anytime I am able to celebrate the little we have left in our music – I do and I do it well.

Bless this Brian Nadra song with all your heart, I feel like this is the start of something unique.

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Download track here:

Leo by Nadra.mp3

P Unit feat Collo – You Guy (***GetMziki Exclusive)

The Kenyan trio P-Unit are slowly builds anticipation for thier second official album Wagenge Hao Tena with the release of a brand single 'You Guy”. Missing from our pages since we last posted the club anthem Fresh with Klear Kut, the trio return with a bang. The trio's style and wordplay combined with a feature from Collo and a Decimal records beat bring us a track fused with some dancehall, hip-hop and Genge.

According to their press release ” Bon eye said, “Our music prowess and choice to pursue musical career was influenced a lot by the musical trends of the 90s and so with this track we want to take our fans back into that era through a clever blend of ‘Ragamuffin’ and our ‘Genge’ style of music.” P Unit is set to drop their second album “Wagenge Hao Tena” in October this year. “To launch our second albu

m, we plan to have select local and international tours to engage with our fans who have continued to support our music over the years” concludes Frasha.

Why lie, P-Unit and Collo are creating some of the most diverse, dope and most most innovative work the music industry has seen in a minute. To the whole team, I hope there is much much more where this came from.

To all the music fans out there, I wanna see if people know their music. What song has been sampled in the new P-Unit track.

Certified hit single, no doubt about it. I can see djs all over adding this to their Serato playlist like yesterday:). We have the instrumental and acapella, so for all the producers and re-mixers out there hit us up for the exclusives. For more info on the trios latest music, tours and mechandise check out

Listen to the track below:

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Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


Calvo Mistari (Lyrical Assassins) Feat. Wyre & Opip – Chapi (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


t appears each month there is a new dance emerging in Kenya, talking to Calvo I realize that this whole CHAPI CHAPI is actually a dance in Kenya thats apparently big. I remember going to F2 just to get a better understanding of what the Mosquito dance was and all these other chinese, kangaroo and kuku dance was all about.

Anyway this is some new music from Calvo Mistari feat Wyre and Opip. Personally I like the beat, the beat is on FIRE. Somewhere before I even learned the production I knew this had Musyoka written all over it, unfortunately because there are so many producers in Kenya right now its so hard to find one Producers signature sound – so I wasn’t sure. However I think there is a way that Musyoka uses harmonies or the organ to bring some emotion to a track. Certain elements of this track bring that in to just make it a dope beat.

Thankfully Calvo doesn’t disappoint on his verse as well as the hook from Wyre – everything just come together happily. Opip’s delivery was also okay…. The track is a feel good track and I think it gets a nice warm fuzzy spot in my iPod. As I understand this is part of the upcoming “Madaraka Madness” album that Lyrical Assassins has been working on. And just in case you are wondering the video was shot by Ogopa DJs.

listen to Chapi here:

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download the track here:

Right Click and hit [save target as]

watch the video here:

Nonini Feat Bon’Eye – Heshma

I’ll start off this post by saying that if you have not heard or bought Nonini’s “Godfather Of Genge” album you are definitely missing out on good music. I really wanna give him props since everything that he does, concerning his music is always a couple of steps higher than other artists. His graphics, videos, website and show performances are all something other artists should strive to emulate and have. In this modern age, the average consumer buying cds or coming to shows wants to feel having a “personal connection” to the artist, by being able to read and see what they are doing on a consistent basis, read their Facebook and Twitter updates , blog entries and also be able to comment back and forth with the artist and get instant feedback. There are not many artists in Africa who are doing what Nonini is doing on a consistent basis and in 2010 digital era standards. Kudos also goes to his management team!!!

I rarely do this but on this post I decided to go to Nonini’s website and copy his blog entry about the “Heshma” track since he perfectly summarizes the track.

“This is my gift to my genge hardcore fans who were with me from day 1 of this journey. People may change with time and life is a rollercoaster with ups and downs but kitu moja sija wai sahau ni mali nilizaliwa!
Pumwani Estate (Carlifornia) where all this genge movement started. The month of October is a very special month to me sabu Kuzaliwa mwezi moja na mzee Gandi (Libra)…… Nonini a.k.a The Godfather takes it back to the block with another record from the godfather album titled Heshma kwa Mtaa…No matter where ur born in this world, its up to u to decide ur fate/destiny in life!!!! Kuanguka tulikataaa…..
RIP Muxhsin and Tuma plus a whole lot of other cats weve lost along the way!”

“Hesham” that features P-Units Bon’Eye is what I call hot street anthem music, that is a banger right from the beat, lyrics and video. The guys did a great job on the video too!!. There are no free downloads on this post. Go out and support good music by copping Nonini’s album here.

Listen to the track below:

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Watch the Video below:

Nikki – Am Leaving


We posted this song the same day it came out of the kitchen but its been stuck on our homepage with other songs which we don’t normally feel like writing stu

ff about. However I’ve been going back and forth with one of the DJ’s here at GetMziki so I figured I would post it, post the instrumental and then put my two cents about my recent argument with the DJ/Producer who I was arguing with.

Let me make one thing clear before I say how I really feel – Musyoka and I talk a lot (the producer of this track). Nikki and I are also fairly good friends, so any criticism here is nothing that I am scared off short of Musyoka and Nikki Making a Diss track he he he he. I say it as it is with no French toast in between, mostly because I respect and love these two folks – we’ve known each other for long.

To me the first time I heard this track I was like damn thats a heavy beat – its tight, who produced that? Then I looked at the credits and saw Musyoka. I felt as though Musyoka had changed his style and is going POP – the song sounded too Western and too Hiphop Young Jeezy-ish. I still feel its too Western/Urban. I don’t find this a strong part of Musyokas production technique, and I have told him this on numerous occasions. But I respect the fact that a producer at times will want to venture out of his comfort zone and try something new, which to this argument this wasn’t the right artist to venture out and challenge that conventional reality. Nikki is an okay singer – actually I prefer her singing style to many other Kenyan artists but I am constantly asking myself if its time for her to switch it up! (am not saying her career is done, I am saying I have often felt her style needs to be switched up or changed up to something more current, more mature, more in-line with the people she grew up with, like I thought Nikki should have been part of the whole Imekubaliwa movement… but thats another story)

Nikki has been singing for a while so for me to make this statement its not like its unprecedented (I’ve voiced my opinions about her singing on this blog frequently in the past), I mean I used to watch her perform “Mapenzi Tele” back in the day so I feel like I am a large part of her success and growth… (ohhh boy I get so emotional talking about Nikki)… There are days I feel like the whole singing in English is just not – an us thing – its not an authentic African-ness, its not authentic Afrosoul – Genge – Kapuka – or whatever Kenyan Music Genre we want to put this music into. To me once you start singing and rapping in English it means I need to compare your flow to an American artists and thats just where the sadness comes in. For the few artists who can pull it off and get away with it like STL – let them be merry, but to the few who just havent had the opportunity of adopting the language and the swag that comes with singing and rapping in Kimombo! please just let it go. Nikki is borderline with this style, she almost gets away with it but to me I prefer it when she adds Swahili or some other dialect in her music.

So in continuation or to sum up the argument I was having with one of the DJs last weekend here is my summary.

– NO I don’t think this is a good song, I think the beat is cool but its not a song I would play in a club nor is it a song I would want to listen to over and over again. It’s just okay.
– YES I think Nikki can sing, but I think she should stay focused on the “Hii Ngoma” and other “Niwe wako” and “Mapenzi Tele” but I accept the fact that in your album you will always have one spirited song and this possibly was the song that she wanted to be inspired by.
– NO I don’t think Musyoka will agree with anything I have written here and even if he does he won’t openly admit it.
– NO I don’t think Nikki will respond to this post either (lol)

Thats my take…

For the DJ heads eat your heart out on this Musyoka instrumental – enjoy

listen to am leaving here:

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download the track here:

listen to the instrumental here:

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download instrumental here:

Nonini – Kataa Hio (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Nonini the Godfather of Genge has been working on his Sophomore album for the last few months however according to sources close to him – he hasn’t really been feeling the last few releases. If you recall we debuted KUMBUKA feat Lady Bee and KADHAA on the site a few months ago. I figure he anticipated that any one of these songs would have been bigger than Keroro or any of his previous songs. But to his dismay it seems as though they really haven’t given him the kind of traction he has been anticipating.

Personal note: NOTE TO SELF – to date I still think KERORO was one of Noninis biggest tracks EVER. Musyoka and Nonini in a studio for the first time and Keroro came out. It was so unexpected. Keroro was one of those songs you just have to accept, its vulgarity and audacity made it one of the biggest songs of all time. If i had to do a top all time ten urban tracks in Kenya – my number 2 or 3 would be Keroro.

So knowing Nonini and the perfectionist he is – he decided to drop this single last week to pony up more hype to his much anticipated album. Teaming up with Musyoka again – to see if they can reinvent the chemistry they once had. This Kwaito beat inspired, lyrically compelling track has Nonini reaching for the stars. Personally I don’t know if its bigger than Kumbuka, but thats just my own opinion – I think the day Nonini emailed me and told me about Kumbuka he knew I would never get passed that song 🙂 including the video lol. But ill let y’all sample this goodness and let me know what you all think.

ps. Nonini how about getting a clean cut of Keroro and the instrumentals Mzeiya. Meanwhile anyone who wants the vocals and instrumentals of Kataa Hio – scream at me.

listen to Kataa hio here:

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download the track here:

[Download the track here:]

Just A Band – HAHE (GetMziki Exclusive ****) – A Musyoka Exclusive –

image courtesy of Just-A-Band Facebook// modified by GetMziki

A few months ago I was involved in discussions with Musyoka and some producers in Kenya to develop an album for GetMziki that would be pure Genge/Kapuka Dance. We are still in preliminary discussions as of today. The vision we have at GetMziki is that the next big artists to break the market will be a mixture of Dance and Genge. We strongly believe that if we could un-kapuka or un-genge all these hits and add some dance or some fast paced music we might be onto something eclectic.

Now JAB (Just-A-Band) has been doing their thing for a few years now, but they haven’t been rapping on their beats. I adore and love this group – their music, their style, their artwork, their videos – everything about them is just fresh and original. They essentially have reinvented Kenyan Urban Music and we love them for that. But JAB doesnt rap (well according to me). Imagine if we could put DNA or JuaCali on one of the JAB beats, imagine if that beat was so sick.. imagine if that beat was produced by someone as talented as Musyoka…


I think Musyoka, as if to show me that he heard me on my first initial emails – laced up JAB with this crazy track. And on the flip side JAB as if they heard me – are proving to me that they too can flow, its just not about the singing. This track is fresh, this track is HOT. This track makes me feel good about being an Urban music activist in the US and telling all these US producers to check out the site. Mad props to everyone involved in putting this together. JAB’s album drops this weekend (17th October) and you can check their website for more local information – Just-A-Band. However I am just overwhelmed today with the tracks composition. Give it a few spins, even if you don’t like DANCE I am sure you will appreciate the flow.

listen to hahe here:

download the track here:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

watch the video here:

Proffesor Jay feat Klepto – Njoo

image courtesy of Musyoka Facebook

Many times we often comment on the artists delivery, the lyrical composition of the songs and probably the skill set and charisma of the artist. We rarely comment about the producers or the production houses. As much as majority of the users on this site are producers and DJ’s its interesting that no particular post has focused on any single producer in terms of delivery, consistency and skillz.

Therefore allow me to indulge this producer on this post, just this one time.

As much as I want to talk about this song – which is on my 2009 ipod favorites playlist (its actually a 2008 hit). I am compelled to talk about Eric Musyoka as a producer who has done many wonderful things. Musyoka has single handedly changed the face of Kenyan hiphop since his inception as a producer. Of course not too many people know that Musyoka was a rapper in his previous life – but i will save his street credibility before some of his material starts surfacing :-). I am just glad he gave up the Mic for the sound board.

I’ve worked with Musyoka on a few projects and I noticed a few production habits a long the way. His signature teeth grinding and keyboard chunking when he is compiling production tools in the fridge (Sound studio at Homeboyz) keeps you on the edge of your seat through out the entire session. All artists respect this dude, I am yet to meet someone who wasn’t happy with the work he did or the way he treated them. Musyoks came to the US a few months ago to further his skill at NYU (NYC – My mistake I meant to say Musyoka came to NYC) and after he graduated he went back home to manage P-UNIT. I have nothing but a lot of love and respect for the man – but more respect for the music he constantly creates.

My favorite tracks from Musyokas kitchen – are stuck somewhere in that failed SEMA album… Sakalataka being one of them and a few other joints that were slept on were ridiculously sick (there is also some Mr Googz material I heard before dude went secular thats sick). However for now please listen to this East African collaboration from Professor Jay from Tanzania and Klepto (Kenya) – pay attention to the harps and keyboard if you can – then you will understand why Musyoka will always be DR. DRE wa KENYA.

ps. Not that anyone cares but if I was ever to put East African producers into a bucket of people I would like to work on my artists album – this is how that list would look like.

1. Musyoka (Kenya)
2. P-Funk (Tanzania)
3. Ambrose Mandugu Digital (Kenya)
4. Steve Jean (Uganda) (The old Steve Jean..)
5. Masta J (Tanzania)
6. Hiram (Kenya)

listen to Njoo here:

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download the track here:

Brand New: P-Unit – Juu tu Sana

Some brand new heat from P-Unit and their lead super producer Musyoka (Dr. Dre wa Kenya). Am conflicted about the whole style at approach, considering am an avid Musyoka fan and P-Unit fan, I feel like this song has missed the plot for me. Musyoka is a super producer – that’s not the issue, but I think this beat was not meant for P-Unit that’s just my opinion.

Ever since Kenya decided to adopt the Southern style, there have been some hit and misses, some of the more notable ones are akina Madtraxx Boda Boda, and akina Tshazi and Abbas tracks amongst others. I am not sure about this as a budding genre for Kenyan urban music either way I strongly believe that the life cycle of these tracks is very short lived and eventually either all these artists will fall off or they will have to re-define themselves.

This song deserves to be with some US artist, the beat is too western and I don’t think it will make it as a club banger.. but I’ve been wrong before so you never know.

So I retract my comments – this song eventually ended up being one of the biggest songs in 2008 // the theme title track became a national slogan… As Musyoka Noted somewhere on the comments below.. GAME yao iko Juu, iko Juu tu Sana!!

listen to juu tu sana here:

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download the track here: