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Nameless Mix – DJ KS

Nameless has had an amazing career and sometimes its easy to overlook it until someone does something special like this mix to commemorate his greatness. I didn’t know I was such a nameless fan until I listen to this mix this morning, but I find myself veering off into his old hits as opposed to some of his new new material. Maybe its an age thing.

For what its worth this is really a well blended, well mixed DJ set prepped by DJ KS who will be hosting some event in Aussie this month. The details of the event are on this url : but truly this post is about the celebration of the music on the mix.

Nameless-Ng’anga’ana (**GetMziki Exclusive)

This is the second single from Nameless B4iR project which will be released this year. The first single was “African Beauty” which we never featured on the site. In case you still haven’t noticed we don’t really feature any type of records on the site.

That record failed to capture the masses and I’m not surprised. I have been vocal that artists should step away from the African Girl aka African Queen aka African Beauty ………… records. They are just way over saturated and there are more than enough subject matter that artists can write too apart from that. Any artists reading this should Stay away from the ‘African…….. lane. I’m just saying.

Ng’ang’ana is record that was produced by Dillie and has reggae vybe to. This is a record that can definitely get some plays on my ipod. Accorind to Nameless, Nameless “Ng’ang’ana is about celebrating the hustle…the hustle continues”

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:

Madtraxx feat Porgie, DJ Stylez, Frasha, Prezzo, Sanaa, Collo, Bamzigi, Nameless, Amp.. – Big Shot (Remix) (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

image courtesy – MADTRAXX FB – Creative GetMziki

Let me make a few things clear – there is a track thats being held hostage by me called GET DOWN by MADTRAXX that track is fire. I was given to sample the goodness and honestly my hands and fingers are itchy to release it. Madtraxx composed this track sometime last year but its part of his upcoming album so he asked as to “please” hold it for a moment while they wrap up the album – but that NGOMA is FIYAAAAH.

SIDE NOTE: Madtraxx, I heard that track on a mix DJ Joe put together, am beginning to feel very un-exclusive George, and thats not a good thing ..*smiles* // I thought GetMziki was a “Big Deal”

Moving right along – it seems this is the month of the mega remixes. It may appear everyone is trying to out do the other with how many artists you can get on a remix. Rumor has it this track had so many heavy weights that the original song was actually TEN minutes long. CodeRed then decided to cut the track down in order to keep it radio worthy. If this is true I would like to get my hands on the original ten minute song, real talk FRANCO and akina LES WANYIKA performed tracks for 13 minutes so whats 10 minutes. Lets sample the goodness and let us make the decisions of who should have stayed and who didnt deserve to be on the track.

My take on this remix – FRASHAAAAAAA!!! He killed it – everyone else wasn’t really necessary, especially Sanaa and Nameless, I mean I get it but nah…these vocalist should have been on their own. Like an R&B version of BIG SHOT… However that FRASHA guy.. WAAA!!… FRASHA killed it, PREZZ came out okay not as powerful as he did in the Chapaa remix. Collo was just okay… BUT BAMZY ha ha ha ha … I cant lie actually if it wasn’t for the fact that I haven’t heard anything from Bamzy for a while I really woulda been like this cat sounds like Bamzy. Getting Bamzy on this track was probably the highlight of the track (and the highlight of my year). I mean I just miss the whole NAZ, Bamzy, Wyre – ama its just me??? I appreciate the fact that he just bared his all, he gets real on the track ” took too much coke now am clean.. I want my old spot” I love that … Bamzy.. congratulations on the recovery.. looking forward to the supermans return…


listen to the Big Shot remix here:

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download the track here:

Nameless – Salari


I really don’t have much to post about Nameless or the song, only that – I thought we had posted this song a long time ago, but it may appear that it doesn’t exist in our database. Today DJ Stevo was trying to find it and he couldn’t locate it – So I figured I might as well upload it just in case we never got around to posting this song.

listen to salari here:

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download the track here:

watch the video here:

Brand New: Nameless and Habida – Sunshine

image courtesy of Nameless Myspace

Am a little conflicted about this song, mainly because I fe Getting My Boyfriend Back el like Nameless has that signature feel and style on all his tracks. Nameless is inevitably going to be the Zouk, Kapuka or Classic AfroZouk – Rythmn and Zouk king of East Africa. My challenge is to completely accept that he will only be good in that box. My second challenge is to accept that he will make these kinds of songs and still be good at it because darn it this song has been growing on me and I dont understand why. Its like a bad Malaria flu. I remember I hated that Salari song, I sang it day in day out but I still hated it.. I still hate it today… but I can sing the whole hook.

Now this whole collabo with Habida threw me off initially, coz I know Habida personally and I thought she was still in Atlanta. It turns out shorty moved back home and has been working on boosting her musical career from digz. Habida tried to penetrate the US market relentlessly, I am not sure how far she got but you can tell from her vocal skills that she can handle her own. Plus the fact that she is a cake (supuuuu videdly). Either way why don’t I open this track to the floor and get some feedback… for now I am feeling the track, and a part of me doesn’t really want to like this song – I dont know why I am fighting it…

listen to Sunshine here:

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download the track here:

Click HERE to Download the track “Ihale” (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Brand New: Nameless feat DEP – Obama O

image courtesy of Nameless Myspace

Today is just a day to THANKSGIVING FESTIVITIES – And I have been bombarded with so much info and so much content that I am officially overwhelmed. I will continuously say ASANTE to my resources and sources in Kenya, in Uganda and Tanzania (even though i haven’t started posting Tanzanian songs yet – am still looking for an editor or contributor to fit that post). That said, I will post 3 songs today that are FIRE!!!! The first exclusive joint being this DEP – King wa RAP (Collo) and Nameless track that is just SICK and off the charts.

These two went into a studio soon after the victory and came out with this undoubtedly Nameless jingle driven OBAAAAAMA OOOOO commemorative song. What makes this song officially hot is the fact that it brings the total number of HITS from the ULOPA Ngoma studios on this site to NUMBER 5. We continue to salute you, salute your work and your dedication to churn out hit after hit. Ulopa has developed a niche for himself in Kenya and I am just glad that its taking form and shape much like Mandugu did a while back with the BOOUNCE.

So for all y’all coming to Atlanta this weekend – see you there, for the rest . hang tight I have an OGOPA ANTHEM am going to upload from Colonel Mustafa – that’s bound to put a close to a rather exciting week.

download the song here: