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Blitz the Ambassador – Breathe


I flew down to New York to kick it with Kim of Jamhuri wear. Kim has been a supporter and collaborator of GetMziki from day one. We share insight and ideas  Рwhat is relevant though is that Kim has a key to the city. In the space of 2 days i have hanged out with Knaan, played ball with Steve nash, rolled with Vince of entourage Рpersonally i think Kim should ditch the clothing label and become a community organizer here in Harlem then maybe work hes way to the oval office Рbut thats just me.

But my biggest revelation – ¬†which i kindof been sleeping on is Blitz the ambassador . Blitz, from Accra ,Ghana is one special MC – who is making he’s mark on hiphop. He’s beats borrow heavily from old school hiphop, some Fela sensability – and mostly conscious lyrics.