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P-Square – Forever (****GetMziki Exclusive)

P-Square just released a couple of singles a few weeks ago in preparation for their new album. In the current music market, artists release a couple of singles to really see what fans out there cling to and then release the video to go along with the chosen single. I hav been listening to the new singles and the “forever” track has been one of the tracks that I have been listening to on a regular basis.

P-Square are riding on the strength of giving the fans what they enjoy most. The catchy chorus and quality production create the sound many have come to expect from P-Square.You cannot really fail to see that this amazing duo is here to stay and “Forever” is one of those tracks that people wil be bumping to heavy in the next couple of months.


Listen to the track below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

P-Square- Danger (GetMziki Exclusive)


The Naija duo of P-Square just released their new album “Danger” a couple of weeks ago and as everybody knows the whole of Africa was waiting to see what they were going to come up with on the new disc. I got a chance to listen to the whole album a couple of times and on this album it seems the duo really never went out to create music from their hearts but were following a “formula” . It seems the “formula” for the new album was have a couple of club records(“Danger”, “Break It”, “Trowley”) then have a couple of records for the ladies(‘I Love You”, ‘Like Dat”) and a few collabo’s. Don’t get me wrong, the album is “classic brilliant” P-Square material but they really do not push the musical envelope like on their previous albums.

The new album has 10 tracks with 3 instrumentals and the amazing part is that the first song on the album “I love you” is my favourite track . Its one of those tracks that really take you back to P-Square’s musical strengths. The duo also enlists the help of 2face on the track “Possiblities” and the duo of J Martins on the track “N No Easy”.

On their first single”danger”, the duo goes hard on the 120BPM range beat by showcasing their musical growth on the first single. It seems that everybody is now doing tracks in the 120BPM range, right from Blu 3, Mad Traxx, Birdman, Jay Sean, The Dream, Shakira to BEP and the fact that 8 songs out of the top 10 songs on the billboard are on that BPM range gives an insight on the “in thing” in music today. I guess its just a matter of riding with the flow.

This song is definitely going to be driving the clubs crazy in the next couple of months. I’m sure most djs will be adding this in their Serato crates on the first listen, since no party is a party with no new P-Square jam.

Click Below To Listen to the Track:

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Watch the video Below:

Bracket – Yori Yori and No Time Feat P-Square


I had promised I was going to post some of the songs driving the clubs/radio/streets crazy in Kenya. One of the other song is by the Nigerian group Bracket with the song “Yori Yori”. Apparently, Yori Yori” means “Sweetness” in the Igbo language and this song packs the dance floors in a major way. The song is not necessarily new, but has been ruling the charts in Naija land for the last couple of months. The Enugu born duo who started off as a trio group were brought together by music at the University of Nigeria and with their style, swagger and musical ability its only a matter of time before they become megastars since they are already superstars across Africa.

I got a chance to get a copy of their album “Least Expected” and the songs on the album are pure fire!!!!!. They have a couple of hit singles on the album, but surprisingly enough their first two singles were “Yori Yori” and “No time” ft P-square. My favorite tracks on the album however are “Gossip” and “All my People” which clearly bring out Bracket’s vocal skills and artistic ability.

Since I’m showcasing Bracket, I decided to hit up the readers with a double dose of their hit singles “Yori Yori” and ‘No Time”.


Click here to listen to Yori Yori

Click here to listen to ‘No Time” Feat P-Square

Download ‘Yori Yori” below:

Download ‘No Time” below:

Watch the videos Below:

P-Square – Ifunyanya


I am going to do a pair of quick posts today since there is a back log we need to process this week which also included the DJ sets. One of my all time favorite songs is this P-Square song called Ifunanya. I believe Ifunanya means love in some Ibo or Yoruba language. But out of all their tracks, this is probably the track that I keep playing over and over again.

listen to ifunanya here:

download the track here:

Brand New: Cindy feat P-Square – You Me

Blu 3

Cindy Sanyu was the cake of Blu 3 (the popular pop stars group from Uganda). The reason I say she was the cake apparently she was the sexiest of the crew I am not sure why but that was the word on the streets. Personally I had my eyes on the other thick (thunder thighs) Blu 3 chic am not sure what her name was. Needless to say this is Cindy’s solo project and she had to go get the best of the best – P-Square.

Currently P-Square is asking for 50,000 USD to pull of a show in Africa and in the US. Based on how African (Kenyan) promoters do business in the US, you can continue holding you breath because there is no way anyone here is going to come up with that cash. Sounds hard to believe but thats what my sources say.

Blu 3 have been known to do plenty of big things, I think many Ugandas are like Luo’s – they tend to want to do big things – look at Chameleon, Bobby Wyne and the likes… So its not anything our of the ordinary to see Cindy pull off a big collaboration such as this one. However sources also tell me that those P-Square Naijas are really cool peeps. They seem to have embraced working with virtually any artists from the African region so it might be a good thing for them in the long run. Their brand has been expanding exponentially over the last few months. So big ups to anyone in the pipeline to get blessed with a P-Square collaboration.

Here is the interesting joint…

listen to You – Me here:

download the track here:

Brand New Music: AY feat P-Square – Freeze

I’ve talked about AY on this site over and over again so I will try not to get into it as much, other than the fact that those t-shirts seem to have been tupwad nyara nyara nyaya!!! coz every East African artists is flaunting one. First was Jua Cali, then Nonini, now AY and I have seen Mwana FA with one too.

AY has always been big on big collaborations, big songs, big hits, big things. He is sort of a visionary, he seeks the closest opportunity to become a bigger or better star. He has done collabos with almost any local Big East African artist you can think of… however to date my favorite song from AY has to be a Steve Jean produced Yule. All around that was just a hit song..

This new song called Freeze is no exception, A.Y teamed up with the biggest name in African hiphop/R&B right now – P-Squared. Coincidentally anyone hoping to book P-Square for a show in the US, you gotta wait till about April 2009. The guys are totally booked and rumor has it a show goes for about 10,000 USD (so much for the guys who were complaining about a 3,000USD Ali Kiba show). P-Square is the most sought after African pop group whom I think deserve every little bit of attention they get… I mean the brothers are good, multi talented, well packaged and most of all, they are very open and willing to work with the rest of Africa… Thats something you have to admire.

image courtesy of www.mypsquare.com

Here is AY’s track with P-Square (personally I think the Klepto and Ulopa hands down smashes this song, but thats just my opinion)

listen to freeze here:

download the track here: