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Raymond – Kwetu

I stumbled on this video this week and I’ve been playing this song for the last 5 hours over and over again. Being from Tanzania and seeing some of the sights and scenes that they picked on this video touched my heart deeply. I respect what Raymond did here, more importantly I respect the storyline, because sometimes you be dating someone who doesnt really know where you are from and you are too scared to let them know who you really are.

Great song and video Ray…

Diamond feat Davido – Number One Remix (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


We dropped this track a few months ago and declared it a winner by all means. It appears we weren’t the only ones ranting and raving about this crazy joint, Davido just killed it by collaborating with Diamond and elevating the joint to the next level.

Right now it looks like DIAMOND could do no wrong, big ups to the Bongo Flava king, he is definitely running Tanzania right now.

Listen and download the track here:

watch the new video here:

Mo plus feat JohMakini – Xray (GetMziki Exclusive **)

I got this crazy Tanzania music I need to push out and I apologize to all artists and producers who’ve been waiting for months for me to post their music. Sometimes life happens, that said lets get into this ridiculous sample. Moplus feat JohMakini (who we just posted a few days ago) on this track called X-ray which is actually off an album appropriately titled “baba wa ukoo” Vol 1. It looks like there is an Arusha uprising of producers or maybe this one producer who loves sampling all these East Coast beats. I dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, the jury is still out on this one but frankly it makes the music sound a little bit better – but at the same time I feel like originality is being lost.

For what its worth bless this track let me know what you think.

listen to Xray here:

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download the track here:

Wahu feat Chege – Running Low Remix (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

image courtesy of Wahu – Facebook & Myspace gallery

I feel bad that I have never said or written anything nice or positive about Wahu ever since we started posting tracks here. Its not like I have anything personal against her, I just haven’t been super impressed with the current music she has been putting out. I felt that there wasn’t anything unique about her style or technique. Luckily whether I thought her style was not unique or genuine it didn’t really affect her success in anyway whatsoever. She still remains the most successful Kenyan female artist to date.

The first time I posted the the original version of this song, I expressed a somewhat brush opinion of it and of the delivery, which ofcourse didnt get me so far. I eventually got my hands onto this remixed version of that song, played it a couple of times and voila it started sinking in me. It got me thinking. Maybe some artists are just good on delivering re-mixes or collaborating with other folks, because damn it this remix is hot. Putting Chege on this mix was probably the best idea ever. Chege a Tanzanian superstar has a way of humming and adding adlibs on tracks that just brings the entire experience of the song to a climax.

So I take my words back slightly. Maybe Wahu is a superstar in her own way, coupled with her striking and vibrant personality she makes up what Kenya or Africa looks for in an artist. As a person Wahu is a lovely human being – I like her a lot… musically however I may not share the same opinions with the rest of Africa. I reference Africa a lot in this post because WAHU won best African female artists in 2008 so there has to be something folks saw that I didnt. Anyway I digress. Here is her hit track Running Low.

ps. The guy who shot this video must really consider getting a make up artist. Maybe you dont think that people look at the videos in depth but …. and … maybe its just me but aren’t Chege’s lips ashy or the jama just smoked some bhangi before getting on set? Look at the first 20 seconds when Chege stars hollaring!! LOL …

listen to Running low remix here:

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download the track here:

watch the video here:

Marlaw – Pii Pii (Missing My Baby)


Marlaw, whose real name is Marima Lawrenceis is well known for his hits like “Bembeleza and “Rita” among many more. Amazingly enough, the one song that Marlaw did that I still think is one of my best is the track “Bado Umenuna” that features Chidi Benz which was a hit across Tanzania, but never really did the numbers that Bembeleza or Rita did across Africa.
I know many people on GetMziki are always taking shots at some artists for “singing” about the same subject matter which is love/women/infidelity/relationships and on this song Marlaw falls into that category. Don’t get me wrong, the song is a great song which will be an anthem in the clubs, but a point reaches where fans and music listeners just want artists to tackle different subject matters. Props to Marlaw for shooting the video in Kenya. Enjoy!!!!

Listen to the Song Below:

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Downlaod The Song Below:

Watch the Video Here

Brand New: Chidi Benz – Chaguo langu (GetMziki Exclusive ****)

Chidi Benz

I read an email and then an article in last weeks Zuqka magazine that was talking about how one of the Kenyan artist based in the US was dissatisfied with the amount of promotion Kenyan artists based in the US get in East Africa vs the amount of promotion the East African artists get in the US. He cited the problem to be on disgruntled DJ’s and other personalities that didn’t take initiative to support Kenyan artistry in the US.

To me – or let me rephrase… Personally I don’t like that word “SUPPORT”. I believe no one should support anyone. You should buy, listen or play music because its GOOD, period. We don’t maintain this website because we support African artists. We sustain this website based on the basic premise that most of the music we feature here is GOOD music. So I am conflicted by the recent uproar as much as I may agree with him slightly I think his argument was a little far fetched in that I think if you have good music people wont ignore it – PERIOD. I also think that Kenyan/African artists in the US need to focus on their markets – if you are based here, focus on this market, make yourself a star here – then no one in Kenya will ignore you. Thats why i embrace the whole Chava movement/ Vyba/ SkoolFiz and em – because they don’t care what the rest of the world thinks, they just do their thing (and frankly we feature the stuff we think is good). (I mean I don’t think TOD is worried about doing a gig in Kenya anytime soon 🙂 )

This is by no means a disrespect to the people who are not feeling Kenyan DJs or East African media companies for ignoring their music. This is simply me saying that you can do without them – if you focus on your craft in the US, you can live off this market without even noticing where Kenya is. One of my good friends called Victor Silah is a Kamba who successful flourishes in the American market – Victor loves Kenya but he understands his music is for a different market and out here he is a star. People like Shu, Knaan, Corneille, Bamboo and em the list is endless…

Having said that, I am inclined to debut this brand spanking new Chidi Benz which is just plain good music. I don’t know Chidi Benz nor do I know who his cousin is – but what I do know is the man just keeps making good music. This track produced by Lemar is a killer track – nice mellow, jazzy – yet still BONGO. My man Rashid “msanii wa kizazi kipya” is just one terrific artist. I strongly believe if you have such an ear for sound, a talent for lyrics and a persona for the masses then there is no stopping you.

Enjoy this KILLER track from Tanzania

listen to chaguo langu here:

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download the track here:

[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

Brand New: CPwaa- Problem (GetMziki Exclusive***)

image courtesy of Swahili Remix

Like Tanzanians like to say – “eeee bwana quality!!!” My man Alvin dropped this heavy track earlier in the week and I was like i’ll listen to it later since I was busy during the week. Funny thing Alvin told me that CPWAA is trying to be the KING OF BONGO CRUNK, so i was like maaaaan great just what we need, another little John or Souldier Boy!

But after I sampled this track last night I knew this cat is onto something. The only problem I have is, I am not sure who to attribute more credit to – the producers (Luche and Marco Chali) or the artist (CPWAA). Coz why lie the track is heavy, the beat is busy -Luche wasnt playing when he went into the studio to package this midwesta/dirtysouth beat. But I assume it wouldnt be heavy if CPwaa didnt bless it with this problem track.

I also have a problem with the ending of the track when Cpwaa breaks into some dancehall or reggae!! Or maybe thats the freshness of the track, either way I am glad Tanzanians are on the uprise. Cpwaa hit this track with auto tune (vocoder) he apprently wants to be the king of Bongo Crunk… at this rate I dont see why we cant start handing him the crown – so far he is running the streets with this problem track.

Enjoy the joint

listen to problem here:

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Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Updated: You can watch the video here (Thanks to SK and & Don)