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Lectronica Circle ft Wyre – Light it up


Lectronica Circle is an EDM group based in Kenya composing of David Gilbert & Kevin Kinuthia. On this new record they collabo with King of Dancehall in Kenya, Wyre for a crazy massive record that is catchy and definitely a straight to music playlist addition.

For more of Lectronica Circle check out their music on their soundcloud page. The group makes dope EDM music and people need to hear and download those records you have out. Why put a record on Soundcloud and disable the download link.

“Light it up” is good party music. Everyone did their thing on this one. Kenyan-Flava EDM. I’ll run this back!

Listen to the record below:

[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

Timmy Feat DNA- Usiogope (**GetMziki Exclusive)


We’ve featured Timmy before with the original and Remix to Welle Welle that was a huge success. Keeping the momentum going. Timmy goes back to the booth and recruits DNA for this new record “Usiogope”. This new music is hot off the press.

Timmy has found his lane and he’s bringing that fun side in music that we all sometimes need, with lines such as “Mimi si mfupi niko down to earth”.

DNA brings his lyrical superstar power that makes this track blossom. Dope Collabo.


Listen to the track below:

[Download the track here:]

GetMziki – Promo Only June 2015 Edition


It’s that time of the month again. It’s the promo only June 2015 edition. You can access the previous promo only here.

With so many artists and tons of records being released on a weekly basis, it’s sometimes so hard to fully enjoy and digest records. Added with the hundred of records we receive from artists, we started having a monthly showcase of songs that we sifted through to find the cream of the crop that we believe deserve a few spins. The result is a 18-track compilation with a few bonus tracks. We showcase tons of records on a weekly basis and with everyone being busy with their daily lives, we decided to start showcasing records that are exclusive releases, chart setters, songs that will be future hits, present hits and everything else in between. Consider this as a music playlist to keep you abreast on what’s popping in the East African music scene.”

Here is the June 2015 Edition Playlist

Anto Neosoul Feat L.A.X- Nakupenda(Penda) (KE)
Nay wa Mitego Feat Diamond- Mapenzi Au Pesa (TZ)
Lypso – Salama (KE)
District 9 – Wat u do 2 Me (TZ)
Bamboo – Too Much Potential (KE)
Sudi and Jaguar – Barua Kwa Rais
Baraka Da Prince Ft Linah – Siachani Nawe (Remix) (TZ)
Armoury Bebe- Sibeni (KE)
Dazlah Feat Susumila- Kide Kide (KE)
Wangechi Feat Wangechi – Cardiac Arrest (KE)
Ivory Namara – I see You (KE)
Papa Denis and Dady Owen – Foundation (KE)
Rabbit Feat Rich Mavoko – Njoo(KE/TZ)
Amos and Josh Feat Rabbit- Baadaye(KE)
Frasha Feat Rap Damu – Wale wabaya(KE)
Atlas da African Feat Chameleon – Ahh Ahh Ahh (UG)
Ozhy -Marikahe (KE)
Dully Sykes- Shuka (TZ)
Hassani – Kigoto (TZ)

Download the zip file HERE

Shida Mbili- Asubuhi (****GetMziki 3 Piece Exclusive Download Friday)


Enough people have been asking about showcasing various three piece audios of songs. We will start posting various records and give everyone out there complete access to the song, instrumental and vocals.

Shida Mbili comprises of Grandda records Kenrazy and Visita. They released tow songs ‘Sexual fever” and “Asubuhi” on the same day. I really like the confidence in releasing music consistently records and their way of promoting records.

Here is what Grandpa records said about the record

Ladies n Gentlemen GrandPa Records honcho”Refigah heviweit”a.k.a showbiz think tank proudly presents to you the hottest duo in east africa”shida mbili”made up of kenrazy and visita, unleashing 2 big songs”sexual fever n asubuhi”live on radio maisha frm 2pm-3pm and one drive on one fm frm 4-5pm…..#GrandPa Government addressing the nation#wenye nchi.

Asubuhi is a great record that will get enough spins everywhere.

Listen to the song below:

[Download the track here:]



Boneless- Superficial


We’ve featured Boneless before with Kusunga and Supasta before. On his latest offering produced and mastered by Saint Evo Boneless goes hard on this EDM type or record.His past record enjoyed undeniable success at radio and clubs. To keep the momentum rolling on, which in today’s music climate means releasing releasing record every couple of months, Boneless gives his listeners Superficial”.

Mainly done in the Kamba language, Boneless attacks the beat with some great flow. This bumps… Good work by all.

Listen to the audio below:

[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

Colonel Mustafa – Dodoma Singida (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Colonel Mustafa -Dodoma

This is new audio from Colonel Mustapha called “Dodoma Singida”. I don’t really keep up with the whole social trends and what’s going on but my sources tell me that the video had some controversy as to the content. However in today’s music world controversy sells. Only time will tell if it helps in this case.

This is one of those “Love or Hate” songs. There is no in between. The video will definitely get it’s viewers. When you separate the music and video, it’s an average record….

Listen to Dodoma Singida below:

[Download the track here:]

Watch the Video below: