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Grandpa Government- Fimbo ya Tatu

I just got this record today and with them releasing the video today simultaneously, it’s only fair I show case it while it’s still hot. When Dan sent me this record I knew what to expect from the track. Here is an excerpt of what I said before about Grandpa records, their sound, music and artists.

They’ve been on the grind by building their fan base by releasing various records and doing various shows and concerts across East Africa. In the process, they’ve also found and perfected their own sound and lane.

Fimbo ya Tatu features Wavinya , KenRazy , Visita , Lil Sliq , Renee , Wyre , Dufla Diligon , Sosuun , Chief Moses , U.B , Sauti Sol and although some of the artists just are on the chorus, them appearing on the video is a big testament to how 254 artists collabo and how they should be rocking together for the future.

Grandpa Records got another hit here

Listen to the song below:

[Download the track here:]

Watch the video below:

Wyre feat Peetah & Gramps Morgan – Guarantee (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

I’ve never done this before, where I receive a track and post in like ten seconds. I often try to be considerate and give the marketing teams due diligence to promote and push the track their own way through media before it hits the diaspora (for most big tracks). However this Wyre TRACK IS FIYAAAH and I am making no apologies for being the first to drop it this week. Basically all these cats were in Kenya last week for some EABL inspired concert that I am getting had some financial drama more than the US economy. I also gather one cool cat is Shaggy – apparently it was raining so much that folks were not sure if the gig was going on…

So Shaggy took a can of water poured in himself so that he can be as wet as the folks in the crowd – I mean how cool or worldly is that. To me that’s a free spirited artist right there.

Now not to take away anything from this banger but I put Gramps and Peets pics up coz Wyre Killed this TRACK (MEANING HE OVER DELIVERED). Clearly homeboy is on something or the other coz I feel like i should take back every negative word I have ever said about Wyre. The delivery, the production and just the energy is off the chains. Wyre bigs up man this is a collabo and a track that will give you some legs you’ll never imagine.

Kama nime sambaza Dancehall DJs wote wa Oakland – Bless

listen and download the track here:

[Download the track here:] (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:

Indiginas feat Wyre – U got to know (GetMziki Exclusive **)


Each time JP has a new track I am often challenged with finding the commentary and the angle to criticize and create opinions about his music. Not this time though. I think JP aka Indiginas and crew figured going through me is a less painful approach. So this track found its legs to me through the GetMziki Network we have and similarly again I was challenged with the same situation. As much as DJ Dona was going to post this track I told him let me give it a few spins and then give it back to him to make the post.

Part of my new years resolution is to form honest opinions off a group or a panel. So as it goes I have a group of 5 to 10 people I email a song to solicit their opinions. Interestingly the feedback I got from this song when I shared it with my panel was quite positive. It’s not that I expected the commentary to be any different anyway, I think for once I actually anticipated something and the feedback returned was as expected. Especially from an artist that I felt had to change his direction in order to remain relevant. The challenge however with African/Kenyan music is that people never really follow artists or their lifestyles. As such, an artists like JP can disappear for months or years come back with a hit and still remain relevant. As Africans we are not so consumed with where Koffi Olomide slept, how many cars he has or how well he is currently doing. These physical accomplishments or changes dont seem to determine how we deem the quality of the music. So true to the fact the ten people I sent this song to, didnt even ask if Idiginas had an album, who he was or where he was from. The feedback I got from the panel at large was that its a nice mellow track. African listeners just dont follow ARTISTS as much as we’ve hoped they would be. (side note: Maybe its because of the lack of relevant information!! who knows… I mean you cant get a picture or a track list of any key artist today, very few have websites, very few have complete albums and so forth)

This track has further been blessed by super producers Maich Black and the Herbalist as well as a catchy hook by Wyre the Love Child. I think this sits well within the spectrum of what I have been talking to JP about for the past two years. I keep reiterating that he needs to make grown up music, music that his peers will relate to. We have all grown older. I feel as though many of the artists we loved when growing up need to realize they too have grown older and we need to start listening to different content. Essentially I think Nonini also will have to start curtain tailing his content to his aging audience – they/we never stay young. Thats why LL Cool J cant really rap about the same things he did 10 years ago. His dynamics have changed and so has his audience.

For me this track is mellow, its well composed, has a catchy hook and well arranged beat composition. Indiginas seems more settled and more at ease with the delivery. It gives me that element of GROWN UP I have been talking about. Anyway enjoy the track here. JP this is a good come back! loving it.

listen to U got to know here:

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download the track here:

Brand New: Wyre – Uprising (GetMziki Exclusive **)


I heard this song a few months ago/weeks so its not necessarily new, I think I heard it off a mixtape but finally got my hands on a reasonably okay quality which I can share. I fell in love with the track upon first listen – exclusively because this is a FRESH AIR productions. There is something interesting about this track you have to appreciate when you listen to it over and over again.

Personally I have always voiced my concern or dis-concern there off from the fact that Wyre focuses on singing in Patois which for me I don’t think is a good look. But F*&k it he kills it in this track, the rhythm, the momentum the composure or the lyrics, the harmonies and the strings coupled with his powerful voice just make this a track you’d want to see massive dub plates on. I mean how does Wyre start speaking or rapping in Patois ( – for all the folks who are not up to speed with Patois which is pronounced patwa here is a link for you to get educated – Patois or Pidgin English) yet he has never really lived or grown up in Jamaica. I figure Redsan and Shavie and Slice do the same thing but to me I find it such a substandard way of getting the point across.

Jamaicans and Nigerians do it coz thats how they speak regardless, for Kenyans to dub this and make it their own – I dont know. What makes a song reggae anyway? its not the language? albeit its the track composition the rhythm and production technique used, the piano work and the harps. So this track would pass regardless, the fact that Wyre blesses it with some lingo is just value add… Anyway what am I ranting about – maybe this is just what this song is about… ITS AN UPRISING.. I need to get with the program.

Wyre Bless – this is a killer track… Mad love.

listen to uprising here:

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download the track here: