1) Noorah – Ukurasa wa pili


I’ve been promising to upload and share some classic Tanzanian tracks for a long time, so here goes the journey. The songs I will share over the next few days are classics – some quality may be compromised on some of the songs but these are songs that MADE or BUILT Bongo Flava as we virtually know it today. And am not talking about the 90’s Kwanza Unit Joints, am talking about the classics that came up in 2000’s which made East Africa rock and shake. This is time as a DJ to update your library with all the hits – this is going to be a journey and a half.

At my Number 1) of my favorite all TIME Bongo Flava tracks is Noorah’s – Ukurasa wa pili (Second Chapter). Noorah originally wrote this song in 2001, but it didn’t get produced and release until much later in 2004/05. If you have time and are keen on listening to tracks and also have the patience to listen to Tanzanian swahili – then this is the song for you. Listen to the back and forth between him and the chile, and listen to the lyrics // its a killer duet… I cant even translate the song here, but for what its worth this is at number one – track produced by P-Funk Majani (Dr Dre wa Tanzania)

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listen to Ukurasa wa pili here:


download the track here:


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