Abbas feat Eppy – Sun Will Shine (GetMziki Exclusive ****)



This is one of the most non-assuming tracks I’ve heard in a long time, although once you start putting Eppy into perspective you realize that he deserves every accolade that will be coming his way. AP or Eppy hails from Uganda and anyone who has been a keen follower of Ugandan Music will immediately realize that majority of their successful artists are dancehall inspired (or what I call lugmaffin – a fusion of luganda and raggamuffin). The top artists from the region, Chameleon, Ragga D, Bebe Cool, just to name a few are all raggamuffin/ dancehall inspired artists. With no exception to Eppy who has been nominated twice for Pearl Africa Awards and has won once. So to me this joint doesnt really come off as a surprise hit coz both artists are ontop of their game.

Doobiez delivers on this track as usual, its interesting to hear his lyrics/rhymes over reggae beats but I must admit I kinda enjoyed that change. Either way without giving too much away I will drop this beat and let y’all digest it.

listen to sun will shine here:


download the track here:


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