Aziz Azion Feat GNL – Nakupenda (GetMziki Exclusive)



My Uganda connect send me a bunch of Uganda songs and I’m slowly listening and shifting through the music. One of the songs that immediately caught my ear is this song “nakupenda” by Aziz Azion. We have been slowly but surely been featuring music from Uganda on the site, so this is one of the additions. Aziz Azion is a household name in Uganda and most of hist tracks are know for their signature guitar tunes. He’s a monster on the guitar and started off by playing guitar for some of the biggest Uganda bands.

Since we haven’t featured Aziz here before I’m going to showcase two of his songs. The exclusive new track “Nakupenda” is one of those feel good tracks that GNL drops a couple of 16’s for a crazy collabo. The second track is “Nkumila Omukwano” that was released early this year and is one of Aziz’s biggest songs to date. I had sent out this song to a couple of djs a while back and the response was that the song was a keeper. I wanna know what people out here think of Aziz. Enjoy!!!

Listen to the Tracks below



Nkumila Omukwano

[audio: Nkumila_Omukwano.mp3]

Download the songs below:

Watch The Nkumila Omukwano Video Below:


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