Bamboo Feat Sugar- 25 Flow (GetMziki Exclusive****)


If you’ve been keeping up with GetMziki, you now know that Bamboo moved back home and it’s safe to say that he’s been consistently giving us tons of hits. We’ve had this track for a while now and I was just busy bumping to this heavy for the last few days, before I posted it. As a team there are a few things we feel strongly about Bamboo. Here is an excerpt from Leo when he posted the “Go Dj” track.

“Bamboo has it all, he has the talent, he has the flows, he has the smarts to put together some really cool choppy bars that keep his audiences engaged. Sometimes I think however as an artists it gets confusing which call you should answer. Sometimes I just wish someone can do the same for Bamboo and manage his brand – and manage it well. Because all this is all about BRANDING – sio kitu ingine.”

The last official offering from Bamboo was not his lane and it’s a good thing that Phoenix records are getting to realize what his lane is. Bamboo does not need that one hit that’s going to catapult him to overnight sensation. He has his die hard fan base out there. He just needs to keep his brand on consistent mode, get a couple of good features on board and release some dope records, to create that touring catalog. Production duties were handled by K da Great who samples some Jay Z vocals and Red Cafe’s “I’m ill” . 25 Flow has that griminess and club like feel to it, yet is lyrically on-point. With the right push, this can definitely do good in the clubs.

Will 25 Flow be the single that gets the machinery moving for Bamboo’s album release?

Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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