Brand New: Bamboo – Tubambiane (Exclusive GetMziki ***)


First and foremost I have to say I am glad to be working with Bamboo on some upcoming projects. I think once guys listen to some of the new music coming from Bamboo and they get to sample the Nairobery II project then they will know we are armored and ready for 2009. It’s taken Bamboo a while to get back to the basics, but I have to say finally i feel as though this project is going to take the direction I’ve always been needing it to be on.

I told Bamboo one day the only other MC I would be scared of, if I were him, is a guy called Chris Kantai – both these two MC’s can flow in English, flip it to Swa and Sheng – Both these two artists can freestyle so effortlessly in both languages, a future collabo is wanting. But for now I still think Bamboo is one of Kenyans number one MC’s (ps. Bamboo Kenya Tour is coming soon, details drop soon).

As an artists Bamboo has done a lot, much like Hardstone, they both have gone soul searching, looking for what they think will be their future sound. Being in the US can skew your ideas of success and entertainment. Ultimately once an artist settles and realizes that he/she is KING doing what they originally started doing and what made them KING, they end up on top of their game. Bamboo is now working on his NAIROBERY vol II album which in my opinion is SICK. I have leaked two songs now – because the tracks are just that good.

BAMBOO IS BACK – // This track was produced by an Atlanta based producer called Wallstreet. Its amazing how you can take a western producer lace up a Kenyan rapper and still have a tight Genge track ready to battle on the Kenyan charts. //

listen to Tubambiane here:


download the track here:


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