Batabazi feat Jackie (Blu 3) – Dirty Shame


BATABAZI started making music in 2007. They are based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The name was chosen because the members wanted something to symbolize who they are as individuals. The word “Batabazi” is derived from a Luganda phrase “okutabaala” which means to wander or move from place to place. Batabazi’s roots are hip hop but are very versatile given the dynamics of the group and have recently done music in R&B, Reggae and Afro-Beats.

Batabazi has gone through some changes with some of the original members moving on to other opportunities. The group is comprised of five individuals i.e. four stage performers and a producer. They are PG (Mpagi Kironde), Jerome Black (Jerome Jjooga), Tasha (Roseann Kawesa), Gera (Gera Kiwanuka) and Mayor (Anthony Bbosa Balagadde). PG & Jerome Black are two of the founding members of the group, which started as an underground rap group. PG raps in English, Luganda and occasionally does Patwah, Jerome is a lugaflow specialist. Tasha, Gera & Mayor joined Batabazi a little later. Tasha and Gera are primarily singers and occasionally will rap. Mayor is an upcoming producer with a rich musical background in piano and traditional instruments, and in the past has had the opportunity to perform at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York. He is Batabazi’s producer.

Batabazi is yet to release an album; however in 2009 they released a mix tape that was 20 tracks deep. The mix tape included their hit tracks “Turn it Up”, “Uganda Nka” and “Binsobedde” a song they did with Chagga, a Ugandan artist. They have recently done collaborations with other Ugandan artists i.e. Peter Miles, Blu3, Ragga Dee, Vamposs, Navio and Raba Daba. “Cheater” is a hit song they did with Peter Miles. Another of their recently released songs is Dirty Shame (feat Jackie of Blu3), a song that made is making waves on Ugandan music charts. Other recently released songs are the club bangers Buuka and Tukomyewo. They have also remixed their hit anthem “Uganda Nka” that includes Ugandan artists Navio, Raba Daba and Ragga Dee.

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