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So I got called out by one of our readers/users about not diversifying GetMziki enough to allow other genres to the site. I agree – I feel bad and I am ashamed of myself. But the last time I checked I think I was pretty clear about what GetMziki stands for “home for urban African music” in this case we are not so keen on pushing folk music or the Kayamba Africas. I think those songs will find other people who are passionate about them to promote them more than ever. The point is I have always felt that all these other music sources got their voices heard where the market demanded their music, but the new age music which needs to compete with so many new genres today needed a few new legs and rejuvenation.

However ill share the email and post the song the GetMziki fan wants to share (keeping her identity low key) coz I cant tell if she was joking or if she was serious. I mean this cant be compared to Muthoni Kifagio but its still a classic. For the sake of that kind email here is Beth Kanini 🙂

hi leo,

whats up with the usual “comercial music you feature on your blog?” why are you not focusing on other genre music like jazz or ‘kamba’ a few to mention. There are numerous African grown music genres which your blog doesn’t look into, you are utterly biased unrepresenting the real music lovers. Firstly please review nguuni lovers lovers they are a remerkable band from mlolongo and if you may for a minute please try to be open minded. What me and my friends are trying to imply is diversify youur music knowledge because from our angle your taste is blatantly blunt.
Thank you hope to get a positive response.

I love ur blog :}

Nguuni Lovers Lovers – Beth Kathini by Dream Beach Records


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