Brand New Gospel Mix : DJ Mista Trixx – Bring Down the House



The last few months have been rather interesting, we have received more Gospel music than ever before in the history of our existence. There are a few possible reasons for this, either Gospel music in Kenya is on the uprise, or Gospel music in Kenya has changed its format and is now inclusive of many other styles and rhythms. I would really like to have a lengthy conversation with R-Kay and Kanji right about now.

That said one of my favorite tracks is a song called “Nime pendwa na Fundi wa Mbao” – which sadly doesnt feature on this mix, but DJ Dona slapped it on one of his old mixes.

As a company GetMziki has been contemplating and struggling internally to figure out where to classify these new tracks coming in from Kenya. A few months ago publishing one track from Chizi, or from Neema wasn’t a big deal – but we are talking about 50 to 100 new songs in less than 5 months. So you can imagine we have a real problem on our hands in terms of classifying this genre and group of artists. Because this music doesn’t really sound like your generic Gospel music – when you listen to half these songs you might as well be listening to Nonini, or JuaCali its only that the lyrical content is different.

So when Trixx sent me this mix today I was excited, at least someone was brave enough to compile a Gospel mix to help me table this dilemma. Am always looking forward to DJ Mista Trixx work – this is one mix thats completely different in terms of lyrical content. But in terms of BPM’s, tempo and production its just another Genge Mix 🙂 Am sorry but its the truth.

Either way you guys enjoy some Gospel – Get to go to church on GetMziki for a day or so – but lets talk about where and how we can classify these new sounds.


1. Not a Joke(Boda Boda Remix)- Holy Dave
2. Not a Joke- Holy Dave
3. Butu na Moyi- Makoma
4. Wi Afi Giddem- Gospel Fathers
5. Wi Afi Giddem(Haijalishi Remix)- Gospel Fathers
6. Haijalishi- Daddy Owen ft Mr. Googz
7. Fagia(Cinderella Remix)- Holy Batalion
8. Fagia- Holy Batalion
9. Knees and Toes- Sita
10. Upendo la Ajabu- Holy Batalion
11. Hekalu Lako- Wao
12. Nimeokoka remix- Votaries
13. Tumsifu Bwana- Rufftone and Po-Q-Pine
14. Nisaidie Bwana- Davie
15. Nampenda Bwana- JOGG-C
16. Usichoke- Henrie Mutuku and Rufftone
17. Wacha(Banjuka Remix)- SK Blue
18. Wacha- SK Blue
19. Sina Madeni- Gospel Fathers
20. Sina Madeni(Ngeli ya Genge remix)- Gospel fathers
21. Amka Kumekucha- Daddy Owen ft Grace
22. Nakuona- Zaidi ya Mziki
23. Shillingi Ya Kenya- Daddy Owen
24. Kiboko Yao- Robert Kamanzi
25. Bonus Track- Bring Down

listen to the mix here:


download the mix here:

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