Brand New: Jangwa – Lyrical assassins Feat. Wenyeji and Shamir


Lyrical Assassins

I enjoy great relationships with the Lyrical Assassins crew – Calvo and crew sit on my gmail like neighbors and relatives in your digz. However I have no particular bias to their music, when they produce hot shit I tell them, when they produce whack shit I tell them some tracks make it on to the site and some just don’t. I respect our relationship because its based on honesty – and they understand my opinions are just my opinions. Sure enough they might influence a few people to react differently but essentially I normally have plenty of DJ’s call me out and tell me that I was wrong.

This track is HARDCORE – its titled Jangwa (Jungle) you get the essence of the jungle the forest kinda – the sounds in the background and some of the bottle shakers and other instruments are very distinctive. I know the song is a metaphor of sorts, because it talks about the real jungle – life! But playing around the African Jungle (Forest) animals and other elements that depict the continent is sheer genius. I am not sure if this is a track I will play everyday. Its a song I wont mind listening to and meditating on the lyrics (I guess thats why they call themselves Lyrical Assassins). The tracks features Wenyeji and Shamir – its an interesting collabo – I’ll let y’all be the judges.. enjoy!

listen to Jangwa here:


download the track here:


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