Brand New: Joey – Get it Right (GetMziki Exclusive *)


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I love disclaimers, because its all about removing responsibility for the “matope” you want to say. So here is my disclaimer for this post – I am indirectly affiliated with Joey by virtue of marriage and friendship he he he .. . one of my good friends is married to one of the sisters so i guess that makes it almost difficult to talk shit about this artist huh?

Also the fact that she is Fulaaaayyyyy (Fly) also just adds insult to injury – its like how do you find something wrong with her? Well gifted she is – generally most Kao’s are, Joey Muthegi lived in the US – Michigan and DC. I guess she developed her lyrical capabilities somewhere in between these two states because her delivery is often on point. Now generally I would have all good things to say but i think right now for a female rapper to come out and make it, is seriously tough/difficult. I am not sure if many Kenyans look at STL as a successful artists? I am not sure what makes a successful artist – but to me these are tough times especially if you are a female rapper from Africa. Joey can flow and she can rhyme thats not debatable – she also is sick with the open mic and spoken word. (little does she know i put her on the map at Capital FM – he he he) She has been on blogs long before anyone even realized she is a poet.. And I followed her journeys Keenly.

One day I told Chao of Capital FM – Yo watch out for this chile she will be a star… little did I know she would be in Kenya doing her own thing. So after all is said and done what do I really think of the track or of Joey… Well she is FINE – She is talented (she has the Media fundamentals on lock, communications and all that academic accomplishment), She has the flow and most of all she can write. But something is missing // She is missing an edge or an X factor. I think without the X factor Joey will just be Joey. With all the love I have for her – I think she needs to find something or a feel or flow that will distinguish her from everyone else.

Otherwise here is the track for all y’all to enjoy.

ps. Joey if you read this – I really don’t like that BLANKETS and WINE concept // somethings gotta give, Blankets and Wine???? we need a side conversation about that whole concept and production 🙂

listen to get it right here:


download the track here:


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