Brand New: MC Blaze – Mcheki


Since am being criticized for not publishing all the music I get – what I will do is try and post all the random songs I have over the next 3 days. I may not have enough or sufficient information because again these songs are really random. When I was on radio we used to have a feature called shua shot bin it or spin it. Or Better yet – Sure shot bin it or spin it. In which case the audience would vote a song to be span or to be binned.

This song here by MC Blaze in my opinion is a BIN IT track – but from the few songs I have published that I don’t like lately it seems there is every song for every user.. that said here is Nicheki by MC Blaze. Its such a bla bla track – no originality, lyrics are wanting and missing, and probably the only thing going on with this track is the beat… but that’s just my opinion.

Enjoy the track here..

listen to Mcheki here:


download the track here:


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