Brand New: Nameless feat DEP – Obama O


image courtesy of Nameless Myspace

Today is just a day to THANKSGIVING FESTIVITIES – And I have been bombarded with so much info and so much content that I am officially overwhelmed. I will continuously say ASANTE to my resources and sources in Kenya, in Uganda and Tanzania (even though i haven’t started posting Tanzanian songs yet – am still looking for an editor or contributor to fit that post). That said, I will post 3 songs today that are FIRE!!!! The first exclusive joint being this DEP – King wa RAP (Collo) and Nameless track that is just SICK and off the charts.

These two went into a studio soon after the victory and came out with this undoubtedly Nameless jingle driven OBAAAAAMA OOOOO commemorative song. What makes this song officially hot is the fact that it brings the total number of HITS from the ULOPA Ngoma studios on this site to NUMBER 5. We continue to salute you, salute your work and your dedication to churn out hit after hit. Ulopa has developed a niche for himself in Kenya and I am just glad that its taking form and shape much like Mandugu did a while back with the BOOUNCE.

So for all y’all coming to Atlanta this weekend – see you there, for the rest . hang tight I have an OGOPA ANTHEM am going to upload from Colonel Mustafa – that’s bound to put a close to a rather exciting week.

download the song here:


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