Brand New: Nazizi – Jeshi (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



I just got this track today and honestly I wasn’t sure if I should post it or wait until I get a better sense of the style and production. At GetMziki we have a habit of holding the songs, listening, sharing internally and then forming opinions based of initial comments. However I think this track is too hot to hold onto even for a week.

I am posting this song today more specifically because I want to demystify this whole patois movement in Kenya. Here is a good example of an artists who goes back and forth, yet when you talk to her or listen to her interviews she is just a regular Kenyan. This track has some elements of Dancehall, Genge, Kapuka as well as other familiar urban sounds. I dig this song in particular because of the lyrics.

The intro has Kenyatta (Killer on getting the clearance to that audio 🙂 ) Second the whole metaphorical flow, bigging her JESHI or their JESHI. She practically bigs up every important artists in Kenya and rhymes with their title tracks in mind… For the slow ones here is an excerpt of her flow –

Karibia (song) Namemless (artists) niku show, Jeshi lime Sinzia (song) tuwa amshe bro
JuaCali (artist) nguvu ongeza kiasi (song) – jeshi icheki bidii (song) yako iki grow
lets get down (song) seriously Prezzo(artist) tuongoze Jeshi na hizo doo

DAMN I cant even pen these lyrics.. this is just a bad ass track she kills it on this one… I have to say its been a while since ive seen some intelligent rhymes.

Nazizi as usual… Mad Love.

BTW Rip Feroze, I miss that cat, I can’t lie and I don’t know why – Was a friend and a soldier Bongo for life… One of these fine days we will do a concert for all our fallen soldiers, Feroze, Cool James, Esir… One of these fine days..

listen to Jeshi here:


download the track here:


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