Brand New: P-Unit Feat Chidi Benz – Posa


image courtesy of Chidi Benz & DJ Dona

When I got this song on my email from my Tanzania contacts last Wednesday, I was Like P- Unit Feat Chidi Benz. Ok. I was just curious to listen to the final product. The song had no title and I have to thank Facebook and The P-Unit Crew since I was told the song was called “Posa”. Is it just me but the title should have been “Acha Mimi” which was the part of the chorus that stuck in my head.

Now the quality is not all that good , but it’s still workable. My contacts sent me 96Kbps and my advice- TO ALL ARTISTS: is Please send us at least 128Kbps quality mp3’s and clearly label them .

We at Getmziki are all about introducing the people to new talent from across the Africa Continent and Chidi Benz represents that good quality consistent music. I have been following Chidi Benz career for a while now and if you haven’t listened to his past hit singles just check out the current street anthem “Dar Stand Up” or the song “Bado Umenuna” Featuring Marlaw and I’m sure when you do you will be like “Getmziki” is where I get my latest music.

The song is a Mandugu Digital productions which speaks volumes of their productions. The beat was on point and on the first listen the chorus was on point. The song is a sure club hit but I didn’t really hear any strong punchlines or lyrics to make me go like “OK” or even press the rewind button again. On the flip side the collabo is great and unique in its own way.

listen to posa here:


download the track here:


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